Special K Glass Owner Kris Uhlhorn Reflects on 20 Years of Glass Blowing



Two things I love. Grateful Dead and Cannabis. Thank the Gods for Bob.


Hi, this is Kris a.k.a. special K a.k.a. the bong father. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and comment. I’d like to mention in Bellingham you can find my glass at Gathering glass. In Seattle you can find my glass at the Pipes Palace and Holy Smoke. In Tacoma you can find my glass at the hippie house. Please comment some other shops that carry my glass or where you buy glass in the local market✌️


Wow special K going 20 years and with such beautiful pieces, a great owner snd wonderful glassblowers, they'll continue for years!


Kris and co. make amazing pieces. True artists at work, and I love watching how they make eveything on instagram.


I found this artists work at a local dispensary and have been following his art ever since. Can't wait to see what is coming next. Theres always something unique.


Each bong made is crafted in such a way that every piece you smoke out of is a whole different mood, full of such color and expression, special k was the first bong I bought myself the first day me and my wife moved to Portland Oregon.


I am blessed to discover special K glass 3 years ago, and when I did it was the first bong I’ve ever seen with a handle and I just knew it had to be mine. Ever since then I’ve been OBSESSED with this brand and this artist. Keep on kicking ass, you’re one of a kind homie ❤️


I seriously cannot wait for the day that I can proclaim, “I finally own a Special K bong!” 😍


I found you through my boyfriend and his dad cause they have a piece of yours from 2012! I love that you are PNW to the core and truly one of the mac daddy's of glass 🤩 I love seeing you IG feed everyday and you are an inspiration in the art for sure! 💜💫


Wow... you have really contributed in an amazing way to this beautiful art and these beautiful pieces . The fact that u use recycled glass is even better i am really the same way no need to throw away what u can re-use... I was extremely excited to hear i have been cleaning my bins the right way rock SALT and alcohol - water no better combo also saves them💰... right on brotha your work is amazing and I would love to own one of these amazing pieces of art.. one love, stay lifted🤪😜🔥💯✌😍


Best glass..the guy really loves what he does


I love how you use all recycled materials. I am also very happy to hear that your business sky rocketed even during COVID. Many businesses were lost but yours stayed afloat and I am sure you, your family and your fan base are all extremely happy and grateful.


Each bong made is crafted in such a way that every piece you smoke has it’s own personality! I cannot wait to own one of these beauts and watching Special K grow is beyond inspiring.🦋


I freaking love Special K glass! I can't wait to buy more💕🔥💨 I love what you do for our community💯💕


I love every piece of art you create, and you give back to the canna fam everyday, wow! Watching ya'll in the shop is always a highlight in my day! Just keep them coming, every piece is totally unique and I do believe I need to start a collection! Thank you for your dedication to the canna community. 🙏🏻💚💚💚


I love that Special K uses recycled glass and puts so much character into their pieces. I actually live in Chicagoland but I can’t find anything I like as much out here, so I keep bidding on those auctions lol.


This is very inspirational! Thank you so much 🙏


The growth and dedication to your business is both amazing and inspiring! ✌🏼


Amazingly written article! It really shows what’s behind the genuinely remarkable work that is Special K Glass!


Special K Glass has such amazing pieces & to see how far they’ve come is truly amazing!! i can’t wait to own my own piece ❤️


I was thinking you guys were a new glass blowing company!!! 20 years? I’m shocked keep up the good work! 🧊💯


Always awesome watching you create in your video’s. Dancing and the rapping are a hit as well. I really need to invest in a bong from the bong father and see this for myself


I will always carry Special K in my glass shop! Getting set up with first bongs are exactly where I sell and point to Special K!! Keep up the great work!


Wow what a great article. I follow special K Glass on Instagram and I’m obsessed with almost every piece. You can tell just by looking at them how much time and love really goes into every glass. I love how they recycle glass as well. Can’t wait to purchase my first piece!! Thanks for all the hard work guys it doesn’t go unnoticed. 💜


I love Special K! I only purchase glass made by him and I have in fact named all eight of my pieces. I love that he shares the process on his Instagram and we get to watch some of the magic happen and see some of the different techniques that are used. It is brilliant and all of the colors are unique and fitting for my various moods. His pieces are one of a kind and full of life. #bongfather


One of my favorite things about Special K Glass is how they use recycled glass. I don't own one of these beautiful pieces yet but my sister won one and I have had the chance to use it... talk about a smooth AF! Keep up the great work Special K Glass!


I am so happy to have found Special K Glass. I have yet to own a piece but I am enamored at the beauty of these pieces. Every piece is gorgeous. The colors are incredible. Very awesome to learn more about this company. #supportsmallbusiness


Love, love, love your pieces. Some of my friends and family have some of your pieces and I'm hoping I can snag one soon!


Love special K glass!! Some of the best designs out there


These guys blow me out of the water every time I see their pieces. Not only are the absolutely stunning they are amazing hitters too! Ive gotten 4 of my friends hooked on special k glass and they just keep coming out with amazing stuff. Highly recommend for anyone wanting an art piece that’s affordable.


Special K holds a special place in my heart. My husband and I have fallen in love with how versatile and beautiful each piece is. We enjoy watching their videos and seeing them grow everyday.


They put lots of time and effort into there glass. Great creativity and color.


It has been a pleasure to watch people at work on your live events. I have learned so much and have really grew my own love and appreciation for the tualent it takes to make glass pieces. Thank you to Kris Ulhorn for building a company with such quality and amazing individuals within its ranks. This inspires me because I’m starting my own small business from scratch.