Who is the woman in charge over here?
"Who is the woman in charge over here?" ZACH GIBSON / GETTY IMAGES

Washington State will be stuck in Phase 1B, Tier 1 for like months. What is so hard to find when it comes to the pandemic is just even an iota of good news. This virus loves America too much.

So, Welcome to the Hunger Games of Our Times: It was bound to happen. The rollout of the vaccine is so, so, so fucking slow. And all of us are just sick and tired of this never-ending pandemic. Combine the two, and you will find lots of rich people doing all they can to get their "grabbing hands" on this or that COVID-19 vaccine. It has become a thing in La-La land. Variety reports that "one top entertainment executive, speaking on the condition of anonymity," said, “It’s ‘The Hunger Games’ out there.” We expect this sort of thing to be widespread in rich and poor nations alike. And indeed it is.

Rich White Man flew in a private plane to a remote area in Canada to get COVID-19 vaccine designated for vulnerable Indigenous elders. ("How long must we sing this song?") The rich man, Rodney Baker, and his white "actor wife" claimed to be "workers for a local hotel." But in truth they live in style in Vancouver, BC. The rich man and woman received a pat on the hand for jumping the line.

DNA Reveals the Identity of Green River Killer's Youngest Victim: Her name: Wendy Stephens. Her age: 14. Her city: Denver, Colorado. Her corpse: found near Sea-Tac Airport in 1984, a year after she was murdered. Her killer: Gary Leon Ridgway.

Portland, Oregon Driver Allegedly Deliberately Runs Over People who were walking and biking along a 15-block stretch of Southeast Stark Street. The driver managed to kill one of his targets with his SUV (a Honda Element).

This is how a 30-year-old man described the chaos to the Oregonian:

[He] saw the SUV swerve into his lane on Belmont Street, then strike a cyclist as he turned sharply onto 30th Avenue. Meyer said the suspect, who was speeding and running red lights, then clipped a pedestrian at Stark Street and 15th Avenue, did a U-turn and smashed into two people who became wedged between the SUV and a retaining wall at Stark and 19th Avenue. The driver then ran into an elderly woman on 19th, before doubling back and striking another pedestrian, Meyer said.

What happened on that Portland street yesterday, Monday, January 25, is nothing more than the pandemonium of American car culture in fast motion.

Sorority on Greek Row allegedly made students pay for rooms emptied by the pandemic. This, according to Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, "violated an emergency rule barring rent charges when tenants can’t access their housing because of the pandemic." Greek Row pandemic-era problems only know how to grow and grow.

California Needs to Bring Jerry Brown Out of Retirement Again: Because this Gavin Newsom character, the state's present governor, is too much in love with the business interest to get COVID-19 under control.

The Truth:

The Bonkers:

Also: How can you trust a guy who was once married to Kimberly Guilfoyle? And not for a day or two but five whole fucking years. (Guilfoyle is presently dating one of the sons of the man who recently opened the "Office of the Former President" in Palm Beach, Florida.)

As for That Godawful 'My Pillow' Guy: He's finally banned from Twitter for the rest of time that the universe has left to be around. Meaning, forever. That Trumpy bloke can take his pillow-pushing self to Parler.

Just When You Thought Seattle Had More than Enough Democrats: Seattle Times' data guy has to report that "Seattle-area Democrats" actually surged "in number since Trump was elected in 2016." This city does not need any more goddamn Dems. Please export this surplus to Spokane or that state that grows all of those potatoes. What Seattle wants more than ever are socialists and democratic socialists.

Joe Biden's Rushing to Put Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill: But the only thing that should be rushing at this point are those stimulus checks. Tubman can wait. She's stopped guiding runaway slaves to the promised land a long time ago. She is resting in peace. Forever. So, that government cheese can come with the slave owners for now. Also, isn't it a bit odd to put a dollar value on a slave? Something is not right about that Tubman $20 Bill.

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If You Want to Know What All of That Yellen Be About: I recommend you read this: "Why Some Say Janet Yellen Is Not the Worst Pick for Treasury Secretary." Yellen was confirmed yesterday, January 25, 2021.

What Can Seattle Expect to See Lots of This Morning?: Sunrise pics on social media.

Ludwig Wittgenstein: Forgive me. I committed the philosophical sin of not passing this in silence.