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'Portland, Oregon Driver Deliberately Runs Over People'
Because s/he attempted mass murder with a car, s/he will be charged with reckless driving.


Harriet Tubman was a hero who hated capitalism with a passion because it's the foundation of racist hatred, slavery, exploitation, and grotesque barbarity against black people.

Putting her face on the $20 bill is an appalling affront to her legacy of guiding people to freedom, and it's downright bizarre that even well-intentioned folks don't understand that.


I dont think the Portland thing is as much a car culture issue as a "weve given multiple platforms and legitimacy to unhinged white men for years unabated, rarely holding them accountable for their actions, and now the chickens are coming home to roost" issue. Maybe that Venn Diagram is close to a circle though.


Empathy for the run-over victims in Portland is juxtaposed by their stupidity pummeling the police vehicle.

Empathy for the cop's panic/loss of temper is negated by his betrayal of the public trust.


@4 Correct.



The article about the Portland incident describes a civilian driver intentionally mowing down several pedestrians, with no motive given.


@4, 5,

Where are you guys seeing police vehicles being pummeled? I watched both of the embedded videos and read the article and don't see anything to that effect.


Speaking as an expert on everyone in Seattle, on behalf of all of Seattle, I can say that Seattleites don't want more people like themselves with the dominant political ideology in this city.

What Seattleites actually want is more people with my exact niche ideology and who share my exact political beliefs.

I am Charles Mudede.


@8: Nah, those 2 jokers are ttried and true police apologists -- get their panties in a twist whenever their pet authority figures are looked at sideways. My hypothesis for it is a latent repressed kink for being spanked by the SS-- since they missed out on the opportunity in the 30's and 40's this is the best they can do.


@7/@8 - Should have said Tacoma. Refers to the cop running over the crowd - click the 'American Car Culture' link. (you know, the donuts story).


The Stranger should sell branded microwave popcorn to help with thier financial situation. Packages could say "The Stranger: Seattle Mayoral Elections - vote what we say baby" or some such thing. I am sure the current stable of writers could come up with some catchy stuff. There could be several versions. The upcoming mayoral elections are going to rival Netflix in entertainment value - tons of popcorn will be needed.

Too capitalist?


@1 - In Washington, that driver would certainly be charged with Vehicular Homicide and Vehicular Assault. Both are serious felonies. I don't know what Oregon calls it.

And isn't one Sawant providing enough socialist ranting for one city? Why would we want more?


@8 OMG, you have me exact! Ach du lieber!


I mean #10, oh I was so excited!


@15. Just when you were beginning to enjoy yourself.


"Rich White Man flew in a private plane to a remote area in Canada to get COVID-19 vaccine designated for vulnerable Indigenous elders."

Rodney and Ekaterina Baker are a rich white COUPLE. Yet it's only the 'Rich White Man' who is guilty of cutting in line in front of (oh dear) 'vulnerable Indigenous elders'? Your racism and sexism is showing Charles.


The question about Tubman is far from ripe, since it was decided on over five years ago and should have already happened. Also, Jackson was a piece of shit; if we're going to put people on our money, may as well be someone who supported (and was) POC rather than "Trump Beta" himself.