Seattle Sticker Patrol: Bernie on Broadway



The answer to A.Bot's question is 42.


Re: Fast Fashion
You could just now buy clothes. Or buy second hand. Or learn to sew and patch up you clothes. This works great for poor and big people and everyone else. But only if you care about the environment, human rights, and deposing capitalism.


Agree about "Man With Cap" - makes me uneasy for some reason, and that chin dimple is freaking me out a little bit... and those so-called eyes... can't seem to look away.


I really liked the Halsey Has My Baby one.


Would it be bad Sponge Bob if it said, for instance, "QAnon is FAKE"?


The Bern looks
Awesome on Cap Hill & omg
he'll look even Awesomer as Chairman
of the Senate Finance Committee a Democratic
Socialist in charge of Budget. my gawd, is Pragmatism*
just around the corner?

Oh, plus:
up the
yin yang.

*an approach that assesses the truth of meaning of theories or beliefs in terms of the success of their practical application.