Happy for them. Meanwhile here on the Oregon coast, I am eligible for the vaccine (as is my elderly mother who is my sole caregiver), yet there is no vaccine to be found. And no information available from anyone as to when it will arrive. Trump fucked everyone hard. It's not enough that he murdered half a million people (and counting) but the lack of a plan and the lack of vaccines is fucking us still.

Meanwhile, the Republican legislators in Oregon are trying to pretend they are not a part of the "we are totally motherfucking nuts and wholly divorced from reality" faction of the Oregon GOP that released the resolution stating the attack on the U.S. Capitol was a "false flag" event meant to destroy Donald Trump. As an Oregonian, I can only hope that this will contribute to the death of the GOP in this state (it's already at an all time low of only 26% or registered voters owning up to being Republicans). We shall see.


Snow Shots at the Solstice - how two virus-crossed lovers were reunited by a few vaccine shots one snowy eve - starring I M. Lucky and Eve O'Snow



'hello. hippys.
we are from the Liberal cleansing
vaccinating rather team and we have
some really nice leftover Meat we need to
get rid of pronto -- er, sell to someone, quick, oh
and we also have these Free Vaccines if any of you... '

caveat benefactori!

also Bravo

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