Um, actually, the text shows it only affects outdoor events increasing to 15 people and indoor having 5 people over, everything else is apparently the same.

By the way, the South African variant is only protected against by the vaccine at the 50% mark, so you REALLY NEED TO KEEP WEARING MASKS AND COVER YOUR NOSE.

RNA virus tends to mutate every 12-18 months, and given when this first happened in WA, we're in that zone.


Whatever credibility Inslee had with the state is being completely undermined by his waffling on his safety standards and changing them with no discernible change in any of the key metrics that he touts as important to safely reopening. This is completely a political decision on his part and has nothing to do with public health. He better hope the vaccine supply picks up so we can get people vaccinated because if we have to go backwards and start restricting things yet again I don't know that there will be many people left who actually believe him.


oh, yeah, like changing two measures out of 20 will open the floodgates ....

are you wearing your foil helmet to protect you from the space lasers?


Eermahgerd, Jerr Ernslerr

No matter what good (or double plus ungood) Inslee actually does, some people will never be satisfied, dubbing his every action a 24/7 Midas touch of shit. Mention his name and enough steam explodes from their ears to keep Amtrack in business.



Not to mention the collective contribution all their hot air and steam-venting make to global climate change...


seems odd to seemingly change the rules out of nowhere - we have yet to achieve 4/4 in the categories he just recently announced, there are new strains, restaurant workers (oh so essential because people are bored and need their num num) are nowhere near getting vaccinated.

not sure how this decision was made but it is very strange. why not stick to the plan laid out mere weeks ago? food and beverage lobby finally break him down?


@3 it’s not about 2 out of 20, it’s about him moving the bar based on nothing. Please point out any data he used to make this decision. Remember Jay told us it was about the “science”. Maybe it’s small but it still erodes trust and gives ammunition to COVID deniers. It’s bad governance.


Our god is the dollar and we must die for it.


@7 I just saw it is 25% indoor dining and was 25% take out only, my bad.



@10 you’re dogmatic obsession with name calling and inability to recognize there is political theater going on here is both exhausting and a tragedy. That and you’re a stuck up, half witted, scruffy looking nerf herder.


@2, @7: Did you even read the article before you started slagging Inslee, or was his name in the headline trigger enough for you?

The falling disease rate (It's even a graph! None of that oh-so-hard reading stuff!), the incoming vaccine, and the other science-based reasons are all there. Here, let me be a good liberal, and generously provide desperately much-needed help to the obviously less well-endowed:

"...Inslee said conversations with disease modelers led him to believe that we'll have vaccinated a vast majority of the most vulnerable before the potential infection rate increases."

Here, "disease modelers" is a specifically descriptive term, instead of the generic, "scientists." Get it now? SCIENCE.

(As for your tender concern for Inslee's reputation, he recently won an unprecedented third term in a massive landslide, after instituting some of the toughest restrictions in the country. Do you believe any of that has any relation to Washington state now having one of the lowest rates of COVID-19 in the country?)


@10, Clearly your tornado of froth that has yet to dry up on your keyboard lets me know your finally on your Meds again. Congrats.


@12 yes I read the article and all the other coverage. Let’s go back to his Jan 5th announcement about our new plan. He announced areas must meet 4 metrics to move to a new phase. Not FORECAST to meet them, actually MEET them. What’s so hard about understanding that? Now we are moving because he just eliminated a metric so it’s 3 out of 4 and we are forecasting you say. Great. What if the forecast is wrong? I’ve also read with the new variant we’ll see another spike in March. The whole point of milestones is you achieve then before you move on. Given your logic the Seahawks would be 2020 champs now because back in October they were forecasted to be the best team.


@14: "... Let’s go back to his Jan 5th announcement..."

As of Jan 5th, the last time a hostile armed group had attacked the US Capitol was in the War of 1812. A few things have changed since then. So, by following the SCIENCE and making a decision, Gov. Inslee changed the criteria for entering Phase 2. Looking at his behavior over the past year, have you any reason to doubt he'll re-impose tougher restrictions if events warrant?

"I’ve also read with the new variant we’ll see another spike in March. What if the forecast is wrong?"

Fixed that for you. You're welcome. If we start to see another spike, at any time, for any reason, we'll change behaviors. Again. As we did on many occasions over the course of the past year. Mostly because Gov. Inslee kept updating his policy based upon the SCIENCE.

Agree with his decision(s) or not as you like, that is your right. But to accuse a senior citizen who was just resoundingly re-elected of engaging in "political theater" shows a reflexive and unhealthy cynicism.


Just in time for the new variants to hit town. Smooth. Way premature. Politicians have shown bad timing on relaxing strictures. I get it, but they're politicians.


@15 all I can say is I wish I had your unwavering faith that Inslee is operating completely in good faith. It really doesn’t matter if he was re-elected by a landslide. Durkan was elected by a landslide as well. I guess we’ll have to wait and hope for the best.


@1 - We're not in any more of a "zone" now than at any other time. RNA viruses are constantly mutating. This one happens to be a little more error-prone than most and so the mutation rate is higher than, say, influenza. Most of the time the mutations are of no consequence or even bad for the virus so they don't become common in the population.

I don't think that we know how frequently we'd expect to see a mutation that makes COVID more infectious arise. Unfortunately, that means that the next bad mutation could arise next week or never. So yes, let's try & get this virus out of circulation before that happens.


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@17: I have no faith in Inslee, or anyone else; I decide upon data. Washington State ranks 46th in the nation for rates of COVID-19 infection -- only four states have lower rates. ( Considering COVID-19 came ashore here, that's a damned good performance -- due, in part, to Gov. Inslee's tough policies over the past year.

You stomped in here @2, running the KVI-AM playbook from the early nineties: blatantly lie about a liberal politician, then sneer that he has no credibility. You haven't offered a single fact or citation to support your many complaints. Instead, you give false analogies to the Seahawks and Mayor Durkan. (Do you really not understand the difference between "elected" and "re-elected"?)

Gov. Inslee changed COVID-19 policy to match the current data and projections. If those change, he can do what he has done many times over the past year, and update the policy. Again.

He's not the one here with credibility problems.


@21 you might want to look at Rich’s post today and then you can tail on him too.


@21: Still no explanation for why someone who was just re-elected in a huge landslide would engage in "political theater".

You can disagree with a person's judgment without impugning his motives.

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