How to Look at Robert S. Duncanson’s "Landscape With Rainbow"



The shy shows a significantly different hue in the three snapshots of this painting. I like the softer sky tones.
I think we could all use more "pretty fucking bucolic" this year.


oh and they need to present
as parting gifts to what-'is-name
Dante's Descent into Hell and
Edvard Munch's the Scream
as fitting wraps to his twice-
Impeached slimy ass's
stab at our Presidency.


Notable in this painting is its physical impossibility.

The sun seems to be setting in the distance, and I see no shadows that would argue otherwise.

A rainbow is never visible unless the sun is behind you. Never.


@1 pat L: I'm ready for "pretty fucking bucolic". Cheers!

@2: kristofarian for the WIN!


can't say I can concur with you RonK

on the far shore, those trees all appear to be in full sun
AND there's a bright spot on the ground, right in front that, other than one of ol' Sol's rays penetrating thru the trees -- what else might it be? -- putting the sun over your left shoulder.

Gramma Moses pics were impossible
perhaps she sported telescopic spectacles
but her Perspective joyful
& in our Differences
lies discovery


auntie Gee!
YOU Win Too!


oh and what senator Blunt (R-MO) is trying to tell the Bidens is: Be Boring as Fuck
‘cause that Pot o’ Gold is Just Around the Corner and no you can’t really See it
we repubs are the trees blocking our View to the Citizenry’s access to that
Pot o‘ Gold that is thee Richest Country in the Known fawking Universe.

at least, that ‘s my take on it

[auntie Gee I have a book for you
how do I get it to you without
blowing your Cover?]


I concur, Jasmyne:
without Justice
there can be
NO Unity.


@7 kristofarian: Wow---do you have a published book out?? Too cool for school! I'd be interested! How do we keep from blowing our covers, indeed?
Interestingly, I recently premiered my second composed symphony back in December, 2019 (who would have guessed by 2020 we'd be fighting off a deadly global pandemic claiming hundreds of thousands of lives in the U.S. ALONE??). My timing just before Christmas 2019 is humbling as well as a bit eerie. If anyone in our orchestra, our conductor, fellow musicians and promoters had decided to postpone performing my symphony until 2020 it would not have happened at all. I would not have CD recordings, posters, and color programs of our winter concert. It has been my last event performed live since the onset of COVID-19.
Fortunately, I am doing what I can to stay healthy, by social distancing, and wearing masks (at least 2). My performance gigs have gone poof sadly, though. I miss not being able to rehearse and perform with my affiliated local flute choir and community theater musical productions. At least I can still continue to play and write music at home. My latest work is available on mp3 sound recordings.
and @8: Agreed and thirded with you and Jasmyne. No justice, no peace--OR democracy.


no, it's nothing i wrote but it's something you've expressed some interest in . . . perhaps there's a song or two somewhere within its glossy pages.... I want you to have it.

okay. I have a Plan.
can you meet me here at 9pm?
if you reply to a certain ad on Craigslist
it'll come to me and I'll have your email
and you can send me an address...
but only if you want to! let me know.


let's try later...


@10 & @11 kristofarian: I'm sorry to have missed you! I hope to catch up with you soon. I am intrigued about your book.

After a particularly good physical therapy session, however sore my upper right arm and shoulder are, Griz is watching movies again tonight. I will be watching two featuring one of my favorite of versatile actors, Dustin Hoffman.


no worries auntie Gee
we shall cross paths soon
enough I should wager... till then


on CL it's under
'For Sale'

that's me!
and I'll delete it after.


perhaps there's a different way...
do you spose the Stranger
might forward a package
to you?


or -- mail it to your Group!
with your name on it.
how's that sound?


to your Music Group, rather
with your nom de Plume...