Slog AM: Seattle Plotting to Give Convention Center More of Your Moolah, Seattle's Overnight Vaccine Scramble, GameStop Up 100%



The NYT front pageg is actually reporting a much lower rate of efficacy for the J&J vaccine in South Africa, just 57%.


Sure will be fun when the next Ebola hits, and the anti-sanity, anti-vax, Republinazi anti-maskers scream “MAH FREEDUMBS!!!” seconds before their internal organs liquify and their fugly ass faces melt off Indiana Jones-style.
Wow, those videos’ll really spread virally.
“You’re ownd libs blaaaahhghghgh!!!”


And there is this compelling version of "y' talkin' t' me?"


@1, yeah, I've been reading widely different rates of effectiveness of the J&J vaccine from different sources. I'm a little skeptical until I learn more, or hear more detail from some reliable sources. Sure, it may be much easier to store without the deep-freeze requirement, but if it is significantly less effective than other vaccines already in use, I think I'll just wait my turn.


Neoliberalism did what, now?

Neoliberalism broke the freezer?

Or neoliberalism is to blame because 1,600 people weren't already standing in line at midnight when the freezer failed?

Or neoliberalism is to blame because wasn't all used the day it arrived? (Or all used the moment it arrived, given that 1,600 people weren't in line outside the clinic and the freezer could have failed at any time, day or night?)


To remain viable in the future, the GOP need only assemble a new coalition of voters. Its their reluctance to do this that is the source of all the problems in this country. I guess because the people who control the party aren't eager to deal with constituencies that might want something other than vulgar displays of cruelty as the price of their votes.


Charles, you should really dive deeper into the convention center project.

Originally, Pine Street Group was not the selected consultant to manage this work. They were not even the second place firm. The selected consultant was dismissed shortly after award for very unclear reasons. Rather than turning to the next best qualified firm, the authority went straight to PSG. To my knowledge, they have never managed something so large and so complex. Within the A/E/C industry, it was widely predicted that this project would be delivered late and over budget. They're using COVID as cover for their mismanagement.

Before another dollar is dedicated to the project, the County, State, and City all need to understand exactly how this project went south.


I've seen numbers around 66% for it, actually. The lower number is from areas where most patients already have 2-3 infectious diseases like HIV TB Malaria, and you would expect it to be impacted, since COVID-19 and HIV have similar structures.


And @7 is correct.

Put it up to a public vote in Seattle so it can die.


More accurately, put it up for a vote, and then when it's voted down, approve it anyway!


"Arizona, like Georgia, is turning blue. And if both states become a Colorado (a swing state until 2008), then the GOP will effectively have no path to the White House. Trump will be the last Republican president ..."

That's not true. Even if Hillary Clinton had won Arizona and Georgia (like she did Colorado) she still would have lost.


The Convention Center expansion is a terrible idea, even if it was under budget. There simply isn't the demand for conventions that big. This report was from a few years ago, and it is more true now than ever (as there are more large convention centers competing for a limited supply of conventions):



-80 freezers are extremely unstable & routinely break down, especially when people are in and out of them all day. This is really easy to work around for even low-resource environments — just a chest of dry ice, replenished regularly, to hold a day’s worth of shots — but hospitals should also have back up freezers on hand because -80s break down all the time.

Mind you I have no idea how they’re being instructed to distribute these vaccines but in theory this is an imminently solvable problem if you have the right resources in place. I wouldn’t blame neoliberalism or whatever, just bad planning or bad plan-following.


oh and in Local News:

"Amazon’s Cynical, Anti-Union Attack on Mail Voting

The everything store wants
its workers to vote on unionization

in person,

in the middle of a pandemic." --NYT

There's Seattle's Favorite Billionaire:
one week, Mail-In-Voting's Awesome!
this week: oh, not so much.


Ross, regardless of what that Brookings piece says convention business pre covid was booming. The newest expansion of the LVCC was booked two years out with most of cancelled events pushed into the next year. Seattle’s facility isn’t that big even with the expansion. The trick for the mid market convention cities is to host several smaller events at the same time with them overlapping. Seattle is competing with places like Denver and Indianapolis not the big three Vegas, Orlando and Chicago.

Chuck, plug in electrics aren’t going to be at the cost/range ratio for several more years. Great for commuter cars, 50-60 miles round trip, 100 miles a charge or so. Until the under $30k price point intersects with 300 plus mile range we won’t see much migration. For example we drive into So Cal regularly. To do it in a Leaf (about the least expensive) it’s going to take a full charge leaving plus a couple on the way. It turns a 6 hour trip into 10-12 hours with charge time. A Tesla would make it but at a cost of $60k plus for that range with no charge. If we could make it one way on a charge in a Leaf or Leaf priced car we would have done it already.


@14 I think the theory is that neo-liberalism has degraded the basic competence of the state to engage in large scale projects of any kind. Like, it was less than 10 years from the announcement to realization of the Apollo project. Now it takes 25+ years to develop a new fighter plane.

So the bad planning you mention is a symptom of this phenomenon. That's the theory, anyhow.


Charles, maybe politicians like Corbyn should come up with a a reason to get elected besides slavish loyalty to an ideology. Nobody likes that except Sawant and Trump types. The Jew hatred was a turnoff to many I think as well.



I believe Charles is referring to the laws being passed in several states that compel their electoral college votes to go to the winner of the popular vote, regardless of how the state itself voted.

I forget which states have passed this so far, but once a specific tipping point is reached--270 electoral votes--it no longer matters what the other states do. In other words, if this legislation had been enacted in the 2016 election, in enough states, then Clinton would have won the election.


Wait, no, disregard my comment @19. That's not what Charles was referring to.

Is it happy hour time yet?


A system corrupted by "market place" ideology does not work well during a crisis. Because the market does not allow for random over-capacity.

And since crisis are by nature very unpredictable you have to have over capacity all the time to deal with them.

This why nations developed standing armies instead of just the old feudal system of citizen militias. You have to have more trained expert labor that you need sitting around ready all the time. Which costs money.

So any of our rightwing dipshits whining and bitching about how Inslee suddenly can't magically produce an army of trained crisis managers and vaccinations specialists out of thin air can just go fuck themselves. This is precisely the system they have wanted.


@20 not yet. It's 3 pm somewhere.


@21 This isn't a logistics issue (yet) this is a supply issue. You have a limited supply of a product that also requires very specialized storage meaning there are limited locations that can manage it. Neither the government or the market can change that. Even as supply increases there will still be a need for a hub and spoke system for the current Moderna and Pfizer vaccines due to the storage requirements which will continue to limit the range of distribution. Once J&J and AstraZeneca come online then it becomes a logistic issues and to that end we already have a network of trained people who can distribute it. They are the same people who manage the flu vaccine every year. Inslee and the state just need to ensure the right people are engaged and then stay out of their way.


Methinks prognostications of "the final death of gas-guzzling culture" by the end of this decade will end up proving wildly premature once the end of this decade is actually upon us. This strikes me as one of those smug predictions that seems self-evident and indisputably obvious if one seldom ventures out of their progressive Seattle bubble, but not so much out in Rubeland flyover country.


@20 -- of course.
it's 4:20/5pm
in (at least!)
TWO time
have at 'er.


well not pm


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And a beer has been cracked open. Happy weekend all!


@28: beer? I suggest a mint julep given the ambiance of your locale.


Oh Raindrop - a mint julep in January?
April and May (or summer months) are more like it!


I'll probably have an old fashioned in an hour or so.

Georgians (in my limited experience) are remarkably diverse when it comes to alcoholic beverage selection. We're known more for cuisine than cocktails. You need to go to Kentucky or Tennessee to find the real bourbon connoisseurs.


@24.. You could be right. Probably took the flyover crowd to put up old Bessy to pasture when the horseless carriage arrived on the scene If it is not a religious or gun innovation... they ain't early adopters.


@28 Urgutha Forka: Cheers to you and your girlfriend! Thanks for helping save America. :)

@29: O.D'd again on Cocoa Puffs, Rainy? I hear Captain America is up in Central Park taking a leak. If you hurry you can catch the supper show.

@30 pat L: Don't mind Rainy. He suffers from a 24/7 sugar buzz. I'm amazed he hasn't lost consciousness.


@31 You GO, Urgutha! Toast one for me! :)


Not in your cartoons auntie.


@35: Awwwwwww. Did you miss Captain America's supper show, Rainy?
Don't get your onesies in a wad. You've still got SuperFriends on Channel 4, right?


@36: I know cartoon talk is fun for you, but I advise caution auntie. I noted that at least one of your more horrific MAGA bashing bloodthirsty rants was removed, like on Thursday's Equity Training article.