Idaho lawmakers are such squares theyre trying to ban pot with a constitutional amendment.
Idaho lawmakers are such squares they're trying to ban pot with a constitutional amendment. INSTANTS/GETTY IMAGES

Hospitals across Puget Sound are trying to give donors vaccine priority: Earlier this week, the Seattle Times blew up Overlake Medical Center's attempt to secure vaccine slots for its high donors. Now, the Times has learned that this is happening all over the region. Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett offered an invite-only vaccine sesh for donors and EvergreenHealth in Kirkland included foundation board members on its vaccine soft-launch.

Mayor Jenny Durkan says hell the fuck no to that kind of preferential treatment: Durkan is calling on the state to "ban special vaccine access to donors," the Seattle Times reports. Durkan also said that the vaccine should be rerouted "to community health clinics that serve low-income communities of color." Alright, go off, Jenny.

Just so you know: A typical end-of-January weekend lies ahead.

Justin Trudeau says fuck your travel: Because of new COVID-19 variants, the Canadian prime minister would like travelers to stay home, please. Instead of outright banning travel into and out of Canada, Trudeau is requiring people who fly into Canada to take a COVID-19 test and await the three days it takes to receive results quarantined in a hotel room. They'll need to pay for the rooms themselves. That all could cost around $2,000. So, Trudeau is hoping that deters people. In addition to that, he banned flights to Mexico and all Caribbean destinations until April 30.

Horrible car crash on Rainier Avenue:

Okay, but maybe read her resume first?: Suzi LeVine oversaw Washington's Employment Security Department while it was plagued by scandal. Last year, the ESD gave out nearly $600 million to fraudulent claims, some of that money went to false claims using the identities of current ESD employees. On top of all of that, unemployment payouts to real Washingtonians were painfully slow. LeVine is dipping out of the department and headed to a job in the Biden administration. What's the job? Hehehehe. Well. LeVine will be running the Employment and Training Administration in the Department of Labor. She'll be—get this—overseeing the unemployment program.

Tacoma encampment needs to move for freeway construction: The encampment is situated underneath an I-5 overpass. Construction crews working on the perennial I-5 construction need the people living there to move to relocate an exit.

Okay, so this is what was wrong from 2016-2020?
Okay, so this is what was wrong from 2016-2020? Screenshot of YouTube video

I apologize for this, but this is too much for me not to share with you: There's a nearly ten-minute YouTube video of someone interviewing absolute fools at the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6. My favorite is the Nebraska priest who said he was there to perform an exorcism on the Capitol because Baphomet has possessed it.

Pipe bombs found after Capitol insurrection planted the night before: According to the Washington Post, the FBI believes that two pipe bombs —one outside the Republican National Committee and the other outside the Democratic National Committee—were placed the night before the Capitol insurrection. The FBI put out a $100,000 reward for tips about who may have placed the bombs.

Texas 10-year-old wins big on GameStop: Okay, so this kid's mom gifted him some GameStop stock for Kwanzaa two years ago. She bought him 10 stocks for $6 a pop. After the Reddit-driven surge this week, the boy sold his stocks for $3,200.

RIP Toys R Us: The last two Toys R Us stores in the U.S. are closed for good. Geoffrey the Giraffe is destitute now.

JK Rowling is going to have an aneurysm over this: Kent's Theatre Battery is producing an online stop-motion Lego show called "Harry Potter and the Transgender Witch." It's about—you guessed it—a transgender witch attending Hogwarts. The trailer is a hoot and knowing Rowling is a big ol' terfy bigot makes it even funnier.

This same thing almost happened to me this week: Four men wanted to save money on extra baggage fees in a Chinese airport, so they chose to eat over 60 pounds of oranges. They developed mouth ulcers. This same thing almost happened to me when, probably on the verge of scurvy, I had citrus for the first time in who knows how long and devoured a bag of satsumas in a few days. Okay, maybe it's a little different.

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Rep. Cori Bush moves her office away from the QAnon Congresswoman: Bush, who was a Black Lives Matter organizer in Ferguson, Missouri before taking office, said she had an altercation with a maskless Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green. Bush asked Taylor Green to put her mask on and Taylor Green bit back, "Stop inciting violence with Black Lives Matter.” That was only one of the multiple bad interactions Bush has had with the conspiracy theorist. She's asking for her office to be moved.

Idaho is sweating over legalized kush: Idaho is surrounded by states that have legalized weed and it's not ready to get with the program. To fight a future of (gasp) legal kush, some Idaho lawmakers proposed an amendment to the state constitution that would ban all psychoactive drugs not already legal in Idaho. Having cleared a committee already, the proposal is headed to the full state Senate for a vote.

Annnd.... after another long week: