Why don't we just nuke all obstructionist do-nothing RepubliKKKans and be done with them?

Thanks, Chase Burns and Wm. Steven Humphrey, for the consumer warning. I am grateful to already have Target as well as Wal*Mart, Winn-Dixie, et al on my Do Not Shop There list. I feel sorry for store workers. They are clearly NOT getting paid enough.

What is the point in restaurants reopening for dine-in service right now--even at 25% occupancy---when COVID-19 cases and deaths are surging here in Washington State and the rest of the U.S, ----PLUS our being at the height of cold & flu season! WTF?
Restauranteurs----how badly do you need the increase in revenue? Is it worth risking the health of your chefs, waitstaff, bussers and dishwashers, not to mention in-house diners---all for the sake of being unmasked?



The maskless are sickening and murdering the working class because they just do not give a fuck about anyone. They are not fit to be members of society. Put them in prison. Put them down. I really don't give a fuck anymore. They must be stopped. We're coming up on one year of isolation and those of us that have done as asked to stop the spread are sick to death of these selfish, stupid, dangerous shitheads.


so fucking True, xina.

as "they should be able to exercise their right not to wear a mask amid the pandemic."

is smallpox-infested blankets hand-delivered to the local natives
who were about to be Re-located natives
if they were damn Lucky.

that they don't gaf about their lives is one thing

that they're wiling to
Destroy Ours and Our Family's
is not some sorta 'civil disobedience'
it's fucking GENOCIDE.

coming from the party of
Terror is it any wonder?

so now what?
bitch and moan?


guesty I apologize for our shitty politicians
too many of whom've been bought off by Big Money it's obviously bullshit that we've chosen to govern ourselves this way but if we elect shitty people we get shitty Policy that makes you work in a Pandemic and Vastly Worse provides neither decent distancing nor PPE. this is Capitalism overrunning the Citizenry and we can either fucking take it



I wish I could tell the clueless restaurant owner you work for that many people like myself, who absolutely LOVE eating at restaurants, have no intention of dining out until at least 70% of the population has been vaccinated.

Open or not, 25% capacity or not, indoor or outdoor, not doing it until the vaccines have proven effective.

Once we have effective vaccines and a good vaccination rate, then it'll be the Roaring '20s Baby!

But until then just batten down the hatches, close the hurricane shutters and try to ride it out. Had intelligent people been in charge of the federal government 12 months ago we possibly would have avoided this much pain.

But water under the bridge.

The reality is that the vaccine rollout is just beginning, new more contagious variants are emerging, and we are still a couple of months away from being in a position to think about reopening.


@7: That’s quite a high horse you’re riding there. But I hope you are at least ordering takeout. Because you are doing the restaurant workers of Seattle no favors by completely cutting off all sources of income for them and/or forcing the restaurants they work at to close.


I order take out from the few Seattle restaurants that provide their own delivery.

I try to avoid patronizing the Dash/Grub/Mates phone apps as they are notorious for stiffing the restaurants and the drivers. There's a couple local pizza joints that still deliver.

Besides, I'm an excellent cook, my restaurant dining has always been limited to what I can't cook better myself. Usually that doesn't travel well.


And dining in a restaurant is about much more than the food. As far as cuisine is concerned I've got my own Michelin Star restaurant right here at home.

Going to a restaurant is about ambience and decadence. It's hard to feel decadent in the middle of a global pandemic.


No one is talking about forcing people to eat inside. You can choose. The fact is that reduced capacity dining, distanced is not a significant driver of infections. Around 1% or so according to New York state (1.3%). This recent surge was driven by private in person gatherings, convalescent care and health facilities. Few things are safe these days. That’s something one has to decide for themselves.

The only sacrifice many of the most vocal posters have made is having to stay home. Economic privilege allows them to be judgmental when millions of others are suffering. Rather than finding solutions to help bridge the gap they take an unrealistic approach seeped in anger and entitlement. Entitlement that millions of others suffer the brunt of the consequences to maintain your perception of being safe.

While lip service is provided for those that have died, those that have suffered and are still suffering are curiously ignored. There is strum and drang about coulda, woulda, shoulda with regards to the failure of the Trump admin. It was but that doesn’t help provide solutions. We have to live in the real world. For many Biden’s bill is too little, too late.

There is a lack of compassion or in many cases not even an acknowledgement of the pain and suffering born by those experiencing economical and psychological hardships. You may feel good about saying the “right things” but the reality is by not learning how to better balance the health and economic impact of the pandemic you help perpetuate the suffering of millions.


@3 guesty: You and your fellow restaurant workers have my deepest heartfelt sympathy for what you are unfairly being exposed to.

@4 xina for the WIN, baybee!!! Agreed and seconded. Keep on rocking the house and telling it like it IS. :)

@5 kristofarian: You are SO right! When total shit slimes its way, however illegally into legislative office (i.e., the last 4 years), we, the people are stuck with shit. Why is it that the Democrats are the ones having to clean up the shitshows? And RepubliKKKans have only gotten WORSE since the disastrous two terms of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.


@13 Whose talking woulda, shoulda coulda?

"We have to live in the real world. For many Biden’s bill is too little, too late."

You are absolutely right on both counts. Biden's bill is too little too late. Yes it is a huge improvement over what has happened in the past but it should be bigger and it should have been bigger and passed 9 months ago.

But it wasn't.

The real world is that 50% of our Senators and 49% of our Congress Members, not only feel this bill is too much, but that the previous bills were also too much.

Not sure how to get over that. Yes in a sane world restaurants would be paid by the government to pay their employees to stay home.

I'm not sure the last time you looked out the window, but this is not a sane world.

In the meantime I will do everything in my power to bring this pandemic to an end as quickly as possible. Which means I'm staying home. Sure I suppose I could go support restaurants and restaurant workers by dining out. But in the long run that would just prolong the pandemic and prolong the pain.

The fastest, best way to help everyone right now is to just stay the fuck at home.


@13: Good points. Also it's not always practical to drive take out back home and eating in your car is a drag.


Does anyone know about the light display at MLK? I assume it's for Black History Month, but can't find anything about it.


@10: How you read that into my comment is beyond me. I actually am not in favor of eating indoors at this time. But eating outdoors in a ventilated area with good spacing? Totally fine. It keeps restaurants in business and workers in rent money. Takeout is fine. Gift certificates are fine. But to pretend that what’s best for restaurants is shutting them out in favor of your “Michelin star” kitchen is simply privileged bullshit. True, if everyone did that, the virus would go away. And if the government had simply paid those restaurants to close, they’d be fine. Guess what? Neither of those things happened, or are going to happen anytime soon. So it’s up to those who have the means to help support their local communities as safely as possible. As @13 said, there are economic and psychological effects to consider, and this relentless shaming campaign from people like Toby, who think they’re the paragon of virtue because they stay ensconced in their cloistered, safe homes while the city around them collapses are not helping.


Hope that display of hair extensions is actually synthetic and not Chinese slave labor hair, which we learned in 2020 was a thing.

I save money by only eating out once or twice a month, pretty much every place I frequented in Georgetown has closed permanently.
I can still get good stuff at Katsu Burger on the South end, which is seemingly always slammed because it is right next to an Amazon delivery driver warehouse (thanks for keeping my only decent, affordable restaurant alive Amazon workers!).


Phase 2, aka - Operation Variant Spread. Is Inslee disappointed we never hit full ICU capacity? I can see no justification for loosening restrictions while we are still lagging in vaccination, and due to minimal sequencing have a very limited idea of variant spread in the State.

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