Slog AM: House Drops Impeachment Brief, AOC Goes Live, R Place Looks for New Digs



"If you feel your personal information such as your SSN has been stolen online, please go to this online website and enter your SSN and other personal information."

There's never a way to dig out of this shit.


@ 1,

"There's never a way to dig out of this shit."

The Treasury should start printing that on our currency.



So. Turns out the problem with vaccine roll out is supply. Like every fucking expert said was going to happen when Trump fucked that up.

But. Hey. Remember when the concern trolls were blaming Inslee for the vaccine roll out? Yeah. Good times.


"Russia's vaccine works really well"
Putin will slip hot doses to people he dos not like.


Oh. And it turns out Stop the Steal was partially financed by Stephen Allen Schwarzman of Blackstone Group.

You know. One of those filthy hedge fund oligarchs that the MAGA people are mythically supposed to hate.


Brian Sicknick is lying in honor at the Capitol. Hopefully his family can take solace in knowing that he gave his life for the maniacally stupid. Such a noble cause.


"Technically, we don't have groundhogs in Western Washington. We've got marmots."
Yeah I saw a hoary marmot steal an apple from a dude's hand when he looked away for a moment.
They wait under rocks / stumps at the climbers' rest spots and live the fat marmot life on granola and fruit.



That's the best idea I've heard in a long time!



That's the best idea I've heard in a long time!


I met Sara Nelson once. I happened to be a the Fremont Brewery when she was hosting a victory party for the group that killed the Head Tax. I asked her why she would allow this group of Dori Monson Republicans to use her establishment for their gathering. She got very defiant. Those are her people.


White supremacist terrorism has always been minimized and ignored like it's no big deal. It is the ideology on which this country. Of course the Republicans want to pretend it never happened and play it down as not a problem or a big deal. It is literally their life blood. Without it they have nothing. Until this country makes a choice and eradicates them and dismantles and destroys all white supremacist ideology, policy, violence, and terrorism it will be what it has always been - a total and complete lie pretending to be some great country where all can exist equally and opportunity abounds.

It is far more likely that this country will simply destroy itself (and as much of the world at large as it can along with it) than ever truly change or evolve. Racist white people, and racist rich white people, have no interest in sharing the world with everyone else. If they can't have the power and the money then no one can. And they will kill everyone including themselves to make sure of it. We all know that now.

Sadly it will be a slow and horrific slog to complete annihilation. Far different than the quick and painless death we were all promised with the push of the button bringing about nuclear destruction of the earth in mere minutes.


Amazon didn't get fined one penny - they just repaid the same amount they stole from drivers tips. No one's going to trial, no jail time for any executive or flunky who approved this theft, no fine, nada.
Where's our attorney general in this mess? Why does Amazon alway get a pass from him?


@12 - If you're cemented in the view that we'll never make progress, then guess what? We'll never make progress. You're so incredibly profound, it's baffling.


Sara Nelson is a thoroughly unpleasant person who is running to represent other thoroughly unpleasant persons. Please make sure she is not elected to any public office, at any time ever.


Marmots also have the curious social convention of communicating by getting up on picnic tables and taking dumps.

We could build them their own tiny tables, but I suspect they'd still prefer ours.


Here's an idea: Let's pass a House bill to teach impressionable children to social distance, wear masks, and above all, never again vote RepubliKKKan. And offer an irrevocable codicil that permanently bars MAGAs, QAnons, and everyone involved in the January 6, 2021 storming of the U.S. Capitol Building from voting ever again.

Rock ON, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!!

@14: .....and you're NOT! Go slurp some more Cocoa Puffs, Rainy. If you hurry, you can just catch another episode of Captain America. By the way, how's your Remedial 5th Grade Math homework coming along?


@17: I don't live in your cartoons, auntie.

And your reply to this comment won't change that fact.


@18: There, there, lil Kettlekorn----stop if it starts to hurt. Take a deep breath and go lie down. Read up on side effects first before using blood thinners.


Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos steps down as Amazon CEO. He might become harder to tax in the future.


Mocking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's trauma is really about covering for Trump's violent coup

There is a long history of dismissing the traumatic experiences of women and people of color as hysterical

Trauma is mocked because they have no understanding of what it feels like to be on the receiving end of any of these things so they think "rapist" and "racist" are just insults that you call somebody you don't like.


"You're so incredibly profound, it's baffling." --@rains

your projections
are perfections
don't Ever


@21 or its just a way for AOC to control the media cycle and deflect away from herself. She references a vague incident in her past and connects it to current events and voila it now becomes impossible to push back against her rhetoric lest you trivialize her trauma and "adopt the language of abusers". Whether you agree with AOC or not I don't think anyone else in politics uses the media to their advantage as well as she does.


I wish Sara Nelson had run for the District 6 seat in 2019. She would have been a much better candidate than Heidi Wells against Dan Strauss. She came in a strong third to Jon Grant in 2017 only missing the General Election by 6,000 votes.

While I'm disappointed she isn't running for Mayor, Getting rid of either Mosqueda or Gonzalez would be a huge improvement.


@23: AOC is media savvy, but she is right be be terrified for her life on a daily basis.