Whos going to get an FBI visit next?
Who's going to get an FBI visit next? SAMUEL CORUM / GETTY

What to do about Marjorie Taylor Greene? The Republican party is split on what to do about the freshman Congresswoman and all her conspiracy theories. On one hand, they could strip her of her committee assignments because of the whole conspiracy theory thing, and because of that time she called for the execution of top Democrats. On the other hand, Trump likes her, soooo... maybe the Republicans will just do nothing?

Meanwhile, the pro-Trump camp wants to punish Rep. Liz Cheney: Cheney voted to impeach Trump. That didn't go over well with his loyal contingent in Congress. Many lawmakers, and Trump's family, want Cheney, the third-ranking Republican in the House, to lose her leadership position as a punishment. In order for that to happen, two-thirds of House Republicans would have to vote on her fate.

Bad news: Washington was wrong with its original estimates about when the general public would get vaccinated. Instead of vaccinating phases 2, 3, and 4 starting this May, the state estimates they'll probably actually administer those pokes around late summer or early fall.

Sixteen-year-old Bremerton girl charged for second-degree murder: The girl, Lola F. Luna, was charged as an adult for stabbing another girl at her house. Luna and the victim had a scheduled fight at Luna's house on Saturday. The victim punched Luna in the face and Luna, using the knife she had hidden behind her back, stabbed the victim in the face, the back, and the shoulder. The whole thing was caught on a neighbor's Ring doorbell video.

Some sun today:

Manuel Ellis's death “reminiscent of a lynching": That's what the lawyer for Ellis's family said about new details in Ellis's death. The Washington State Patrol's investigation ordered by Gov. Jay Inslee reveals new information about the Tacoma Police Department's role in Ellis's death. The WSP report exposed inconsistencies in the original investigation conducted by the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. Mostly, the Tacoma police's statements in the two reports don't line up. In one inconsistency, Ellis repeatedly told officers he couldn't breathe, but officers denied hearing anything from Ellis. According to witness video surfaced by the WSP investigation, the officer heard Ellis and even responded with "shut the fuck up" to Ellis's pleas.

New lil baby gorilla: Woodland Park Zoo's Nadiri, 24, and Kwame, 21, welcomed a little bundle of gorilla joy on Jan. 29.

Weird that they haven't asked me to guest host Jeopardy! yet:

British teen wakes from a 10-month coma: He has no idea what the coronavirus is. A car hit Joseph Flavill, 19, last year on March 1, three weeks before Britain's first COVID-19 case, and he's been in a coma since. While he was under, Flavill caught COVID-19 twice. Now, he's slowly making his way out of the coma and his family is trying to figure out the best way to explain the whole pandemic thing. I imagine he'll say something like, "Wot's all dis den, guv'na?"

Slain Capitol Police officer honored: U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who died during the Capitol insurrection, laid in the Capitol building on Wednesday. Colleagues and lawmakers paid their respects.

FBI searched prominent conspiracy theorists' property: According to CNN, the FBI raided the Orange County homes of two men who hosted "an invective-laced" rally in D.C. the day before the insurrection. At the rally, the men told the crowd to prepare for "war tomorrow," referring to the insurrection. The men run the prominent pro-Trump American Phoenix Project. It's unclear what the FBI search was for since the records are still sealed.

Isn't this an arc from Bojack Horseman? Six arrested after changing Hollywood sign to ‘Hollyboob’

In case you'd like to feel like pure shit: Here's this visualization of a blue whale trying to avoid ships while also trying to feed:

Hey, did you see who's running for mayor? Seattle City Council President Lorena Gonzalez has entered the race.

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King County Sheriff Office searches for missing boater: Yesterday, a boat in neutral crashed into a private pier. No one was on board, but officers found a wallet and a cellphone. The search will continue today.

Golden Globes noms just dropped: Alright, I'm sure one of our savvier sloggers will have something more in-depth for you on this later, but the Golden Globe nominations are out. The notable things for me are that three women received nominations for Best Director—Emerald Fennell for Promising Young Woman, Chloé Zhao for Nomadland and Regina King for One Night in Miami. Somehow Emily in Paris received multiple nods, and Michaela Cole's I May Destroy You received none. Injustice.

Taiwan reverses fine on kidnapped man: The man was fined $3,500 for allegedly breaking his quarantine. However, Taiwanese authorities are rescinding the fine after discovering he only broke his quarantine because debt collectors kidnapped him after they mistook him for the friend he was staying with. Don't you hate when that happens?