Slog PM: Canada Says Proud Boys Are Terrorists, Gun Sales Way Up, Amazon's New CEO Is a Wing Bro



Every time a Democrat is elected the murder weapon obsessed population stocks up on guns and NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. If if tomorrow the purchase of guns were outlawed, this country has more guns than people. Seriously, the level of crazy stupid violent hate in this country has reached such a level it makes normal people want to either never interact with other humans EVER AGAIN or simply hope humanity ends, immediately and swiftly.

Why is there never any bottom to how fucking stupid people are? Why? Why do humans, supposedly the most intelligent animal on earth, just get more and more stupid, violent, and hate filled as time goes on? What the fuck is wrong with humanity?


@1, Your on the wrong planet?


In retaliation. the Proud Boys have expelled Canada from their race.


I'm reading this: "Seattle's sinful lack of decent bagels." And I'm wondering, which Seattle are these guys living in? If nothing else, Seattle is going through a bagel renaissance these days.

Please forgive me for being outraged over something so trivial as a failure to appreciate Seattle's myriad quality bagel shops. I'd name names, but I'll leave that exercise to somebody else.


speaking of Wrong Planet
what fucking Planet did those
who Refuse to Evolve migrate from?
and WHO let them in/on? sumbuddy's gotta
Fire that SOB asap. we need a much Higher Bar

now if Canada could just declare
the NRA a Terrorist Organization...


Go figure, the Canucks don't want those neo Nazi scumbags in their country. I don't want them in mine, either... And as of today Auburn, WA is down 1 of those fine Amerikkans..


I guess the brown shirts were sold out at the time.


yeah barb, Evolution is
for the Fortunate
ain't it?

and those* who
delve deep
in Mother

*not mentioning any names here either

well the kochs
they're pretty fuckin' Likely
to Inherit the Earth which may be a
Moonscape when they finally crawl out and who
knows? perhaps the kochs themselves will evolve


can anyone help me with the D-bag founder of proud boyz? He comes across as super-closeted, but is that just because he is a Canadian boy and moderately well-spoken? my gay-dar needs adjusting perhaps?


"... the Canucks don't want those neo Nazi scumbags in their country. I don't want them in mine, either..." --@7

hmmm -- Taking America TF BACK . I kinda LIKE it
and Very well-framed bumperstickery good!

watchya think, barby?
would you put that
on your Smartcar*?
well wouldja?

*didja get the black one with the white two stripes down its back?


@1 people who stockpile guns make up the majority of the qty of guns owned....i.e. there are so many guns because a hefty few of people who buy guns buy A LOT of them. and those people are generally mentally ill - they are filling some hole in their identity or soul where they need a 'cause' greater than themselves to be part of. throw in a dash of paranoia as well. at least in my family that's the case.

I have 7 siblings and 2 of them are gun wackos. Those 2 own at least 25 guns and ammo reloading 'stuff'. One of them has trouble paying their mortgage from time to time, but never any trouble buying guns or ammo. They are also borderline animal hoarders.


There is only one place to get a good bagel, a real bagel. New York City.



Pretty sure "evolve" is the antithesis of "random mutation."



Yeah, I'd initially have thought you'd underestimated it, but maybe not. A recent poll showed less than 1/3 of Americans are gun owners, and less than 1/2 live in a gun owning household.

I've personally been in the market for a decent quality slingshot for a little while now, but only because I dig taking potshots at empty beer cans from the perch of my apartment unit's balcony. Is good times.


@12 He did insert a dildo into himself on camera, so make of that what you will.



NYC just has a lot of people. There's nothing special about their bagels.

You can get the world's greatest bagel there and you can get the world's worst bagel there. It's just numbers.

/I ate a lot of shitty bagels whilst living in NYC. And a few marvelous ones.


@19 I respectfully disagree. Even though this is a wholly subjective, personal opinion type conversation. The only place to get a good bagel, a real bagel, is New York City. Are there bad bagels in NYC? Yes there are. Even in upstate NY (where I grew up, went to college, and lived for another 8 years after I left Seattle) you can't find a good bagel, a real bagel.

The west coast has amazing food that can't be found on the east coast and the east coast has amazing food that can't be found on the west coast.

C'est la vie. C'est pourquoi la vie est belle.


I’m not melting my guns until my Q-humping neighbors do.


@1 xina: So spot on. Agreed and seconded.

@2: No, but you are. Begone, lil MAGA troll before you draw more of Pence's flies.

Terrorists have nothing to be "Proud" of. If they're so hellbent on dragging us all back 245 years, they should be beheaded for their heinous crimes against humanity and democracy.
To the guillotines!


No significant gun control legislation will pass the Congress and even if any such were passed, it would almost universally be ignored by individual gun owners. Your dreams of strong gun control in this country are just that, dreams.


@6 I think the only people who could call Seattle's bagel situation a "renaissance" are those who haven't been to NYC. As a left-coaster, I didn't get it until I went to NYC.

There's a few new bagel spots I haven't been to yet due to my 2019 being nuts and then COVID, but every time a new "authentic, NYC-style" bagel place opens in Seattle, I'm sorely disappointed.

Oasis in Ravenna is okay, although their service is terrible. Closest thing I've had to a NYC bagel in Seattle.


I still say those blackshirts
(with Gold!)'d look Better
with some nice tri-
Cornered hats w/
the teabags just
Hangin' down

their lack of Style
hurts one's eyeballs
& echoes their Empathy


"Your dreams of strong gun control in this country are just that, dreams." --@switfy

Hell, even MLK had a Dream.


@25: Yeah, and more dapper than anarchist apparel.


16 it's the guy who thinks we should just let covid kill people because evolution, which wouldn't make any sense even if most of the people it's killing weren't well past their reproductive years


@2 Your little bit of nastiness is kiiiiiiiiiinda undercut by the fact that you can't be bothered to proof read......


@14: While I can't speak to the mental state of your cousins, I, a bleeding heart liberal, live in a house hold with both reloading equipment, and something like 20 fire arms of various types. Guns are one of those things that tend to accumulate, even if you aren't someone who is invested in the culture. You inherit them, you are interested in military history, you hunt, you enjoy target shooting, etc. all of which leads to having different kinds of guns for different things.


Courtesy link for easily getting rid of your guns:


You destroyed a Thompson .45? You threw away $15,000


@33: yes but what could he do with it? That thing would be hella hard to get rid of responsibly. Don’t you need a special permit for it?


@31: You aren’t wrong about how hard it is to get rid of guns responsibly! I have to say I’m sad about those 1911s. I got one for the Husband through the lottery the army had when they were decommissioning a whole bunch of them but I’ve always kind of wanted one of my own. :)


As a POC, I'll add that there are more POC buying guns for the sake of self defense and added safety due to what we saw on Jan 6. So it's not all crazy people. There are sane people worried that law enforcement won't come to their aid when white supremacists launch domestic terrorist attacks.


@35 First of all, the only psychopath on the thread seems to be you. If you didn't want it, you should have just sold it to a dealer, but you didn't because you are ignorant of the laws, the weapon, and the market. So now, a historic and serviceable museum piece grandfathered under the law is now garbage. But, you have your "virtue". Enjoy.


@34 An historic automatic weapon can be legally owned with the proper paperwork and tax stamps by any non-criminal citizen. Your individual state may have other requirements that mandate a trust. It's done every day.

The value he threw away was that the weapon was grandfathered to be legal and thus worth a small fortune regardless of its condition.


$15,000 seems like a small price to pay if it means preventing some idiot from achieving their dream of engaging in Elliott Ness cosplay...

And you notice how confused the 2A Humpers tend to get when a couple of librul snowflakes start having a detailed discussion about their experiences with firearms - I can just imagine them sitting at their screens, staring in slack-jawed befuddlement at the very notion that people on the Left own guns too.

Also, it's HEE-larious how they get all bent out of shape at the idea someone would willingly destroy a gun, especially one of estimated great value - something so unfathomable to them they only way they can think to respond is "YOU CRAZY!"


41 why are you so mad when you have no stakes in this


@45: "And by "untrained" I mean people who have not got at least 1,000 hours of serious defense firearms training. If not more."

So you've pretty much ruled out most police officers. Police firearms qualification requires hitting a 25 yard target (not the bullseye, the paper target) 70% of the time. That level of proficiency will get you asked to leave most civilian target ranges. Or at least get a serious talking-to by the range master.


@41: Is your avatar among trophies you won by fahtin' fer your Free Dumbs?

@43 blip for the WIN!


@41 Not a bit mad. I have no stake, other than it's a pity a valuable and historic weapon was destroyed for nothing. I used to carry an M3 grease gun.

@44 Whatever. I was an Army officer and OCS grad after 3 enlisted years in the 3d Cav as a scout.


@48 it's just a tool. We melted down millions of them in Germany and other countries when we defeated them.


@48: And now you're a fully grown QAnon to make yer maw Proud?


Lisa and History seem to have lillustrated my point. People who have guns seem to have many more than 1-2. Which is all I was saying. how many of those are on a train headed to crazy town? Lots


@31: "They notoriously hard to get rid of in any ethical way."

Just wait until the restrictions on a national firearm registry are overturned and the ATF runs their backlog of 4473 forms through OCR. If you've lost or misplaced any of the serial numbered components, "lost in a move", "stolen with no police report" or "tragic boating accident" with no watercraft registered in your name just aren't going to cut it.

And if you pass away, your estate's executor won't be particularly happy when having to account for all those weird metal parts that got hauled to the dump.