Slog AM: Sara Nelson Runs for City Council, Grocery Industry Sues Seattle, Uzi's Forehead Shines Bright Like a Diamond



Still savoring the details of what happens in a sane, functional country when fascists murder their citizens and plot to overthrow democracy; the US can't even figure out if criminal laws apply to rabid, Far White psychos. The kleptocratic, genocidal, hate-KKKrazed Republinazi party should be next on the list for their decades-long campaign to plunder this nation and kill as many Americans as possible.

"Canada on Wednesday declared the Proud Boys a terrorist entity, adding the far-right group to a list that includes al-Qaeda, ISIS and al-Shabab as part of an effort to crack down on what senior government officials called one of the country’s 'most serious threats.'

Designation as a terrorist group carries financial and legal consequences. Police can seize the property of the group or its members; banks can seize their assets. It’s a crime to knowingly provide assistance to a designated group to facilitate or carry out attacks. Group members may be denied entry to Canada.

Seven other entities affiliated with al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, as well as Hizbul Mujahideen, a militant Kashmiri liberation group, were also added to the list."


"Two grocery industry trade groups are NOT happy with Seattle's new $4 hazard pay law" yeah, I'll Bet they're not. happy.

but how Happy were they when peeps quit going Out and spent all that Restaurant Money on shit what's gotta be cooked at Home? all that Extra Money, and how of it much went into Protecting those front liners forced to work within sneezing distance of trumpf's Death Cultists?

where the Fuck was their PPE?

and that 'bonus' cum Hazard Pay
that just Evaporated after two months
as trumpf's Panfucking Demic was just
getting Warmed Up? save your sorry Woes for
their funeral services, Cheapskates and Profiteers.


Ah yes, the arms on the hips, sleeves rolled up pic. This is how you know this is a serious person who should be taken seriously. In the business world, it's only known competitor is the arms crossed pose.


bingo brent gumbo
and in trumpftopia
it's drop trou and
buttface the

Oh & Bonus points
for projectiling



"Coming 2 America" has this lost-son plot tacked on for all the soccer moms out there... ergo it has no chance of being good.


Lil Uzi should ditch the diamond and go with a frickin' LASER, no?


Jasmyne, don't take civics lessons from someone on Twitter - ol' Joe can't send out any $2,000 stimulus checks until Congress appropriates the money for them. Which they haven't. WYFC.



Peeps are the cranberry sauce of Easter. Disgusting but somehow considered necessary.


in Other news: nyt:

Impeachment Managers Call on
Trump to Testify in Senate Trial

The move was an unexpected attempt to question former President Trump under oath about his actions on Jan. 6, when he is accused of inciting the Capitol riot.

well, the Strain of having
likely prove Fatal to a
guy of trumpf's very
low-life caliber

they'll likely hafta
drag him out kicking
screaming and straightjacketed
whilst his jackbooted Thugs plot their next


@#7 (toe tag) unless he declares a state of emergency and takes the money from the defense budget


RE: Coming 2 America

Honestly, I would watch a full length movie of just the barbershop gang riffing on each other and on their customers.

All of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall's side characters in that movie were hilarious.


@12: Those who seek help and work themselves out of homelessness will be in a position to get into the system and become de-unbanked.

The homeless who are chronically addicted, refuse help, and incapable of taking care of themselves .... well, you answer that.


"What about the homeless and other communities that are largely unbanked?" --@barby

well, that's what those UN helicopters
are for -- to drop tonnes of Cash
upon the Unwashed. fuck them
Fasciis -- we're gonna try an
all-New kinda Cleansing.

if it works for the Rich
it just might work for
the Rest of us.

and your Concern! for
the Least of Us
is Duly Noted


"Masks are great, Joe, but what about directly sending that $2,000 to every American's bank account??????"

Jasmyne, I have formed the impression you intend to piss on Joe Biden at every opportunity over the next four years. Maybe it's because Bernie finished second to Joe in the nominating process?

Here are some things you should know:

1 - Joe is POTUS, and Bernie is not.

2 - Joe is not Bernie, and no amount of piss will transform him into Bernie.

3 - Joe is committed to $2,000 or as much as he can get through the Senate. So is Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie.

4 - Joe and Bernie are working together. They both know it may be necessary to trim this payment at the upscale end of the spectrum, or get nothing at all.

5 - When piss gets old, it gets stale.

6 - When piss is stale, it does not draw much of a crowd.


I can only assume anyone obsessing over this $2000 check thing is either new to politics or has a subscription based podcast or newsletter to promote & need to keep their followers worked up. I agree the messaging has been bungled & it would be great if people got more money but it’s just 1 small part of a massive relief package.

If you think a single payment of $600 is a hill worth dying on then have at it I guess but it’s a huge waste of political capital to obsess over a relatively minor detail no one is going to remember or care about in a few months.


Re "Seattle's new $4 hazard pay law"~ where did that $4 figure come from? Is there any empirical evidence, any research to substantiate why the number should be $4 and not $3 or $5 for example? Or was the number merely plucked out of the air?


News flash. Not everyone is getting $2k checks and the majority of those who are don’t deserve it. Republicans are pushing for TARGETED assistance, which I am fully on board with. I would rather cut $4k checks for those that need them than give Jasmine one cent. I may be missing something, but you are employed. And please, don’t give me this stimulus BS.


not exactly a news flash but apparently some people don't know that republicans lost the election so it doesn't matter what they're pushing for


It would be nice if all of this relief money later gets translated into a way to undo the tax cuts legislation from 2017.


Yes, fuck the Republicans and their idiotic, failed policies. We wouldn't be here today had they not lied about, politicized, and failed to act upon this pandemic.


20 - I have to agree about the targeted assistance. I'm totally in favor of or mostly in favor of everything else in stimulus package, and if it includes $1,400-2,000 checks for all, I won't bitch about it.

But, I actually do feel a bit guilty getting money that I don't truly need when there are plenty of people out there who do truly need it and more than $2,000. I'd be more comfortable with it if they took the money from people who don't actually need it and applied the surplus to those who do. So, instead of $2,000, those truly in need might get $4,000...or $5,000 or $6,000 or whatever. It just seems more fair.


The problem with "targeted" relief is that the government does not have the data it needs to do it right. Your adjusted income from 2019 isn't a good indicator of where people are at right now because entire sectors of the economy were wiped out last year, so millions of people who are in desperate need will not get the help they need if they earned too much before 2020.

It would be much faster and more equitable to send checks to everyone now, then recoup it from people who are gainfully employed with next year's tax returns. Means-testing is going to slow down the process and exclude people who need help.


Shorter @14:

"Grab them bootstraps and - PULL! PULL LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!"


We need a moderate on the City Council.


@23 Don't worry about it Morty. I have a solution to your problem. You could always give the money to some street corner junkie. I'm sure he'll have something better to do with it and, you'll be able to fuel the junkie crime rate.


@25: Then consider the cartoon solution detailed in @15.


I’m with you Morty. I don’t care where the idea comes from, I just care if it’s a good idea! Blip is absolutely correct as well, I just disagree with their solution. 2019 income is a shitty tool to use for distribution. Why not cut checks for people who are filing unemployment so they get full wages back (within reason of course)? Or better yet, send money to the companies people worked for and let them redistribute. If you still have your job, you don’t get assistance. If you are making less but still working, you deserve a check.

This is about reversing COVID impacts, not righting the shit ass wages people make. That is a different problem and should obviously be addressed at well. Raising federal minimum wages is a good start.



We already did "send the money to the companies" in last summer's CARES Act in the form of massive tax breaks and subsidies, to the tune of around $258,000,000,000. But instead of redistributing it to their employees many instead used it to buy back stocks or give their upper management fat bonuses. The only way this would work is to include language that would penalize a company if they don't give the money to their rank-and-file employees.


"This is about reversing COVID impacts, not righting the shit ass wages people make." --@29

well we surely would never wanna do that!
hell they'll turn out so Spoilt they'll begin
to Believe they're Republicans
and Entitled to their fair Cut
of the Poor's un-EARNED
Extravagance. it's just
how Jesus'd Want it

some 'other
time' perhaps?
who knows perhaps
that little extra Boost'll
Propel them into the Lower
Middle Class which repubs do
NOT want as in ANY Middle Class


Good points from blip@24

In addition, targeting (means testing or other categorical qualifications) takes effing YEARS to debate and tune and negotiate and navigate thru Congress.

The macro-economy doesn't need stimulus now (Larry Summers is correct on this point) but many individual households are in dire need of relief right now ... and we don't have what it takes to know which households they are.

This is an emergency, we need to throw some money at it, and (like the Great Recession) some of that money has to end up in the wrong hands.

Policy perfection is not an option.


OK -- don't let Perfection be an Ally of the COVID
it's already Got the repubs on its side
well one of its sides and needs
no further Assistance...

repubs are Already
outlawing Voting
wherever they
Can. De-
is on the