CALLING ALL LOVE BIRDS! You know, COVID may ruin a lot of things—but we'll be DAMNED if we let it ruin Valentine's Day!

Starting VERY, VERY SOON (like, in the next few days), The Stranger will continue its tradition of publishing YOUR valentines to your shmoopy-woopy... FOR FREE.

We may not be printing a physical newspaper right now, but the good news is that we'll be able to fit an INFINITE amount of your valentines online at thestranger.com!

So this is a heads-up: Start composing your drafts of a 150-character love note designed to moisten and/or engorge the nethers of the one (or ones!) you love. Our submissions will be open soon. After you submit, if you like, we'll also send your beloved an email to let them know they've received an online valentine! (And while you're there, if you don't mind, you can help support The Stranger by making a contribution to help keep us going during the pandemic. No pressure, of course. But you DO love us, right?)

So start dreaming up those words of love NOW, because in the next few days you'll be able to start submitting your Stranger Reader Valentines—thereby securing the love of your loved-one... FOREVER!