Eric Rivera Has Had It

Addo's chef and owner says any restaurant that's excited to open back up has a "death wish."



So he'll risk dying for $3 million? Seems a bit low to me.


The State of California - a fairly robust sample size - broke down their COVID fatalities by occupation.

Top of the list? Line cooks.


"Who knew so many young people lived in households of five to six people?"

Hasn't The Stranger been singing the praises of congregate housing, aPodments, etc. for nearly a decade? I would imagine pods of cohabitating twentysomethings is a significant portion of your audience by now.

Good for Eric Rivera.


Hard to imagine people as bitch made as this, but here we are.


He is injured who abides in his error and ignorance.


great piece - the reopening of indoor dining was a ridiculous decision driven purely by money. its made even worse by our industry being miles away from a vaccine

today Inslee was calling on people to not have superbowl parties - but go on down to your pub and watch it there! they'll be so happy to see you! derp.


How many people got Covid from that two block long wait to get raw turkeys? BTW, have you finished getting those orders out yet chef?


Lived without restaurant dining for 10 months already.
Guess I can tough it out a little while longer.


I’m a little blown away by this narrative that Inslee, a guy who has withstood all kinds of dickwad anti-masker bullshit and been repeatedly praised nationally for his ongoing success dealing with the virus, has suddenly out of nowhere decided to throw public health out the window and kowtow to the almighty dollar. This guy has ably guided us through the worst public crisis in a century, but just like that, he’s a tool of faceless capitalism. Really? Isn’t it possible he has more information than you do, Eric?

He’s earned my trust, and I’m going to go ahead and believe he’s making good decisions given his demonstrated history of doing just that.

Sometimes the moral stridency and judgmental assholes on the left make me hesitant to align myself with them, even though I’m practically a socialist.


I completely agree with Eric's current view of dining during Covid. There is no way in hell I'd go to a sit-down indoor restaurant right now. That's insane. And I can't imagine working in a restaurant and dealing with shitty customers with their masks off eating. That's even more insane.

However, I think his timeline is overly pessimistic. Vaccine distribution is ramping up. Once you have a significant percentage of the population vaccinated, I'd feel safe going back to restaurants, or working in one if that were my gig. From everything I've read, it seems likely that we'll be able to get vaccines to most people who need them by the end of 2021. So my guess is that things will begin to go back to normal by this time next year. It will take some time to recover, get the economy started again, get over people's fears. So it won't go back to normal over night like flipping a switch. But within a year, there should be no further medical need to keep restaurants (and bars and theaters, etc, etc) closed.


Right now the estimated time for the end of the pandemic is in SEVEN YEARS.

When Will Life Return to Normal? In 7 Years at Today's Vaccine Rates

Our new calculator shows how long it will take states and countries to vaccinate 75% of their populations


@xina -- seven years's gotta be allowing for Mutations
and idiot citizens continuing to behave like spoilt children

what's next
an Asteroid?
or the BIG One:



Very well written and interesting piece.

I live walking distance from Addo. Pre-COVID I found it an interesting concept, but not interesting enough to motivate to try it. It was on my list, just not super high.

Reading Eric Rivera's thoughts on restaurants in general and restaurants in COVID, moves Addo up the list. I like that he respects his employees and respects his customers.

Whether through delivery or post-Covid, Addo has moved up on my splurge list.


I feel like we need to talk about Turkey for a moment


@14 - I just witnessed him being a real dick, unprovoked, on twitter. I'm crossing Addo off my list.


Vague, random, unprovoked, and unverifiable accusations from an Internet stranger?

Oh whatever shall we do?


Wildly opinionated publication finds person who is wildly opinionated. Next.