Atlanta, Georgia, the capital of the big stimulus package.
Atlanta, Georgia, the capital of the big stimulus package. Kruck20/

Biden Rightly Said Fuck You to All of That "Be Best" Bipartisan Bullshit: And his VP, Kamala Harris, cast the "tiebreaking vote on the measure that will be key to enacting Biden’s first major legislative initiative," reports the Washington Post.
Passage of the budget bill by a 51-to-50 vote came just after 5:30 a.m. Friday, after an all-night Senate session during which senators plowed through dozens of amendments in a chaotic process known as a “vote-a-rama.” Democrats cheered on progress to address the pandemic, while Republicans complained of partisanship and excessive spending.

The GOP doesn't know how to be anything else than the GOP. There are only a few tricks in their wee bag. It has been that way and it will continue to be that way. Talking about unity. Now. After all of that. Acting like we were not there to see it, not there to read about it on Twitter. Calling The Squad American haters. Calling Portland, Seattle, and New York City anarchist districts. Calling that now-missing teen murderer a hero. After all that and much, much more, you want unity. Buzz off.

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My Prediction: Joe Biden will be a more effective Dem than Obama. Why? Obviously because he is white. Were you thinking it was something else? Come on. Get out of here. What doesn't burden Biden is the whole black thing. No one will ever call him an "angry black man," an assertion that would have put the brakes on Obama. Biden doesn't have to walk a tightrope of racial politics. He will never have to deal with a soul-sucking beer summit. He is free to just be a president wallah.

That Said: Let's thank black Georgia when we get some of that government cheese we deserve and so badly need today. Without the reverend and the hipster in the Senate, we would be going nowhere fast. No Republican voted for the fast-tracking of this stimulus package. Zilch.

Do You Know What Else Biden Can Do? He can demand that the Myanmar military "relinquish the power they have seized" and call its takeover of the nation's government a "military coup." Imagine Trump saying such things if he was still in power because he kneecapped the postal system, filled top Pentagon positions with his yesmen, forced states to find more votes for him, and authorized the storming of US democracy. The whole world would just “look-oo and Laugh-oo.”

Then Again: Trump Might Have Befriended Myanmar's Generals, which would not have been at all surprising because rubbing shoulders with dictators and authoritarians is "him regular trademark."

Let's Look and Laugh at this Seattle Times Headline: "Seattle cruise season again a victim of COVID-19 after Canada extends ban through early 2022." People were really thinking about doing a cruise trip during a pandemic? Really? Social distancing on a ship of fools? Wearing masks during the buffet? We are having so much fun? "Hehehehe, hahahaha."

To top it off, the whole Seattle Times makes sure that the reader directs the blame for this situation at the government's inveterate busybodiness:

Cancellation of the 2020 cruise season cost around 5,000 local jobs and at least $900 million in economic activity, according to data from Visit Seattle and the Port of Seattle... The cruise season, which typically starts in late April or early May, can account for up to 12% of bookings in downtown hotels and is also important for restaurants and shops, especially near the waterfront. “It will hurt our business,” said Pamela Morales, owner of the Simple Life boutique near Pike Place Market, when told of the extension.

One More Look and Laugh:

I Did Not Know that 25% of Washington's people do not have driver's license. That is just hard to believe. But it appears to be true. 25 percent are just like me. And here all along I thought I was something to write home about. But I'm just a drop in the bucket.

As Boeing Is Saying "Later Alligator" to Everett, Amazon is saying "Howdy Doody" to the city. Seattle Times: "Amazon announced Thursday that it has opened a new delivery station in Everett and plans to open four more in the Puget Sound area this year."

Speaking of Boeing: The maker of planes that used to be good is now taking jobs away from 600 people in its IT department and giving them to DELL. The upshot? "[Boeing] says most of the affected employees are not unionized and must either find different work within the company, apply to work for Dell or be laid off."

Speaking of Howdy Doody: That fake cattle business going on in the Tri-Cities region is a hoot. For real, where 's the beef? "Tyson Foods Inc. accused the Easterday Ranches' family of allegedly charging them for 200,000 cattle that never existed." Easterday Ranches is in so much hot water these days. It recently filed "for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection." By the way, the "Pasco-based ranching and feedlot operation" with all of that missing cattle is not far from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), which is in the heart of radioactive Hanford. In 2015, this other kind of operation detected gravitational waves produced by the collision of two supermassive black holes. These waves first appeared in the mathematics of none other than Albert Einstein. Such is our universe, guv. Missing bovines here; colliding black holes over there.

Homes In Seattle: Are still bloody expensive. Sheesh—like, the median home sale in January was $791,471. And that was supposed to lower than usual.

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Coming to a Future Near You: The vaccine passport. You want to travel to another country? Then make sure you got the shots. Joe Biden wants this to happen. Denmark's government is getting ready to make it happen.
New York Times:

It isn’t just governments that are suggesting vaccine passports. In a few weeks, Etihad Airways and Emirates will start using a digital travel pass, developed by the International Air Transport Association, to help passengers manage their travel plans and provide airlines and governments documentation that they have been vaccinated or tested for COVID-19.

Today In Black History Month: It's Trayvon Martin's birthday. He’d still only be 26.