The word you are looking for is haphephobia, fear of being touched and that, agoraphobia, and whatever else it is that is causing people to act out like toddlers are something we are going to be dealing with for years, maybe decades.


(sings) "Touch-a, touch-a, touch me!"


So much, this.


That about sums up the state of human society quite nicely. Maybe it's natures way of saying there's too many of us, time to slow things down and let attrition gradually adjust the population to a more sustainable size. It's either that or let Thanos do his thing again.


Florida is taking care of that for us, by super spreading both the South African and Brazilian variants that we are less able to vaccinate against (it still works).


other than the collaterally-damaged (RIP)
should we be Grateful the reactionaries
are Darwin-Awarding themselves so
dang Gleefuly? it's almost like a Gift.


Even in the comics Seattle’s rich white people gentrify the space. This city used to be amazing but now Bezos, and Amazon have ruined it. Seattle is the reason the Trump and his supporters exists. Fake rich people who don’t understand the real hardworking class.


@5 Instead of "super-spreading", we should all be "flattening the curve", right.
Because there is no way the any New Variant Virus can be contained, we can still agree on this right?

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