Stoned Notes on a Stone



Stone aliveness, comforts. Good share, RS.


This is the best thing I've read today, and I'm sure there is at least some significance to the odd fact that while reading this I was listening to Radio Bantaba ( Bissau Guinea-Bissau FM-102.8)

Just keep doing what you do Rich, it's great


i once thought i could skip stones*
till at the Fiddler's Festival in Weiser ID
and a six-foot four lanky casually skipped
one across a very wide river -- the fawking
SNAKE (just looked it up) so now I go for quantity
cum Quality over Distance -- unless there's Ice... .

the perfect skipper
doesn't even Skip

it skims. I've
tossed two
or maybe

outta a Million

*they gotta have some heft
ya wanna Launch 'em.


There's poetry in all your writing.


As philosopher Graham Harman had it, politics is just another object among a level field of objects—to give it greater prominence is simply anthropocentricism. Kazimir Malevic is more important than the Russian Revolution.