I dont know, it looks pretty average to me
I don't know, it looks pretty average to me gorodenkoff / getty images

Super Bowl deaths could number in the thousands. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl LV, but the real winner is Mania, the Etruscan goddess of the dead. Tens of thousands of people gathered together in Florida for the game, with numerous maskless local parties, and who knows how many house parties around the country. We were just getting past the spike in deaths from the holidays. Oh well! If you know anyone who attended a gathering this weekend, probably best to shun them for a few weeks so they don’t kill you or your loved ones.

Only one shopping day left until Trump’s impeachment trial. The Senate will start proceedings on Tuesday, with few witnesses expected. (Makes sense, since the Senate had a pretty good view of what went down.) Trump is not expected to testify, but Democrats are planning to introduce a bunch of videos of him inciting the rampage into evidence.

Still no $2,000 stimulus check from Democrats. Congress is still talking about “targeting” the checks, which some canny Democrats have rebranded as “survival checks.” One lawmaker gumming up the works is West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, who wants to argue over details rather than just get the goddamn checks out the door. Biden, meanwhile, is cooking up a tax credit of up to $3,600 per child for families with kids.

It might snow this week. Despite the weather teetering just on the edge of springiness, we are, I regret to report, still in the doldrums of winter. Light snow could fall on Wednesday, with possibly more later in the week. Water your outdoor plants before freezing temps arrive, and if snow accumulation is heavy, watch out for weighted tree limbs. Also, get your dog a cute little snow outfit, those are always nice.

Sports group tackles issue of trans inclusion … without including any trans people. They’re calling themselves the “Women’s Sports Policy Working Group,” but it seems like they’re only interested in certain women. Members include Olympic athletes, tennis star Martina Navratilova, and a law professor. None are openly transgender; and so far they’ve issued recommendations that certain trans athletes be separated and forced to compete in their own categories. Ok, thanks for the suggestions!

Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama will vote this week on unionizing. Amazon tried to delay the vote, insisting that it should be held in person (!) but they failed. More than half of the workers have already signed cards in support of unionizing. Meanwhile, Amazon has been seeking an intelligence analyst to monitor employees and inform management of union activity elsewhere. So, you know, watch your back, Amazon workers, and maybe double-check your pay stubs.

Kids found safe after DoorDash carjacking in San Francisco. Everyone on Twitter freaked out Saturday night when a DoorDash driver reported that his car was stolen with his two children inside while he was making a delivery. They’ve since been found safe, so everyone can unclench. A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family take some time off and recover from the incredibly stressful experience. In related news, all people should be paid a living wage and should have convenient access to child care.

An Idaho Republican has a plan to save Washington’s orcas. U.S. Rep Mike Simpsons is proposing the dismantling of four hydroelectric dams in Washington state that have been wreaking ecological devastation for decades. The dams block salmon runs, which has a huge impact downstream on various species — particularly orcas. Why would a Republican propose something that’s actually good for the environment? Because as part of the arrangement, environmental groups would have to agree to stop all lawsuits over ecological protection laws. Ah.

There are some excellent birds in West Seattle. Thanks to West Seattle Blog for rounding up some lovely avian photography — including a red-winged blackbird, one of my favorites to spot! Also, just a quick reminder, you should bring in your bird feeders until the end of March to prevent the spread of a second plague.

Debbie Reynolds is the only Super Bowl player I’m interested in. Just IMAGINE how her quads must have felt at the end of this shoot.

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A mystery! Here's what was on the front page of The Seattle Star a century ago — a fire fueled by a mysterious fluid that the homeowner refused to identify. (This was one year into prohibition.)

Whatever could it be
Whatever could it be The Seattle Star, February 9, 1921