Is that a new definition for the acronym GGG? (GorillaGlueGirl)


re: rep Wright* RIP
looks like ol' Gawd
DOES have a sense
of Humor or is it Irony

*there's NO Waiting in Heaven!
IF you Qualify see: your Conscience

remember: gawd
helps those what
helps Themselfs:
mask UP mofos
they're a little
BUSY up-


The clubs aren’t being altruistic about not reopening. There’s no money in it. If they could make money they’d open. Clubs and concerts are notoriously low margin. Clubs make it on the bar and larger concerts most of the door goes to the act(s). When they can make money they’ll open if allowed.

We’ve had similar restrictions here for 5 months. Depending on the local infection rate it’s 25% with max of 50 or 250. Right now we’re back to 50 max. Distanced patrons seated, no more than two in a group with a 25’ “moat” between the stage and performers (that takes out most small venues) ventilation has to pass inspection. No food or drink in some places. Masks for everyone crew and talent included. Regular on the spot testing for artists and crew. Strict cleaning regime. Here what is running (mostly comedy and topless shows) is being subsidized by the resorts and/or the show producers.


"This is glue....strong stuff" -- Elwood Blues


@4 - you forgot dildos.


@9 She'll argue forseeable misuse, and the stuff does look little a like a hairspray. To an 8 year old. As a 40 year old, maybe a tougher sell.

OTOH, there may be some PR value ponying up for her 'restoration' an having her as a front person: "see how strong our glue is!"


I've always been amazed at the "blue hairs" ability to pull a 32 ounce spray can of aqua net out of 6" purse.


The moment it became clear last year that everyone should stay home and businesses should close for several weeks, the government should have halted (or simply paid for) all rents and mortgages and states should have mobilized their national guard units to set up some sort of food distribution centers.

Businesses around the country could have rode out the worst of the pandemic without being forced to stay open because they have to pay their rent.

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