Slog PM: FEMA Funeral Reimbursements, Michelle Obama Pulls Out the Puppets, Trump's Lawyers Suck



This totally has nothing to do with the PM news, but for any of SLOG's gun-knowers out there, what rifle is that guy holding in the monolith video? It looks like an FN-FAL but the Turkish military uses the MPT-76. Unless that dude's not Turkish military. That would be odd though.


Good lord, tailors have completely abandoned Republicans haven't they?


@1 That is a locally-made variant under license of the Heckler and Koch G3, a standard battle rifle of the Turkish Army currently being replaced by the MPT.


How the Republicans are going to justify their refusal to convict Trump when he's lawyers' performance today was worse than Trump "defending" himself is beyond me. We can only hope this will end the GOP.


Or maybe he hired David Byrne's tailor.


My chest hurts from laughing at that cat lawyer.


For the last fucking time: Republinazis aren’t afraid of Tr666p’s base—he’s their white trash AntiChrist Messiah, and that’s why they live to eat his shit. They’re exactly like him.


I do love the fact that no matter how much $hitler’s lawyers debase and humiliate themselves at his SECOND n’peechment trial, he’s still gonna screw them and refuse to pay their bill. Ha ha ha.


@ 4,

They’re sociopaths with transgressive personality disorders, and the only thrills they get in life are from rubbing our faces in their depraved criminality, cruelty, insanity, and stupidity.


"Antoine got a little hot under the collar."


@4: Their defiant attitude precludes any obligatory feelings to provide a justification.


lawd help me
but I do Miss
Rudy already


@4 xina for the WIN! Agreed and seconded.

@9 Original Andrew: I'm eagerly waiting for the day the GOP is finally dead. I have waited over forty years for the final nail in the RepubliKKKan coffin. Trumpty Dumpty and its shitwipes bring it all on themselves.

@12 kristofarian: Ol' slimeface himself? Well....I guess I DID have a good chuckle over Trumpty Dumpty's big campaign "Presser" in a back parking lot of the Four Seasons Landscaping crematorium next door to a dildo shop-----INSTEAD of what Trumpty Dumptyt expected to be in the grand ballroom of the Philly Four Seasons Hotel.
And now QAnon nutjob Marjorie Taylor Greene says she IS the RepubliKKKan Party.
Will we ever be able to stop the crazy?


I didn't get a chance to watch any of the proceedings today, but those linked videos were absolutely damning and heartbreaking. The Raskin one in particular was a freaking tear jerker. The 14 minute long insurrection one was also incredibly affecting, but also had a well placed and brief moment of comedic interjection at 10:08, with the dumbass leafing through the congressional record looking for something "to use against these scumbags!" What did he think he was gonna find, Pennsylvania vote tallies with white-out streaks or 3's carelessly edited to look like 8's? What a stupid piece of fucking shit. I hope he was identified on social media and mocked relentlessly for being such an imbecile. I got a genuine and audible chuckle out of that.


the 14-minute video Was disturbing
and should be played nonstop every
time there's gonna be another Election

"patriots" storming the Capitol

well, they've been Lied to for SO Long
how they gonna discern fiction from Reality?
some might say....


Some might say, we freedumb terrorists and traitors didn't have enough time on January 6, 2021 to make it look fancy like Triumph of the Will


@3, Thanks!


Has Trump considered testifying while using a cat filter? It might be better ....


@19 Will in Seattle: I think Trumpty Dumpty should wear a head cone and a straitjacket, size double wide Goodyear Blimp while testifying. He'd look better.
Then, upon conviction, when Der Gropenfuhrer gets beheaded that ugly orange rug can get shaved off and sent "To Russia With Love."