Slog AM: It's Day Three of Trump's Impeachment Trial, SPD Releases Body Cam Footage, #GorillaGlueGirl Is Gorilla Glue Free



The shooting was justified. We all can see it.


you are Not


@2: No I'm not, but the cameras are, kirsteria.


and yet, you speak for all of us?

I find your over-Abundance of
Faith in hi-Tech disturbing
as well dewdrop.


It should come as no surprise the pro life party has hundreds of thousands of needless deaths on their hands. Aren't you proud of your party rape-drop? Gonna go down with the plane?


@5 The Pro-Life Party and the All Lives Matter Party and the Blue Lives Matter Party. Who see no problem at all that almost HALF A MILLION Americans have been sacrificed, faith in elections has been shattered, and the economy run into the ground just so a draft dodging reality TV show host trust fund baby could continue to scream at teenagers and Mexicans from the comfort of the Oval Office bathroom at 3am.

It's not over, either.

These insane fuckers are going to get violent again. If this pandemic doesn't let up quickly as people expect (and it probably won't) the honey moon of the Biden win will wear off. Congressional republicans will continue to obstruct relief efforts. People are going to get desperate. Maybe there will be something like another George Floyd and some riots or something like it? And that will give the Far Right a permission slip go full shooting posse-Rittenhouse-militia somewhere. Forcing a federal confrontation. And then they will pop-off in hot spots everywhere. Or something like that.

Anyway. At best we're going to be putting out this fire for decades.


Looking forward to the Sawant led police tribunal. I picture it something akin to the court proceedings led by the Scarecrow in The Dark Knight Rises. The only question really is do we build the gallows at Westlake before or after the public flogging.

Adrian Diaz : No lawyer, no witnesses? What sort of due process is this?

Kshama : Your guilt has been determined. This is merely a sentencing hearing. Now, what will it be? Death or Exile?

Diaz : Council, if you think we're going to walk out on that ice willingly, you got another thing coming!

Kshama : So it's death then?

Diaz : Looks that way.

Kshama : Very well. Death!

[smashes gavel]

Kshama : By exile!


yeah d13-Rrr 'cause Socialist Death Camps
are EVERY where in Scandinavia
or was it New Zealand

North Korea!



Jeezus, but you are riding on a veritable avalanche of idiocy, you insufferable poltroon. Do you even know the definition of "omniscient"? Perhaps you could explain how the ever living fuck a tiny video camera can have "infinite awareness, understanding and insight"? Don't bother - you can't. Your limited mental capacity can barely grasp the concept of self-awareness, let alone infinite awareness.


So what am I missing about the Gorilla Glue thing? Couldn’t she just shave her head? Once it grew out a little, which it had surely done after a month?


@10 it sticks to the scalp - like a shell.


@9: You're such an annoying parse troll. Always embarrassing yourself. Sarcasm often goes right over your head.

Yet, each of your 10th-grade-asshole-in-the-back-of-english-class meltdowns provides insight into your tortured psyche.


Let's send social workers to an active shooter situation!

What could possibly go wrong?


Social workers for child protective services routinely find themselves in dangerous situations as a part of their work, and do so without anywhere near the gushing blowjobs we are asked to give police officers for just doing the jobs they chose to do. I don't know that anyone is arguing that social workers should be sent in lieu of armed officers (if they are I think most people would agree that's not a great idea!), but they should absolutely be a part of any effort to de-escalate dangerous situations, because that is a huge part of what they are trained to do. When you only send in cops with a gun and a blank check, people are more likely to get killed.


@12:.. Replace the word "you" with I" and "my" in the comment.. And then bingo. winner, winner, chicken dinner. See how easy that is? I promise it will be like the we're on a mission from God revelation from the Blues Bros.



The only one who's an embarrassment here is yourself - ask literally any other non-trolling commenter - oh, wait, they've already told you about a thousand times, but your fragile ego simply can't acknowledge the fact that you're a stupid, pathetic, inconsequential cretin with the linguistic skills of a very slow-witted three year old.




Thank you SPD.


@13: They might switch parties.


@8 have you not seen The Dark Knight Rises? If so you would know my commentary isn’t on socialist death camps but the sheer absurdity that would result from kshamas kangaroo court.


@19: As a social worker - no, probably not.

There are a handful of hardcore righties in social work, though. I always want to learn more about their way of thinking because it just boggles my mind. Nearly all I have directly spoken with have had long-standing issues with substance abuse until they had a significant religious experience and "got saved". That's great. For the most part I'm a subscriber to the "whatever works" theory as long as there's not clearly a steeper price to pay. So as long as they advocate for their clients and keep their faith to themselves (unless invited to do otherwise by said clients) then more power to 'em and glad to have 'em on the team.



Oh, I'm sorry - are we boring you? Nobody's holding a gun to your head forcing you to remain here if it's such a horrendous waste of your precious time you know. In fact, I would heartily encourage you to find greener pastures elsewhere - rest assured not a single person here will miss you.


“The sole duty to report, under the statute, is that of the treasurer,” Richard Sanders, Eyman’s lawyer... said in his closing argument. “Mr. Eyman has no duty to report anything and is legally prohibited from reporting anything. Therefore he cannot be liable if something is misreported by the treasurer.”

So Eyman had no defense prepared at all, really.


Keep The Stranger's comment page an echo chamber.


Give Nathalie my condolences for the death of her boyfriend by the murderous SPD.


@22: I wasn't referring to you. Geez you're vain.


@JtrebleK -- strange, you must be under the impression this is The Religulous or perhaps The Republican Stranger: nuh-uh -- it's just tS and nearly Impossible to herd these cats into jack-booted lock-step neoLib or -Conism. 'nice' Try tho.


but enough with the Trolls: “A commission tasked with looking at Trump's health care policy record determined that he was a giant flop, whose (lack of) action led to the needless COVID-related deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.”

So far.

“They were also quick to point out, however, that America's public health care system fucking sucked pre-pandemic, which certainly did not help.”

That’s okay.
Trump’s Brilliant Helthcare Plan is just:

the Coroner?

THNX, Republicans!
keep it up and we’ll
all soon be Dead.


btw: it's



What part of "are WE boring you?" was unclear to you, dumbass?


@29: Nah, it's God's dandruff.


I have my own quibbles about the Defund campaign, but not even under the most aggressive of the various defunding proposals out there would a social service or mental health team be dispatched to an active shooter scene.

And yeah, based on the limited information available and that we've seen...body cams don't show nuance or perspective all that well, or all-round views at all...this shooting appears like it will be justified and maybe even necessary. Legal justification is a much easier standard to meet than clear necessity, although latter is what the police should strive for.

People that reflexively bash the police need to understand that this is a country with more guns than people, over 400-million at last count, with over 2-million gun crimes yearly and far more people than ever carrying guns in public thanks to our absurd wild west gun laws. And that doesn't even include the knives, clubs etc., and officers do often encounter those committing crimes with all these weapons. On rare occasions, some armed suspects choose to battle it out...or try to.

In that environment, it should be clear that the cops will find it necessary to use deadly force on suspects from time to time. That fact does nothing to take away from the fact that we should also be doing everything in our power to reduce the frequency of those incidents. So, if relying on a more active role in a broader category of incidents for trained social service and mental health professional helps with that goal, why would any reasonable person oppose that?

The fact that even in the best of worlds we may be able to bring forth, cops will still find it necessary to use deadly force on occasion also does nothing to take away from the fact that there are too many cops out there who are too eager to pull the trigger, and that issue must be corrected. I worked around some, so I know they exist better than anyone.

TLDR: One can acknowledge that there are and always will be situations where an armed police response is the only appropriate course (even about 1/3 of British cops are armed) while also acknowledging that there are more than plenty of other situations where a trained social service or mental health response is the most appropriate course

Likewise, it's possible to simultaneously acknowledge the grim necessity of occasional police use of deadly force while at the same time actively working toward reducing the frequency of those incidents and acknowledging that some cops are too eager to use deadly force or too fearful to be in their jobs.

The cops in this shooting appear to have done their jobs as it may well have been necessary to do. It is in no way worth celebrating in any way, nor is it worth bashing. If it proves to have been necessary, it was just another tragic thing that happened in gun-crazy America.

I also full-heartedly approve of investigating the actions of any cops that were present at the insurrection. If they attended only the rally and left, fine, but if they took one step toward the Capitol, those mother-fuckers need to be fired.


@32: I expressed an observation similar to your conclusion. However, you won't get the blowback.


@20 -- then why
the Focus on the
Councilmember &
Death, Dipshit? your
little scenario lacks Humor
an even greater sin than Republicanism.

you likely cannot be Cured.


Something about trading freedom for security. Also, random folks watching your every move. Surely not in the USA? In MY smartphone?


@32 Very well stated.


@34 she's the one requesting the council make a public spectacle of the whole thing. In all seriousness if some of the SPD participated in the insurrection than they should be tried and removed from the force. Do we need Council member Sawant to lead a public inquiry into this so she can get up on her high horse and bloviate about the evils of capitalism and the SPD in general...NO. This reeks of distraction from her inevitable recall campaign. I seriously doubt this will gain any traction on the council as she is more of a court jester at this point than anything else but I'm sure she'll issue many press releases to distract from her own ineptitude.


@14 I wasn't aware that social workers were trained to do anything, let alone that they were well trained in it.

I thought social worker was what you became when you realized that your Sociology degree was absolutely useless.


"... she's [the Councilmember's] the one requesting the council make a public spectacle of the whole thing." --@d13R-r-r

so public spectacle =
Execution cum
Death Camps?

a true Olympian
leaper you are
damn it


@38 - I have to believe you're trolling @14 and don't seriously believe that.

We had very good and helpful social welfare response teams in Dallas. The only problem is they were far, far too few in number and could only respond to our incidents in a very, very limited way and only during business hours...except for Child Protective Services, who were always on call, if not immediately available.

Well-trained social service workers with the appropriate education and background in their field can deal with the sort of systemic problems that cops respond to in a more proactive and deeper way, which will hopefully result in fewer calls for police service. From what little I've seen myself, it usually does.

Cops are very reactive and only respond when called and then only in a way that solves the surface problem for the moment. Social some instances...can devote more time to addressing the underlying causes of calls for police response, if they have the infrastructure and support for doing so.

Again, I'm not sure why someone would oppose an expansion of the social service role. They're significantly less expensive than cops, less confrontational, better at finding solutions to repeated calls for police service and may reduce the frequency of police use of force.

Unless one prefers the way things are now, I guess.


@1, @3, @12, @17, @19, @26, @31, & @33: Seek medical assistance, Rainy, before your hallucination-O-meter flies off its spindle. What would your mother say if she found you passed out on the basement floor?

@15 Ignorauns: I can see it, can't you? Rainy takes over Henry Gibson's roll as the Nazi ringleader, yelling, "Faster! FASTER!" as the Nazis are in hot pursuit of the Blues Brothers. Then suddenly the black-and-white sedan driven by Jake & Elwood flips over backward, lands on the pavement in the other direction and tears off the other way. Oblivious to the unfinished overpass ahead beyond the "Bridge Out" sign, the red Pinto keeps speeding forward, flying over the side of the overpass. As the red Pinto hurtles downward, the driver says to Rainy, "I have always loved you." as Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" blares loudly.

@17: Losing consciousness again, Rainy? I warned you about your blood sugar level.

@30 COMTE: Methinks Rainy's All-Nite YooHoo-and-Cocoa Puffs bingeing since the last Wal*Mart clearance sale has caught up with him. Now he's delirious.