The climax of Trumps first term.
The climax of Trump's first term. Senate TV
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The prosecution rested its case against Trump today: The House impeachment managers spent the day proving the link between the rioters' actions and Donald Trump's rhetoric. They warned that something like the insurrection could happen again if Trump was acquitted and the Senate didn't ban him from running for office. Managers called Trump "a clear and present danger to the United States democracy," using direct quotes from the rioters to prove that their raid on the Capitol was his fault.

"We were invited here," one rioter shouted in a clip the prosecution showed. The QAnon shaman, Anthony Chansley, also said he was at the insurrection "at the invitation of our president." At around 1:25 PM Seattle-time, the prosecution managers ended their presentation.

Will it all be in vain? Despite the mountain of evidence supporting the prosecution's arguments, it's unlikely Republicans will vote to convict Trump. In a last-ditch effort today, the prosecution tried to appeal to the Republicans' "sense of patriotism and decency," according to the New York Times.

Tomorrow, Trump's lawyers take the floor: Judging by how their arguments went earlier this week, tomorrow should be............. interesting. More likely, it will be infuriating. One of the lawyers, David I. Schoen, went on Fox News today and called the prosecution's presentation "offensive" and "a thinly sourced entertainment package," the New York Times wrote.

Trump's lawyers don't intend to take up their allotted 16 hours: An adviser to Trump confirmed that his lawyers would start and conclude their presentation tomorrow. That means a vote could come this weekend. Oh boy.

Most of Washington State is loosening its COVID-19 restrictions: It makes us nervous to relay that "all but six of Washington’s 39 counties will now be able to loosen COVID-19 restrictions and bring back limited indoor dining and live entertainment and reopen gyms." Wear two masks, but sure, take them off and leave your spittle all over that public indoor restaurant.

COVID wrecked Donald more than initially reported: The New York Times reports that new information reveals Trump's blood oxygen levels were "extremely depressed" when he fell ill with coronavirus in early October. Aides feared doctors would have to put the president on a respirator. It's still unclear if Ms. 'Rona was tap-dancing inside of Trump during his presidential debate on September 29.

Daddy Joe gives us good vaccine news: Buckle up, Biden just announced that the government finalized a deal to purchase 200 million more vaccine doses. There's also another 100 million doses that should come by May. A bounty! Dr. Anthony Fauci said most adults should be able to get vaccinated in April. He called it "open season" for vaccinations. Start scheduling your midsummer orgies?

I think we can all agree that Jenny is right on this one: "To all the people who moved here in the last few years, and think you’re a great driver in the snow, you’re not,” said Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan this morning. The city is expected to receive heavy snowfall this weekend, starting Friday evening. “Seattle hills are notoriously difficult, in particular when the snow melts and then freezes.”

In preparation for the continued snowfall, the city has opened up severe weather shelters: Find more here and here.

The snow and ice isn't just relegated to Seattle: An icy interstate in Texas caused a 130-vehicle pile-up, reports AP. Six people are dead.

More information on the suspect SPD shot and killed Tuesday night in the CD: The man, Gregory Taylor, was a resident and maintenance worker at the Urban League Village, the apartments in the building that also houses the Northwest African American Museum, reports the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. Taylor had a "history of threats" and is alleged to have shot two victims in a car, killing one and leaving another critically injured, before SPD shot and killed Taylor. The identities of the two victims shot in the car have not been released by law enforcement. More:

The Central District’s Omari Salisbury of Converge Media said Thursday morning that the two victims were at the complex with a friend who lived there so he could run in to get his laptop. The young man, the son of a Converge employee, returned to the car to find his friends had been shot. Salisbury called on the community to put thoughts about the victims in front of politics and protests against the police.

Read the whole story at Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

Project Veritas, the right-wing group known for making deceptive videos to own the libs, is suspended from Twitter: (In case you forgot who they were, this was their most high-profile trickery.) James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, is also suspended, reports the Daily Beast. Why? "For repeated violations of Twitter’s private information policy," says the company. Okay. Seems a little late, but go off, Twitter!

Love Slog AM/PM?

We're so jealous of Tan Vinh: He's one of the Seattle Times's food critics, and he recently ate 100 Seattle-area pastries so he could highlight the city's best. The verdict? SUSU's croissant-like kouign-amann, Flour Box's crème brûlée brioche doughnut, and Temple Pastries's furikake croissant are god-tier. Please eat them and report back.

The queen of teen shows, HBO, has another Gen Z series: Genera+ion follows a bunch of queer and queer-adjacent teens in a conservative town, with Martha Plimpton playing a bewildered mom and Justice Smith playing a faggy valedictorian water polo star, based on what we can tell from the trailer. The teens are clad in Marc Jacobs' Heaven line. It's executive produced by Lena Dunham and there's already been cat corpse drama but I'll be watching when it premieres March 11.

How many of you are spending the night like this? Suit up and make some chili, it's snowing!