Move oil, get out the way, get out the way.
"Move, oil! Get out the way, get out the way." mlharing/

You Heard That Right: The petrol-socialist state Alaska has been waking up to a new mind-blowing reality: Its salmon are now much more valuable than its oil. In fact, the price of "one king salmon from Southeast Alaska" equals two barrels of what used to be called black gold.

Anchorage Daily News reports:

Seafood sales “are on fire” in America’s supermarkets and one king salmon from Southeast Alaska is worth the same as two barrels of oil.
That’s $116.16 for a troll-caught chinook salmon averaging 11 pounds at the docks vs. $115.48 for 2 barrels of oil at $57.74 per barrel on Feb. 3.
As more COVID-conscious customers opted in 2020 for seafood’s proven health benefits, salmon powered sales at fresh seafood counters. Frozen and “on the shelf” seafoods also set sales records, and online ordering tripled to top $1 billion.

Is Alaska now considering salmon socialism? Crabs are also doing better than oil, which is finally on its way out and never coming back.

What Happened Yesterday? What happened this morning? Why are we still waiting for the real snow? The snow that will stop this city dead in its tracks and make dumb drivers dumber than you can ever imagine. Where is that real snow that so much talk is about: "At least 3-6 inches of snow forecast for Seattle area Friday to Saturday."

COVID-19 Is Still Killing Hella People: 2,000 yesterday. I just want to remind you that this shit is still far from over. If it feels like there’s been some improvement, this only shows how much you’ve adapted to a pandemic that's now moving very fast toward the point where the number of its American deaths passes 500,000.

If You Are Surprised by This: "Washington state health leaders say a new report shows disproportionately low percentages of Hispanic, Black and multiracial people have received the COVID-19 vaccine," then you also will be surprised to learn that racism did not end with the Civil War. I would like to keep surprising you, but that could go on forever. And I do not have too many miles to go before I sleep forever.

Is Seattle A Graveyard For Superstar Athletes? Says Seattle Times: "In the history of Seattle sports, it seems like its superstars are almost predestined to have messy exits." Next to go? Many are thinking it's none other than Russell Wilson, whose performance as a Seahawk quarterback tends to be uneven. Or something like that. To be honest, the only thing I really know about American football is its name is all wrong. Football is soccer. Football is American rugby. And rugby is more meaty and dynamic than its American version, which stops all of the time and lacks the fluidity of a scrum, flanks, an eighthman, a line, a wing.

In Case You Missed It:

Microsoft Is Making Big Moves in the New Capital of Black America: Atlanta, Georgia. The tech mega-giant "plans to make metro Atlanta a major hub." The city finally turned its state blue in the election Trump failed to steal.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley Is Saying What Now? “We need to acknowledge [Trump] let us down...” In other words, she sees no political future in the man who made her U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. And all she ever wants is exactly a political future. Trump “let us down,” she told Politico. But someone should tell Haley that the normal order for rats is to flee the ship before it sinks, not after. Have her talk with Betsy DeVos about this. She was one of the last rats to jump ship.

Another Reason Why We Can't Bring an End to This Pandemic: "The Supreme Court of Washington State issued a ruling Thursday, reversing a lower court order that had allowed a recall petition filed against Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza to move forward," the News Tribune reports. There must be consequences for breaking a rule that saves lives. That sheriff should be put in an old school pillory. Put into it and left there for all eyes to see. The public will then know for sure that no tolerance exists for this kind of behavior. But instead we get this rubbish from the highest court of our very blue state:

We conclude that Snaza has discretion and his exercise of discretion — stating he would not criminally enforce the order — was not manifestly unreasonable. Therefore, the recall charge is neither factually nor legally sufficient, and we reverse the trial court.

Hogwash! That's what Washington's covid-dead have to say to this decision.

Annie Wagner: Sing your song.

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Those Involved In That Crazy Cars/Truck Collisions Near McChord Air Force Base: I recommend you spend the snowy weekend watching Final Destination.

You have cheated death, and death doesn't take kindly to that sort of thing. Death wants the life that's no longer yours. Look at the wreckage, Death says. Just look at it. It was for me, the Absolute Master, not for them. Their time had come, but somehow they are still around, still dreaming, still peeing, still breathing, still in all that matters, the NOW, the sole residence of the future.

Death, However, Had Lots To Do on This Fort Worth Highway: No cheating happening over in this 133-car/trucks/everything pile up. The six who had to be dead are indeed dead.

By The Way: Death is also looking for this guy. The reward for fingering the Milwaukee driver who incredibly survived the 70-foot fall from an overpass is, when your time comes, resting in peace.