Slog AM: Seattle Still Waiting on All That Snow, One Salmon Is More Expensive Than Two Barrels of Oil, Washington Supreme Court Says It’s Cool for a Public Official’s Political Views to Kill People



"Why are we still waiting for the real snow?"

To give you more time to stock up on booze and tortillas, Charles.


"6 dead in 133-car pileup in Fort Worth after freezing rain coats roads"
That stretch between Dallas and Fort Worth is already a kill zone without any ice. Texas drivers make Florida drivers seem coherent.


Will $hitler's treasonous, lying, psycho-fascist Republinazi co-conspirators vote to acquit him?
Oh, the suspense.


I never thought I'd see the day when Charles actually laments that laws are not being enforced on scofflaws. I look forward to reading more posts from law and order Chuck.



Fun fact: that Milwaukee overpass, then unfinished, is the one the Illinois nazis flew off of in “The Blues Brothers”


in other news:
threats to Bezos'

Maryland Nears Country’s First Tax on Big Tech’s Ad Revenue

Analysts estimate that the tax would generate up to $250 million for schools in the state in the first year. It would also probably face fierce legal challenges.

WILL thee Richest Man
in the Known Universe
Continue to be?


I can't tear my eyes away from the images of 130 cars and trucks stacked willy-nilly on the freeway. I disagree, Charles, that Death was satisfied with the six. Surely Death anticipated a more bountiful harvest from such a horrific event. All in all, not a great day for the Reaper, at least on the highways. Small wonder he's spending so much time instead in the ICUs of Los Angeles County.


@8 that's an interesting idea but why would it have any impact on Bezos or Amazon's stock price at all? Taxes and fees are inevitably priced into the product so this will result in higher ad rates for digital ads to any business in Maryland. I note the article says the legislature is going to amend the bill to say the companies can't pass through the tax but I seriously doubt that is really enforceable. Until you regulate how consumer data is used for ad targeting you are never going to have a serious impact on the reach of the tech companies.


@2: Once you're in driving down an ice rink with a collision ahead, with jersey walls on both sides, how could you avoid piling on the fun?

And apparently a lot of those drivers were hospital workers (likely on their way to treat covid patients).


sometimes whilst cruising our nation's highways and byways in one's $45K Luxury Liner with heated seats (on Toasty) nice soft music in the background (or am shock jocks) it can be quite challenging to always hafta Remember the Laws of Physics actually Apply to you (and to yours).

following too close?
'What' can Happen?
going too f fast?

we Gotta RIGHT!
u commie


Not long ago trump and the GOP almost permitted gold mining in the most productive salmon ecosystem in North America, Alaska's Bristol Bay. Another example of just how business wise they really are...


I'm surprised that so many news organizations are jumping to the conclusion that the vaccine distribution is racist without considering the racial composition of those that are eligible to be vaccinated so far. Since the median age for Caucasians in Washington state is 40.7 years old, African Americans is 32.7 years old and Hispanics is 25.2 years old, it is likely that a smaller percentage of people of color are over 65 and eligible to be vaccinated. Also, there was some mention in the Seattle Times that the mass vaccination events held in neighborhoods with POC majorities have incomplete racial data on who was vaccinated due to volunteers not comfortable asking, recipients not responding or just not filled in on the form.

I'm not saying there isn't racism in healthcare access, just that there is inconclusive and likely misleading data so far about who is getting vaccinated.


So blood red, fossil-fuel coddling, GOP-loving Alaska is suddenly finding bigger value in its King Salmon over Big Oil at long last? Those in the Last Frontier State had best oust their oil-soaked Governor, Mike Dunleavy FAST if anyone still gives a shit about wresting back the Arctic Wildlife Refuge from Trumpty Dumpty's corrupt-as-fuck KKKorporate backers.

Jeezus Pleezus! Horrific film coverage and stories of deadly multi-vehicle collisions like these are why I'm SO grateful to have my beloved VW in hibernation over the stormy fall and winter months. Nature can indeed be cruel, climate change is REAL, dammit, the Grim Reaper does not discriminate, and the number of idiot drivers only seems to multiply under increment weather conditions.
Everybody stay healthy, warm, smart and safe!


@3 Original Andrew: I would like to think that, with all the overwhelming evidence proving Trumpty Dumpty's inexcusable level of willful criminal insanity and being unfit for his illegal four year occupancy of the White House, RepubliKKKans---especially Moscow Mooch McDumbbell, now Senate Minority Leader-- would finally prove to have consciences after the gross Error of Trump.
I agree with Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin: "This cannot be our future!"

@6 in2ishn2: I was wondering about that......thanks for the fun fact.


@12 templknght:: I know. I remember when the permits were going through. It sickens me what the Trump / Pence Evil Empire has done in just 4 years, in pandering to the insatiably gluttonous fossil fuel industry and special interests--all but killing the EPA.


Driving in Winter? Tips From
Experts on How to Arrive Safely

Recent pileups in Iowa and Texas amid severe winter weather have analysts and traffic experts issuing vital reminders about how to stay safe. One common refrain: Slow down.


@17 kristofarian: Driving in winter? You're braver than I am, kris! I'll pass, thanks.
Too many idiots out there this time of year. The Interstate roadways---I-5, I-405, and I-90 are a total mess, not to mention SR20 and USR2 (Stevens Pass), and SR99 and SR101. Too many jackknifing semis, not to mention rollovers---EEK!

Although the publicized recent major multi-car collision happened outside of Washington state, Griz is not going to be able to soon forget that recent photo image of the 130-car Interstate pileup in Houston that claimed the lives of six people.

I agree that slowing down in inclement weather is always a good idea. But what to do if YOU know to drive at a reduced speed, use your turn signals, remember that brakes work only too well (gently tap your brakes; if you are blessed with a manual transmission, shift down, and turn in the direction of the skid to even out of a spinout), allow greater leeway at turns, and plenty of space between moving vehicles on roads and highways----and the driver(s) behind and around you DON'T?


gotta avoid groups if it's possible auntie Gee; let the maniacs pass; pass slow-pokers and the backups (and confusion) they create and, like you say, always leaving as much room as you can but obv assholes gotta drive like they shop -- 'Comin' Thru!' wave 'em by and be Happy you've not been ditched or steamrolled or hafta make 'em dinner....


@19 kristofarian: Call me a nervous bug nut, kris. While I miss the welcome automotive company and solace of my car, I love my sweet little classic Beetle too much to take him out on the roads in inclement weather. I-5 is just too hectic and stressful for me, especially during this time of year. While my beloved VW has proven to be an efficient little snow car in years past, I'm afraid of the two of us ending up as someone else's hood ornament nowadays.