Bill Would Legalize Growing Pot at Home, With Some Absurd Restrictions



"Passage of this bill will create unregulated access to cannabis by children and adolescents whose guardians choose to grow it in their homes,"

And we all know how safe kids are from parents who leave guns, booze and prescription drugs strewn about. At least if they get into the weed it won't kill them.


It does seem like a lot of stupid restrictions. For example, "label the plants with their name and address"? Isn't the address obvious? What is the logic there? So maybe teenagers steal the pot, but don't remove the label, and then the parents get to go over to the house where the pot was stolen, and have an argument with the legal owner of said plant -- blaming them for the fact that their kids trespassed and stole something? Should we label bottles of liquor next?

Or "keep the weed out of public view"? Yeah, OK, except that it is a plant. It has to be somewhat in view, in the sense that it has to be visible by the sun -- you know the thing that makes it grow. Or controlling the smell? Give me a break. Six plants don't have that strong of a smell.

Speaking of which, that is probably the most reasonable restriction. Of course it is arbitrary, but it a reasonable amount if you are just growing for the fun of it (the point of this legislation). Even if you plan on supplementing your supply, it is a decent amount of personal use. The point is to regulate personal growing to prevent people from trying to go around the regulations. Most people grow lots of little plants these days, but there is no reason you can't grow six big ones, especially if you grow Sativa (that plant can get huge).

Oh, and there is no way that a random plant just appears in your yard. The odds that some bird is going to drop a nice Cannabis seed in your back yard and it will grow into a plant is about the same as you winning the lottery the same way. Come on bird, drop that lottery ticket! Seriously though, weed is generally grown two ways: Either you take a cutting (a clone) off an existing plant, or you plant a seed. The latter is generally done by taking a good seed (likely a bit difficult to find these days) and then germinating in a wet paper towel before planting. Then you have to make sure it is female, and away you go. All of that would likely be done inside, before spring, as our outdoor growing season is relatively short. Oh, and you probably want to keep it in a pot so that you can take it inside during the fall. During an "Indian Summer" they would do well, but our wet, damp autumns can kill a plant with mold (not frost, as you might assume). Put it indoors at night for that last bud (the crucial period) and you will get some nice buds. Of course if you are just growing because it is a pretty plant, then whatever.

Anyway, it is a step in the right direction, and like a lot of the regulations, will likely be ignored by cops and citizens alike. People will just grow pot (but not too much) and that will be that.


" I didn't have to label my hops or my potatoes despite their potential to be turned into alcohol, and the neighbors couldn't call the cops on my annoyingly fragrant honeysuckle."

I am all for growing plant, even pot plants. But they stink (as do hops used to flavour beer). I live in the country on a country road with 3 growops. Depending on wind direction it stinks. Skunk weed stinks and people do not grow it. Also it is difficult and time consuming to make booze. Ya booze can be made from anything with a sugar but ya can't just pick it off a plant and get drunk. It is a long process to make. I also grow plants that are poisonous. I don't need to physically label them but I know them and many people that know nothing about plants know them because I tell them. But that is different, no one actually wants to eat Foxglove, Monks head, Daffodils because they are poisonous but it does happen accidentally so it is good to educate, a form of labelling. But if a plant is easily accessible and can be a rush to steal because it can get you high then thats different. I see people picking mushrooms all the time when in season and once again there is education about it, again a form of labelling you might say. But pot is special, it has a mystique we have created over it, kids can be and are easily won over by this until educated properly about it.
Personally I get a Migraine smelling pot. I can't smoke it at all but if others can that is cool. But just because you can smoke and grow it and you like it in your world does not make it ok for everyone else. There also are other plants that cause problems with people and we have to label them. Peanuts for one can cause issues and most food processing companies label if they are or might have been processed with equipment for other foods.
If you are getting new laws and rules I am sure they will adapt and change in time. No need to get your knickers in a twist over it just light up and relax or drink some Camomile tea.
PS: Honeysuckle? really?


you can expect WA to do some ridiculous nanny state bullshit for damn sure on anything like this.


"Passage of this bill will create unregulated access to cannabis by children and adolescents whose guardians choose to grow it in their homes,"

Sigh. What. Fucking. Children? And where do they get "unregulated" from? We don't have kids. Don't like them. They are never around and my fucking patience is on its last legs with this 'for the children shit'. If this really was about "the children" then those of us with lives absent children should be fucking free from worry about the damn urchins. I'd happily post a "No one under 21" on my front door and call it good. If they break into my property to steal any weed - THAT is the problem: kids breaking into private property. Deal with THAT. Locked doors. Fences. That should be regulation enough and if "the children" breach those boundaries stick them where they belong - with other thieves. For. Fuck's SAKE.

Trigger warnings people - what ever happened to those? What about MY sanity?

I have given up hope of our leaders treating us like adults.


If the weed has to be kept out of public view, what's the POINT of putting the name and address on it?


Leave it to Washington's government (and some of its citizens) to take something as simple as growing plants at home and make it unreasonably complex if not outright stupid. Labelling plants, registering them with the state? Give me a break, almost the dumbest ideas I've ever heard and I'm as old as dirt so I've heard some real doozies in my time.

Make it six plants per persons of legal age with wiggle room for four more in case something happens while growing the original six, simple as that. In my day we called it KISS, aka Keep It Simple Stupid.


They should regulate republicans.
Declare republicans to be "an obnoxious cult".
Make every republican wear an ID tag with their name and address.
Keep every republican out of public view.
Make sure there are no more than 6 republicans per voting precinct.

Republicans are a lot more dangerous than anything I could name.


Where's St. Mark Miloscia when we need him?!


We bout to be able to grow pot instead of buy it with a 37% excise tax from some rich white dude who had buddies to invest in his pot farm and y'all gettin mad lol. Stay lifted!