So, How’s Your Snowstorm Going?



What a pleasant surprise. I randomly go to check Slog on a late Sunday morning, and there's a freshly deposited post.

I'm reading: "At first I was like 'who wants a hamburger right now' but you know what, sitting in a park and enjoying a hot cheesy-grease snack actually sounds pretty good."

Followed immediately by: "And if you feel the need to go for a drive, remember, there's just one trick you need to know to drive safely in the snow: Do not."

And I'm thinking, "Does cognitive dissonance mean nothing?" We are talking Dick's Drive-Ins, not Dick's Walk-Ins. (I think that would be Walt's Walk-Ins.)

My only explanation is that it the possibility of any Dick's location besides the eminently walkable Capitol Hill one simply did not occur to the author.

All right, I've wasted enough time thinking about this post more than it was intended to be thought about.


@1 -- There isn't a single Dick's that can't be reached by foot. If it is too far away to walk (or ski) then just go to some other burger joint. I'm about a mile away from the one on Lake City, and of course I would walk there. The picture is from the one on Wallingford, which of course is walkable.

Jesus, don't be a dick.


I didn't take any pictures, but I did ski from my house in Lake City/Northgate to the golf course in Jackson Park. It's fun to cruise around the neighborhood on cross country skis, and see plenty of other people doing the same. Jackson Park was great. So many people coming and going (lots of little kids on sleds). It is really nice to enjoy this brief period where the park (by far the biggest one in the area) is open to the general public, not just folks who want to pay money to hit a tiny ball with a club.


Thank you, Matt, and bless you for all the pleasant surprises--and gentle reminders of what to celebrate on snowy days in Seattle and the Puget Sound region. I love the photos!
I agree, though: the safest driving under snowy conditions: DON'T.
Sadly, no Dick's Drive-Ins where I live. There's a Red Robin on the north end of town and Fiama Burger downtown is the closest.
Stay warm and enjoy your burgers, everyone!


@3 Ross: Your outing at Jackson Park sounds wonderful!
I guess that is one good thing about snow----sooner or later it makes us all slow down and enjoy simpler things and appreciate what is local. :)


Thank you, too, for being a burger influence tonight, Matt! I just phoned for local delivery (I am offering the driver good tip for driving in snow) a Fiama gluten free cheeseburger, fries, and a green salad with ranch dressing are on their way to my apartment building. I could not get burgers out of my head so this takes care of dinner.
I went outside for a walk in my Yak Trax strapped boots. My neighborhood is picture postcard pretty, but--brrrrrrr! People out with cats and dogs, kids sledding. Such is life on a residential hill near a university.