The cold weather means the fish are just that much fresher.
The cold weather means the fish are just that much fresher. Matt Baume

So THAT’S what snow is. What a perfect weekend that was: A charming transformation of our lovely city into a serenely blanketed playground. And how tedious it would be if we had any more snow than that! Expect temperatures to warm for the next few days, bringing rain that will rapidly wipe away any trace of winter. It’ll be like it never happened, aside from the bruises you acquired from slipping on the sidewalk of that one property owner who never shovels. Beware of icy roads for the next few days, particularly if you must drive at night. And thanks to everyone who tweeted their pics & video at me — I’ll have a roundup a little later today.

Today is Presidents' Day, or at least it was. This weekend the Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial, disappointing everyone but surprising no one. “There's no reasoning with people who basically are, you know, acting like members of a religious cult and when they leave office should be selling flowers at Dulles Airport,” said lead impeachment managed Jamie Raskin. So now the office of the president can do essentially anything, up to and including inciting an insurrection, with no consequences. Is it time to do away with the office altogether and replace the presidency with something else?

Sound Transit faces a massive budget shortfall (in eight years). Sound Transit needs to close an $11.5 billion gap in funding, though not until 2029. Still, probably best not to wait until then. The increasing cost of land, various add-ons, and of course the pandemic are to blame. Washington officials are asking Pete Buttigieg’s Dept of Transportation to help them cover future expenses. No hard feelings about our critique of your aesthetic, right Pete?

Can vaccinated people hang out with unvaccinated people? For now, it’s probably not a good idea, health experts are saying. Even if you’ve had your shots, it’s best to only hang out with other people who have had theirs.

New Zealand has had a massive surge in COVID cases (three). A whopping three people were diagnosed this weekend in Auckland, prompting the city to lock down for the next three days. For comparison, the U.S. identified over 63,000 new cases on Sunday.

Oil industry executive RuPaul turns up her nose at affordable clothing. “I don’t want to see any fucking H&M,” she declared on the most recent episode, directing her ire at the extremely talented Joe Black (who has performed here in Seattle as part of Kitten & Lou’s holiday show). Not every drag queen has fracking money lying around, Ru. Or an Old Navy endorsement deal.

Books sales are up. The pandemic has been a huge headache for authors, for whom book tours have been particularly stressful over the last few months; but the good news is that Americans seem to be buying more literature than they were last year. Graphic novels in particular have skyrocketed, with sales increasing 110% from 2020.

Facebook is trying to make it easier for indie developers to create VR apps. The company has created an “App Lab” where fledgling VR developers can release experimental titles. Virtual Reality is still very much in its infancy — think of what the World Wide Web was like in 1992 — but Facebook’s Oculus could be equivalent to Netscape Navigator, which made a previously-baffling technology accessible to more casual nerds before the web was ready for mainstream adoption.

My entire feed is gays talking about how much they loved Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar. I never even heard of this thing until this weekend, and now it’s all any of my gays are talking about, when they’re not talking about H&M. It looks genuinely charming.

Doordash donated $1 million to Sesame Workshop, and $5.5 million to tell everyone about it. It’s very nice that Doordash gave the money to the nonprofit that produces Sesame Street. It’s less nice that they gave five times that to CBS to air a Super Bowl spot bragging about the donation. And it’s even less less-nice that they had to pay $2.5 million to settle claims that they stole drivers’ tips.

Love Slog AM/PM?

At these prices, who can afford to be gay? I stumbled across this little gem from 1970 on one of my Saturday livestreams where I browse New York Times archives: