Slog AM: It's Always Been Too Expensive to Be Gay



Trish would have loved that movie! Except for the actor who played Yoyo. That boy can't act or sing.



Nothing more disgusting than your tax dollars going to awful people giving money to awful politicians - who work against your interest!


So the US has two political parties to choose from.

The democrats, led by someone whose idea of progressive is to force everyone to buy private health insurance.

And the republicans, who have for decades been privately fascist, and are now openly and unapologetically fascist.

Maybe I should fast track my plan to move to Panama.


Trump won't run again anyway because that's too much work. He's goin going into the kingmaker for hire business. Any Republican running for office will have to pay him to come hold a rally. Any corporation adversely affected by upcoming legislation can pay him to hold a rally and get the rubes to write their legislators. If those checks and his percentage of the gate are too thin, Trump will send you a bill for NOT bad-mouthing you. It won't be an overt threat: just a voicemail playing "YMCA."


"Trump will send you a bill for NOT bad-mouthing you." --@KGCF

hmmm -- trumpf's Protection cum Racketeering Project
has a nice Ring to it and just distilling it down to its (& his) Essence like that could save the former 'Leader of the Free World' oodles of free time and energy and when you think about The Children think how much more Ivanta and the other ones'll be able to re-Invest* in America! Brilliant.

*continue to Siphon from


"Is it time to do away with the office altogether and replace the presidency with something else?"

I mean, of course it is. And I used to genuinely enjoy a good political/philosophical debate involving the various alternatives to our system that exist, and those that have been tried and achieved varying degrees of success & failure throughout the world over time. But it's really just so frustrating and pointless, and the discussion only exists as a fantasy. The current systemic structure was enacted with such insanely high barriers to change & modification so as to basically be insurmountable.

Then on top of that already ridiculously high threshold to change, add in the fact that any such changes will need to be conceived of, proposed and approved by individuals who stand to suffer immediate consequences from them (never mind of course, that these changes could be easily endured by any current politician with very little to any change in their actual quality of life and/or moral character) and here we are.

The system functions like a perpetual motion generator but for stupidity, and I might as well be talking political science with my fucking dog for all the actual good it'll do.


@6: What pouting.

You had eight years of progressive Black president, then just four of a maniac presidency, now you have progressive again.


For anybody out there who is stuck in the heterosexual lifestyle and doesn't want to be, I just want you to know, change is possible . . .



Right. I guess it's the two and a half centuries of a fundamentally undemocratic and non-representative legislature that's currently scrubbing my crank.


@7-- what Cuntiness.



Totally agree. The constitution is like a cup of yogurt that's been in the fridge for just 250 years. Clean that shit out!

There are SOOOOOO many things I would like to change to make democracy flow more smoothly. Ugh. I think about all the petty "democrat vs. republican" arguments. Should we have the electoral college? Should we not? It goes so much deeper than that. If I could, I would tear the constitution to scraps and start over from the very beginning.


No. Our system is perfect just how it is.

It can never be improved. Having one dude selected by systems developed during slave economies is clearly the best way to organize things. Having a pre-industrial system designed before electricity in charge of 328 million people is perfect and always will be.

In 7000 years we will still be arguing over the filibuster, only it will be called The Feelburster and we will still do the Pledge of Allegiance but we will call it the E'e Plebnista and it will go "Aypledgli ianectu flaggen tupep kile for stahn..." And we will say it when we need to invoke Good Luck when leaving our underground burrows or when eating contaminated food — or as it will; be called —food.

Because the system is perfect.


@12. That was quite inspired.


@7 I don't mean to pick nits but it's a slow day and that is an unusual use of the word "progressive." Obama ran and governed as a centrist Democrat. Biden is a bit to the left of that but still well within the centrist camp.


to some
means anyone to the left
of the Taliban and they
cannot abide such
Blatant Com-


A Centrist in 2021 = Moderate Republican in 2004.

Moderate Republican in 2021 = Craven Capitalist fixated with 19th century economic mythology that will occasionally recognize objective reality in current century.

Republican in 2021 = Hysterical Death Cult circa 13th century.


@ Prof. i am presuming .. so to clarify my understanding of where you are going: throw in knuckle dragging, vacant looks, incest, animal buggery, witches, etc in the circa 2021 Republican model and I'm on board with you.



There's just no end to your idiocy, is there? As @13 quite correctly points out, neither Obama nor Biden would meet even the most basic criteria to qualify as a "progressive", at least not as it's defined by anyone with even an inkling of understanding of the term. Bernie Sanders, Green Party USA co-founder Howie Hawkins and maybe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are about as close as we get in the U.S. to true Progressives and they're both just barely inside what most of the rest of the civilized world would recognize as the "progressive-liberal" box; the bulk of the Democratic Party falls squarely in the Left-Center to Centrist camp, whereas the GOP has pushed the Overton Window so far to the right in the past 40 years that a disturbingly large number of voters consider an unabashed authoritarian shit-heel such as our now ex-president to be practically mainstream by comparison.

But hey, you just go right on thinking words don't have actual definitions and meanings, and that you can pull shit out of your ass and call it a "purdy flower" or whatever.


I guess by then the two parties will be known as the Yangs and the Comms...


Freakin' hell, MORE bad news! Turns out Biden's not gonna serve after all and the REAL (and original) inauguration date is March 4th, when Trump will actually be sworn in. And as if THAT's not enough, the man is gonna pocket even MORE money as a result of this mix-up, with his DC hotel's having now doubled their rental rates for this date!



You hadn't heard? Biden isn't actually the Pres. Trump secretly invoked the Insurrection Act, and the military is actually in charge right now. What us sheeple see as the "Biden Administration" is really some kind of elaborate, WandaVision-esque show. Trump will regain power next month!

What a world.


In Soviet America, government overthrow YOU!


The link for the "it's always been expensive to be gay" is down/removed. I'm bummed about this.


@17: Okay, s/r "progressive" with "liberal". Works for me.


@18 & @19: Please, someone wake me when it's over.



Before committing to anything - something you are demonstrably loathe to do under even normal circumstances - please explain what you think the difference is between the two, because your command of basic English, not to mention your less-than rudimentary understanding of political theory, seems to be so poor that I'm not sure you even know.