Mayor Jenny Durkan's Final State of the City Address Was Short and Uninspiring



Durkan is a useless shill politician. A total place holder.
"Pop up your head and say 'downtown core', Jenny!
Great! Now say the words 'vaccinate, go to work', Jenny!
Fantastic! We got it! Go back to bed, Jenny!"


I agree. She has short timer syndrome and really looks like someone that has zero F's left to give. Normally I think it would be best for her to walk away under those circumstances but envisioning Gonzales as mayor with a Mosqueda-Herbold led council is scary.


Jenny Durkan is exactly the kind of liberal politician Seattle should be cultivating for higher office. Instead, the bitter and jealous failures on our City Council -- those miserable Lovers of the EHT, spiteful Haters of Amazon, failed Saviors of the Showbox, incompetent Defuderpants Gnomes, rule-breaking enablers of KCEN grifters, (all egged on by The Stranger) -- obstructed and harassed her at every turn, including the unprecedented and personal attack by sitting Council Member, who organized and accompanied a gang of vandals to threaten her family at her home. Little wonder she's leaving. I thank her for her service, and I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.


This is a petty criticism from a writer who's done more than most to feed the lawlessness that has made our urban core unsafe.

I don't blame Durkan for being tired. She has expended untold energy attempting to govern the ungovernable. When Lorena Gonzalez predictably takes over this office and drives still more of Seattle's economic engine away, people like you will be to blame for it.