Enviro Feb 17, 2021 at 10:56 am

We should probably talk about all these bricks.



for your consideration...sobering videos of urm buildings collapsing in the cdmx during the chiapas 09/'17 quake:



If only there were a warning app for quakes that works in the three major counties in Western Washington that works on your cellphone.



Incidentally, the app mentioned above is this one: https://www.king5.com/article/weather/earthquakes/earthquake-early-warning-app-washington-shakealert/281-7f1c51fb-5688-4463-90de-849d5cd37910

Hopefully this will help some people.

On the retrofit question, I think we have a choice of either retrofitting old buildings at least partly at public expense or letting them be torn down & replaced. The cost of proper renovations is likely prohibitive for most building owners unless they dramatically increase rents. I work in a non-profit in an older building downtown and we're pretty sure that if it had to be retrofitted we'd no longer be able to stay there.


too bad they couldn't make 'safe spaces' in buildings -- that peeps could get to QUICKLY -- without sometimes-prohibitively spendy remodels/retrofits. couple that with an early warning system and survival might still be an option . . . gotta think that's been thought of before...


Those videos in #1 will keep me awake at night. Keep being afraid I'm going to be buried alive in my house. If it's that bad maybe buried dead which is a little less scary.

What is the hint Will? Guess I'm dumb but is there a warning app? I thought that was not possible.


FFS, there are permit fees to retrofit your building to be safer in an earthquake?!? You would think those would have been waved years ago, for EVERYONE. No one is going to profit from retrofitting alone(except the actual retrofitting contractors, and they pay taxes).

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