Its only been one week since the last officer-involved shooting.
It's only been one week since the last officer-involved shooting. LESTER BLACK

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Another officer-involved shooting: The Seattle Police Department shot and killed a man holding a knife along the waterfront on Alaskan Way Tuesday night. The man "was in crisis," according to SPD, and he had cut himself. He moved toward officers with the knife and officers' attempts to use less-lethal weapons were "ineffective," according to SPD's report, so they shot him. He died. Just last week SPD shot and killed a man suspected of killing a woman in the Central District.

Citibank goofed up: You know when you're making a Venmo transaction and you accidentally hit an extra zero? Your heart shudders for a second like, "Oh my god, I almost sent so-and-so $200 instead of $20." Well, Citibank did that. While acting as Revlon's loan agent, Citibank meant to send around $8 million in interest payments to Revlon's lenders. Only Citibank actually sent $900 million. Now, the bank is trying to recoup the funds, but 10 lenders still haven't given back around $500 million. A court sided against Citibank.

Rush Limbaugh is dead: The racist, sexist, and homophobic conservative talk show host succumbed to his fight with lung cancer, according to the announcement his wife made at the top of his radio show Wednesday morning. Finally, a shred of good news. My colleague Rich Smith put it well when he said he welcomes Limbaugh's death like he welcomes a warm ray of sun. We here at Slog hope Rush rots in whichever pit of hell he finds himself in! To put that into perspective, the phrase "Rest in Piss" is now trending on twitter.

Trump is doing his first interview since being president: To talk about Limbaugh.

Mercer Island hates the homeless: Last night, the Mercer Island City Council voted 6-1 to ban people from sleeping in parks, in cars on city streets, and all city property. Violators of the law will be fined $1,000. The council passed the rule so that Mercer Island doesn't start looking like "the streets of Seattle." Someone updated the suburb's Wikipedia accordingly:

The Pentagon held back promotions of female generals during the Trump administration: Then-Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper and Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, decided to wait on recommending promotions for female generals because they feared Trump would replace them with his own nominations. They waited until after the November election because, in the year 2020, they didn't think a woman—or anyone who wasn't a white man, for that matter—would be allowed to hold a top command under Trump.

Around 3/4 of the U.S. is covered in snow: Welp, 73% of the lower 48 states is covered in snow, something that hasn't happened since we've been keeping records. Wanna guess which three states don't have snow? Okay, make your mental guess. The three states in the lower 48 without snow are... Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.

Across the country, 26 people have died: Due to the winter storms. Around 2.8 million are still without power in Texas with "no end in sight."

The weather is unhappy: Fires bleached the sky red in Oregon and California during the late summer and now ceiling fans are freezing in Texas.

Texas mayor resigns after bad post: Tim Boyd, the mayor of Colorado City, Texas, resigned last night after he posted a rant on Facebook about how the government didn't owe people any help while they deal with power shut-offs and freezing cold temperatures. Here's a little quote from this absolute numbskull:

“If you don’t have electricity you step up and come up with a game plan to keep your family warm and safe. If you have no water you deal without and think outside of the box to survive and supply water to your family,” he wrote. “Only the strong will survive and the weak will parish.”

Conservatives are trying to blame the Green New Deal for the grid failure: Ugh. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is trying to pin the state's blackouts on "unreliable" renewable energy. In reality, Texas is a gas state. Fossil fuel is failing Texas through the failing power grid and by being the reason this storm is happening in the first place. My dream is that this storm could wisen up some climate change deniers to the severity of the climate situation, but I doubt that'll happen. Especially when you've got these Republican spin doctors spewing shit on Fox News:

Japan designates a minister of loneliness: This year, Japan recorded an uptick in suicides for the first time in 11 years. Taking into account the unique strain working from home and social distance has put on the country, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga created a designated cabinet postion to alleviate social isolation last week. The minister of loneliness will need to study the issue and put forward a comprehensive plan to "prevent loneliness and social isolation and protect the ties between people."

Herd immunity in Japan impossible ahead of the Summer Olympics: Japan just started its vaccine rollout on Wednesday. Japan is importing its vaccines and many Japanese people are wary of vaccinations because of rare side effects. That will likely slow down the rollout and make it nearly impossible for Japan to reach herd immunity in time for the July games.

Karl from First Hill sent in this picture of a House Finch: Last week, in Slog PM, I asked people to send in pictures of birds for the Great Backyard Bird Count. Only Karl sent in a picture. Thank you, Karl, for being the only true reader of Slog.

Snowy day to be a bird.
Snowy day to be a bird. KN

Portland police on dumpster duty: Around a dozen Portland police officers guarded a dumpster outside a Fred Meyer after people tried to take some food the store threw away. Due to power outages that struck the area, Fred Meyer threw away thousands of food items. Police didn't want anyone touching this garbage.

100,000 Portland people and businesses still don't have power: It's the fifth day in the dark for many people. At least four people in Clackamas County are dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Atlantic City reduces its Trump casino to rubble:

Biden doesn't want to cancel student loan debt: In a town hall last night, President Biden said he didn't support other Democrats' plan to cancel $50,000 of student loan debt per borrower. He supports cancelling $10,000 of debt per person as response to the COVID-19 crisis, but critics don't think that goes far enough.

U.K variant sweeps through Michigan jail: The Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility has at least 90 cases of the U.K. variant. Of the positive tests, only two were staff, the rest are inmates. Results from 100 more tests are still pending.

Happy Yardi Gras: New Orleans residents are turning their homes into Mardi Gras floats—or Yardi Gras floats—as a way to celebrate during the pandemic.

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Penny the Yorkshire Terrier had a rough night: A tornado sucked little Penny out of her North Carolina home on Monday. A couple of hours later, though, Penny wandered back to her owner, mostly fine, but traumatized.

Disney made a Cruella de Vil movie: It's starring Emma Stone because all villains now must be young and hot. The first trailer for Cruella came out today and now people are calling it a girlboss version of the Joker. The movie comes out on May 28.

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