Hamdi Mohamed Is Running for Port Commission



A Port Commissioner who's actually from SeaTac or Tukwila? That's a novel idea!


Thank you, thank you Hamdi Mohamed for running for the Port Commission and putting some people of color who aren't part of the "White Boys Network" in charge of port oversight. The bloated port, run by philistines on the take, could use some conscientious members of the local black community who think, feel and care, as opposed to these cigar-clipping nut bags who continually run port operations at a morally reprehensible loss, and overpay for real estate and sell it at a loss, thereby soaking the hapless taxpayers. Let's get more women on the Port Commission too.


So she’s a black women who lives in SeaTac and a self proclaimed justice warrior. Those are her qualifications?


@3: That she's running against the odious Stephanie Bowman is all the qualification she needs.


@4 - why not? Courtney Gregoire ran on nothing more than her mother's name.


@5 meant to address @3


@3: At the risk of being sexist, I would add an eye for design and fashion.


Bowman is one of the better port commissioners we've had. She played a big part in getting the Northwest Seaport Alliance through, as well as the T5 modernization project. It does not appear as if Mohamed has any experience remotely relevant to port operations, but of course that is not something the Stranger considers when making endorsements.


The Stranger does a pretty good jobs making endorsements, and they haven't actually endorsed MS. Mohamed yet, only noted that she is running.

There are questions I want to hear her views on, but that's true of any candidate.


Great another activist and political campaign manager.


I'd like to ask Hamdi Mohamed her opinion on the Terminal 46 development plans in light of the problems facing the cruise industry in Seattle. Should some of those funds be moved to the redevelopment of Terminal 91 and Fisherman's Terminal. Or in light of the impact COVID-19 is having on the Cruise industry should the Port of Seattle assume a larger share of the redevelopment costs of Terminal 46?

In light of the affect of COVID-19 on international travel what changes do you think need to be made to the Port's Century Agenda strategy of doubling the number of international flights and destinations over 25 years. Is this still an achievable goal?


Yes I am serious. She is running for Port Commissioner so I expect her to have an understanding of what the job entails and what the Port of Seattle does.


@13 Your expectations do not have a basis in reality. There is nothing about Mohamed's training, experience, or background that has any relevance to port operations. Her candidacy is based solely on prioritizing diversity and equity. There is no reason to believe she is even aware of T46 or T91, let alone developing policies related to those facilities. I personally suspect she has never set foot on any of the Port's marine terminals, and couldn't find them on a map.


well then @14 this'd seem to be
The Perfect Time for the Candidate to
step right up (and in) here on le Schlog.



You are correct that her resume does not suggest "training, experience, or background that has any relevance to port operations."

It is possible though that she has devoted time and resources to study and learn.

As the election draws near I will do further research and if it turns out she has no knowledge relevant, to the operation of the Port of Seattle then I shall vote for whatever opponent seems most qualified for the job.


Not an airport issue: But she should consider stopping and reversing the slow creep of converting Seattle's working waterfront into restaurants, marinas and hip software offices with a view. All for the benefit of the wealthy, of course.

But the air pollution thing is a move in the opposite direction. And one of the principle arguments for closing marine based employment in favor of someplace to tie up my yacht people.