Slog AM: Firefighter Charged in Sawant Email Threat Case, NASA Rover to Land on Mars, Cruz Vacays as Texans Freeze



Texass is turnin' blue y'all... from hypothermia.

Shorter Texass: "Weir uh-gonna keel all y'all in Civil War 2--NOW BAIL US OUT!!!


" our twin red planet, Mars"

I assume Earlth and Mars are fraternal twins, since they look nothing alike?


"[Andrew] Finseth was arrested on Friday for allegedly using another firefighter's email to send threatening emails to Council member Sawant."
Thank the Confederate South for exporting its politics of violence, extortion and conspiracy to the general US public. We are back to the KKK era.


2 Mars did too much sun-tanning, that's why she looks so different.


@3 According to the police report Finseth wasn't targeting Sawant at all. He was trying to sabotage another firefighter to get him fired and only used Sawant because his target resided in District 3. He also submitted several phone transfer requests. So, much like the other members of the SCC he could care less about Councilmember Sawant.


RE: guy getting vaccine because they thought he was 6 cm tall

That was funny! Not as funny as Rush Limbough dying, but still funny!



Still curious about the person shot and killed by SPD last year, apparently retreating after brandishing knives and slashing a police dog.

What ever happened to that story, and why did it never become a story?


@5, what a strange person to white knight. You do you though.


@9: Could be worse. Could be like Raindrop, who only white knights for the blackest of hearts.


“Your honor, my intention was never to threaten sawant, rather it was to frame my coworker by threatening sawant, whom I actually don’t have any strong feelings for”

Idk this seems far worse than just threatening her bc he actually hates her


9) I Think 5 means that the guy is just an ordinary, entitled, racist GOP choad, nothing special.


@11 - it certainly adds another layer of assholery to the whole thing.



@5 not white knighting him at all. He's an asshat and deserves everything coming to him. Just pointing out this isn't about Sawant so she'll need to find something else to fund raise off. Maybe she can complain more about getting cut off by Rep Frame or not having anyone on the SCC 2nd her meaningless resolution and preventing her from going on another 5 page diatribe.


also why is The Stranger continuing to portray Sawant as the victim here? The firefighter who had his email account hacked by his POS coworker is the victim. I have yet to see one word printed expressing sympathy for that person. This is just more of her using someone else's trauma to hog the limelight like she did with BLM. Maybe if you all stop bending a knee to her for a few seconds you could see that too.


Sounds like 13fugee has a big crush on Andrew Finseth!


Oh knatwit, I black night you for the whitest of hearts.


@1 Original Andrew: Blatant climate change denial is one hell of a way to turn a blood red, oil-soaked, neofascist GOP state blue. Methinks Alaska's next on the Polar Vortex catastrophic disaster horizon, except the headline might possibly be "Baked Alaska: The Last Frontier Burns While the Lone Star State Freezes in its Self-Made Hellhole".....
Nature's mad as hell and she's not accepting "The Normal" anymore.
And I'm not sure that many from Texas will be gunning for the rest of us anytime soon if their "Proud" Free Dumb fahters are all dropping like Pence's flies from outdoor temperatures in the teens and below. They're used to BBQ. Ted Cruz said fuck it and slithered off to Cancun.


@17:"Thank you, Amerwica, it was fun being Pwesident. Huhuhuhuhuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhhhhhhhhh....."


15 she was on the receiving end of threats. Doesn’t matter if the person making them didn’t really mean it, she doesn’t know any different. Anyway it’s possible for there to be multiple victims.



Blip is right. I don't like Sawant and hope the recall effort works, but no one should be subject to that kind of abuse and intimidation, even someone like Sawant who regularly deals out abuse and intimidation.

When she received the threatening emails she did not know the motive of the person who sent them. She had to take it at face value.

Also while Andrew Finseth claims he was just trying to frame his co-worker, it's not a stretch that he also took some perverse delight in harassing Sawant as well.


Watched the SPD Video.

Crazy Mo Fo out of control with a knife.

Had he dropped the knife this could have ended different.

But he did not drop the knife.

Well. Had the Crazy Mo Fo, stopped acting crazy he wouldn't have been shot.

But the Crazy Mo FO refused to stop acting crazy.