Snowstorms to Delay 90% of Washington's Vaccines, DOH Expects



What a huge blow to an otherwise completely unsmooth operation.


Thank you, Rich, for an informative article and update on COVID vaccines. I don't know when I'll get mine. Hopefully soon. I'm a veteran but don't qualify for a vaccine yet because I'm under age 65, do not live in a multi-generational household, and (so far anyway) don't have respiratory problems, fever, or signs of COVID symptoms. I wash my hands often and double mask when going out. I'm doing what I can to stay healthy.
My heart goes out to healthcare workers, police, firefighters, EMTs, utility workers, and public service employees and those working for public transportation.

To those who aren't already doing so, mask up, already!


Then there is this:

This is huge. This could (and should) change the way the vaccine is delivered. We should just give everyone that first shot. Even if the delay between shots is 12 weeks (which is what the U. K. is doing), that still means people get that first shot way sooner, which apparently is 92% effective.