Slog PM: Another Rover on Mars; Washington's Vaccines Get Delayed; and Damnit, There's Still a Lot to Say About Ted Cruz



Terrible Teddy the Texas Dumbass of Doom
Republicans are such horrible people.


Marvin Martian: "Oh, look, K-9----the Earth Creatures have landed! Where is my Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator? Delays....delays....."
So Elon Musk and other Earth-exiting billionaires can't wait to start new colonies there?
Get ready to fight off a shitload of space junk, Marvin and K-9!
Death cult RepubliKKKans make me very ANGRY...very angry INDEED......

Speaking of delays......
Well, that's frustrating about winter storms delaying shipments of COVID vaccines in timely manners. In the meantime, wash your hands frequently and mask up, everybody. Stay warm, healthy, safe---and smart.

Way to turn your blood red, oil-soaked, neofascist GOP state blue, Texas voters!


@1 Ignorauns: I keep eagerly waiting for the GOP and its rubes to drop dead first. One would think it would be a given as they're the willful Party of Ignorance, Incompetence, Racism, Lies, Corruption, Hypocrisy, Rich White Male Chauvinism, and Stupidity.


It's been over a month since Ted helped incite an insurrection and try to get the Vice President killed, so he was due for another faux pas. I don't think anyone would be surprised if he sold his daughters into cartel sex slavery to save money on the return flight home.


This just In: from Mars:
they located a Very
rusty sign it just
said Monsanto.


Is there any possible way that Ted Cruz could be more of an asshole?


Poor Treason Ted. Barely a month after his lies led to a domestic terrorist attack that could've violently overthrown the United States gummit, and he just needed a little getaway.

His dad killed JFK, his wife's an ugly whore, and now his daughters forced him to go on a luxurious Mexican vacation during a global pandemic and Texass's implosion into a failed state. Truly, no one has suffered more.


teddy boy needs a statue
of him riding a horse
into the distance
from the back.


@8 - Teddy boy IS a horse. from the back.


Methinks a happy ending would be if Treason Ted Cruz got detained in Cancun--then deported to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Let's see Teddy get out of THAT one. Too bad Jack Nicholson is retired from acting (he's 83). As Colonel Nathan R. ("I eat breakfast 400 yards away from enemy lines!") Jessup, Jack would have made Teddy wish he'd stayed home and faced his constituents, instead of being stuck at GItmo. Teddy would be "writing to everybody but Santa Claus, begging for a transfer"..


@9 dvs99 for the WIN, baybee!


@10: In reference to Jack Nicholson, for those who never saw the movie, catch "A Few Good Men" from 1992.


@9 -- a Twofer.


Rush was above all an entertainer.

He did regret the 'gay agenda' content, as the Snopes article on him acknowledged. But I never, and I listened to him for decades, heard him utter a mean word about blacks, women, or gays. He lampooned instead. No minority or group was off limits because of their delicate sensibilities. It was all good effective and health ribbing.

Rest in Peace Rush.



That was so over the top dishonest that not even an /s tag would fix it.


@14 Sorry, Rush Limbaugh was a horrible Nazi clown and no spin like this will ever work.


@14 The terrible thing is that I'm pretty sure you believe that despite all evidence to the contrary. What a strange, sad world you live in.

Just for giggles, would you care to compare and contrast your defense of Rush's "healthy ribbing" with how you complain about liberals being all mean and stuff about conservatives? Lots of people here used the same kinds of words about Rush that he did about, say, Robin Williams, and you Did Not Like That One Little Bit.


@15: More dishonest than those who never listened to his show for more than 10 minutes and just and get their cues from his critics who trash his entire career?



from Democracy Now:

others, who remember his [the Oxymoron's] “AIDS Updates” celebrating the deaths of gay men, his coining of the phrase “Feminazi,” his dehumanization of immigrants, and his perpetuation of fake news, hailed an end to of one of the most destructive forces in American media.

your Complicity* is fully and
duly noted dewdroppings

*and self-Hatred


@19 -- apologies.
that was from Rising Up With Sonali


@17: Liberals complain about conservatives, and vice-vera. Your last sentence got garbled. I have no idea what point you're trying to make.


Download and install the Grease Monkey script for your desktop browser. And you can block that dude forever. Let the dipshits yell into the void.



Given what we've been through the past five years, I think the answer to that is a resounding, "of course he could". The modern GOP has turned their declensioning assholery into the political equivalent of that earth-boring vessel from "The Core": no matter how low they go they'll just keep finding new ways to continue digging deeper and deeper and deeper...


"most destructive forces in American media"

No such thing. Free speech a destructive force? Quite the opposite.



Look, we all know you suffer from an acute case of Masochistic Personality Disorder, so it's really no surprise you would have subjected yourself to years, decades even, of allowing his vile, bigoted, hate-riddle spittle to drizzle through your ears and into your brain. But as for the rest of us, well, a reasonably healthy person only needs to take a single bite from a sandwich filled with shit to know it's disgusting and inedible; eating the entire thing, then declaring how delicious it was and complaining that everyone else is somehow at fault for not gobbling it down to the last crumb is something only a truly sick person as full of self-loathing as yourself would take pride in.


@25: Why does hostile insulting seem to be the only way you think you can make a point?


Sorry but you don’t need to listen to the show to know the “barack the magic negro” guy is a flaming bigot.

Believe it or not it’s entirely possible to criticize liberals without being racist, sexist, homophobic or mocking the disabled but these have become such an integral feature of right wing politics that we call it “entertainment” and then one day we elect a fascist gameshow host who embodies all of it and cry “free speech” when people point out how toxic this is for our country & democracy itself. The kindest thing to be said of rush is that if it weren’t him it would have been someone else who delivered us here.


Like if you love rush and hate trump you are revealing yourself to be a deeply confused and uncurious person because the through-line is clear and direct. The entertainer you adore was a fascist-enabling propagandist and you cannot extract the entertainment from the fascism without a terminal case of cognitive dissonance.


@28 -- sadly, more likely
terminal to all exposed
but yeah a BAD case
of the Dissonances.


@28: Adore? You're extrapolating. My first comment about it was that Rush was misguided on a whole host of issues.

I offer one alternative viewpoint on the matter and you just don't have the intellectual honesty to accept that it is part of the overall discussion.

So you, predictably, lapse into this "self-hatred", "cognitive dissonance" talking point list because you're just too baffled to think of anything else to say. You have the same problem as COMTE, just expressing it in a polite way.

I'm sure you would have needed smelling salts with Lenny Bruce or George Carlin.

And you have the gall to call yourself a lib?


I am not saying he doesn't have a right to be a bigot or that people don't find bigotry entertaining and I said nothing about your self-hatred, I am saying his particular brand of political commentary has proven toxic to our culture and has primed millions of people for autocratic rule by a deranged con artist. If you hate trump but reserve space for the kind of political "entertainment" that paved the way for trump's ascendance you are failing to connect dots that are practically sitting on top of one another.

But ok, you didn't adore him, you just think he's an ordinary comedic entertainer in the mold of george carlin. This may be a tad more generous than he deserves and you may be papering over his rancid bigotry by insisting that you've never personally heard him say disgusting things about women and minorities when listening to his show, but if that's what you need to believe about his legacy then have at it. If you could please return the favor and spare everyone else the lectures about how we don't understand his gift as an entertainer because we've never listened to his show and only heard clips of him belittling black and queer people and calling women sluts, that would be great.


@31: One viewpoint is "lecturing"?

But you hit the nail on the head with "toxic to our culture ". There is no such thing. Our culture derives from our community. No outside "poison" can affect it.


That is probably the dumbest thing you’ve ever said but i take it from your quibbling over words like “adore” & “lecture” that you know this because that is the only defense you have. By your reasoning no one is responsible for the consequences of their actions because “the culture” made them do it.

But even this is a diversion from my primary point: racism, homophobia & misogyny was rush’s bread and butter


@21: Rush said nasty things about other people when they died. You seem to be OK with that. People said nasty things about Rush when he died. You thought that was terrible. Discuss.

Also, from 14: "But I never, and I listened to him for decades, heard him utter a mean word about blacks, women, or gays. He lampooned instead. No minority or group was off limits because of their delicate sensibilities. It was all good effective and health ribbing."

A few instructive quotes from Rush that are apparently not at all mean:

[To a Black woman] "Take that bone out of your nose and call me back."

"Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?"

"Women should not be allowed on juries where the accused is a stud."

"When a gay person turns his back on you, it is anything but an insult; it's an invitation."

Either you weren't listening very well or you have a truly warped view of what's mean and what's all in good fun.


Oh, am I now supposed to take each of those and reply? That's not the point. I'm sure you could find more.


You’ve already waved off his entire decades-long career by saying he’s a comedic entertainer who lampoons the left so it’s not clear why an endless supply of specific examples should be a challenge for you. They’re just jokes, he’s just a product of our culture, etc.



Because in your particular case it seems to be the only way to get through your particularly thick skull...


@36: I'm not required to do respond to a list of cherry-picked jokes, no more than you are required to defend any controversial celebrity of whom you enjoyed their art. Besides, Rush's talent was on loan from God and now that he's dead it's been returned to the almighty.


"Rush's talent was on loan from God and now that he's dead it's been returned to the almighty.'

uh, no dewey
the Oxymoron's
headed to The Other Place.

Rush's talent was on loan from God and now that he's dead it's been returned to the almighty.


Stole all his 'talent' from Joseph
Goebbels is what you Meant to say.


One of the things I like about kristofarian is that his poetic babble never needs a response.


you keep on using that word.*
I don't think it means what
you Think it means.



@14, @18, @21, @24, @26, @30, @32, @35, @38, and @41: vewy vewy quiet.........we're hunting Elmers!

@34 boatgeek: Elmer's sugar level has been debilitatingly high for so long now, he's become an indecipherable ultra-maroon.