Lindy West and Ahamefule J. Oluo have been spending lots of time at home, like everyone else.
Lindy West and Ahamefule J. Oluo have been spending lots of time at home, like everyone else. LINDY WEST
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For the latest installment of our "Tell Us Something Good" celebrity recommendation series, we chatted with creative partners, married couple, and professional funny people Ahamefule J. Oluo and Lindy West. We talked about their new movie, Thin Skin, which stars Ahamefule (or Aham, for short), features Lindy on its creative team, and was directed by The Stranger's Charles Mudede. They're screening it this Friday, February 19 through Northwest Film Forum, and they'll stay on after to discuss the film.

If you didn't catch Thin Skin's world premiere last August at the virtual Bentonville Film Festival, or its Northwest premiere at Portland's Time-Based Art Festival in September, don't miss it on Friday, as it's one of the rare chances you'll have to see it. As you'll read more about below, it's been a tricky distribution process for this Seattle-set, "music-infused, darkly comedic true story about keeping it together when you’re falling apart," which stars Aham as a corporate underling on the heels of a broken marriage who finds solace in late-night sets at a jazz club. The trailer is embedded below.

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We also talked to the couple about what they've been up to lately—including stocking up on Laotian sausage from Vientiane Asian Grocery, reading Samantha Irby's newsletter, and watching a ton of Dateline, not to mention working on the third and final season of Lindy's Hulu show Shrill, partially inspired by her time on staff at our sister site, The Stranger. Read on for all of their recommendations and a sense of their delightful banter.

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