Seattle Butter Company Standing in the Way of Plastic Cleanup



"few of the roadblocks are particularly frustrating, such as Democrat Tim Sheldon"

What's really frustrating is the media continuing to highlight Tim Sheldon as a Democrat with an opinion contrary to progressive values.

For the umpteenth time: Tim Sheldon is NOT a Democrat, regardless of sticking a (D) after his name every election year. He's been caucusing with the Senate Republicans for a decade now, and voting like a Republican for even longer.


DariGold half & half seems to turn sour faster than others.


China has stopped taking America's plastic recycling. There is nowhere for it to be recycled here. States have started chucking it in the landfills, even though they will still enforce recycling and fine you if you don't sort out your garbage. America loves performance. Pretend you are recycling so you don't have to feel badly that it isn't actually happening (and to make sure you keep performing, you WILL be punished if you don't). Humanity is going to die drowning in its own garbage (or before that due to the destruction of all clean air/land/water from our garbage). Either way, keep up the good act!


Paper straws are God's punishment for the wicked.


don't feel bad about being alive and living life in a crappy world filled w/ plastic debris. i mean, do good when you can, but at the end of the day, you are just an ant born into a world you didn't have any agency in creating.


You'd think that Seattle's Only Newspaper (TM) would know it's called a "Pop Bottle", not a "Soda Bottle"


How about a returnable container law like Oregon's, for starters?


It would be nice.

But 90-95% of US used plastics are not recyclable, as they use 2 or 3 types of plastics.

It's a feature, not a bug.

Also, paper straws work fine.



How one refers to it depends in large part on where one grew up.


Great, another tax that will immediately be passed down to consumers. Why dont Democrats(c'mon man!) ever understand that these types of taxes never stick it to the evil corporations they just fuck the poor and working class just a little bit more.


And maybe its because Im reading this at 4am but I feel like this article could maybe use a clear description/summary of the actual bill. How realistic is it? How much is it? How much will it fuck me at the checkout line?



You're already being fucked - dumping non-recycled plastics into landfills means more landfills need to be built, increased carbon output because it's not being converted back into reusable materials and instead is frequently burned, and increased costs associated with having to do more sorting of non-recyclable or contaminated refuse.

I don't know whether HB 5022 will offset all of these additional expenses to the consumer, but my guess is, based on a brief reading of the bill summary (which you can find in the "Bill Report" section at the bottom of the page linked to in the article) is that if implemented you might notice a tiny price increase, say, one or two cents per item, but that the resulting cost-savings in the areas I mentioned above would be sufficient to make that up, so basically it would be a wash at-worst.