Slog PM: A Ferret Is Cloned, Some Extremists Are Charged, and Kimye Is Dead



Nathalie -have a terrific weeks off!!!


Have a lovely vacation in the woods. Or dentist chair. Wherever you are, really.


Nat, follow your bliss! And enjoy.


'extremist militia known
as the Oath Keepers'
Paramilitary sounds
more like it -- some
were Geared Up
and ready for

the patriots even
built a Gallows
I think that's
when it be-
comes Ter-

I suggest a little horse therapy
I hear they're damn fine
Listeners.... Vaya con


'... students who travel internationally would have to quarantine for 7 to 10 days upon their [the Cruz progeny's] return without the option to learn online during that time."

please -- they're Cruz's kids why
isn't that Punishment enough?


You deserve the vacation! May it bring you joy.


“If Texas' leadership gave a shit it could take notes from Canada”

yeah that’s a Brilliant idea -- lay down some new tracks and get a Giant Generator* for your efforts. thinking outta the Box at its Best. 0 Canada!

*equal to Three Hundred of my little ten-hp units
weighing in at c. 425,000 lbs.


Ha ha, "wet ass pigeon" indeed. She should've called it like a "spike feathered finch" or something. I'd have bought it. Not much of a bird person obviously, but was out on a hike with my dog a few weeks ago and saw a little baby owlet. I swear it was one of the coolest wild animals I think I've ever seen. Really freaking cute (for lack of a better word, obviously) Not sure if it was separated from it's mom, as it was really tiny, and I couldn't get close enough to get a good pic, but it was pretty great.

Enjoy your vacation, is well deserved!


What horrible parenting to scapegoat your kids. It was Heidi Cruz's idea to go to Cancun. But even if it was the kids' request, a good parent wouldn't involve them.


"Anybody here seen my old friends Kimye? Can you tell me where they've gone?"


A penner of unkind comments on any post of yours has my contempt!


Jenny's "hot mike" moment: meh


"Republicans are doing their darndest to try to kill the [stimulus cum recovery etc] bill by attacking it as something that only benefits liberals even though the policies are popular with 7 in 10 Americans."

SEVENTY Percent approval sounds like Bipartisanship to me.

perhaps republican 'leaders' might
choose to Get tf On Board* as well.

*or GTFO


"When detainees complained, reports say, ICE officers turned fans on to make it colder and threw blankets away."

sociopaths have no Business
in the Detention Business
assign them instead to
ensuring peeps wear
Masks or use their
Blinkers. why
Waste their


@8 Cool story. Taking good bird pictures from far away is one of the few things an iPhone can't do. Oh well, maybe next year.


Never been able to look at a Ken Burns effect on a series of photos.
Ken Burns effect = nausea


Remember, Wet Ass Pigeon is what the song is about ...


West Seattle Blog has the best bird photos for years.


So, Nathalie, you get to say "shit" but Jenny Durkan does not? Weird. Maybe you do badly need a vacation. Your writing has been developing the same smarmy stink that Mudede has adopted for the past many years. I think you are pretty close to the same category of "unreadable."


@19: Huh? Nathalie is one of the better, creative, fewer-axes-to-grind writers at The Stranger. Her prose is far from Mudede's meandering style. And 'smarmy stink' doesn't describe either of them.



@20. No axes to grind? She's gone through 10 or 20 axes in her relatively brief career at the Stranger. All I can say is wow.


Safe and happy well-earned vacationing, Nathalie!!

For so long I have heard the phrase, 'Don't Mess With Texas!'
I wouldn't dare----the Lone Star State is doing such an excellent job of messing itself up.already, that no additional outside help is necessary. Will this be the year Texas secedes from the Union?
OH, the irony!


@9 Phoebe in Wallingford: You're right, Phoebe. It was Heidi Cruz who planned the family escape to Cancun. Pretty low of Ted to blame the selfishness and ill-timing of their getaway on their two daughters, who now have to face quarantine for two weeks because of their parents' poor decision to travel. I can't imagine why so many Texas voters love this mindless idiot.


Kimye's dead? Whatever. I never 'kept up with the Kardashians' much, anyway.


jesus. Natty's been Chained to tS OVER a Year with her face buried in trumpftopian/Seattle politics not to mention facing Trolls daily

and now gets two weeks off to try and recover?

c'MON, tS, she's
EARNED a 3rd
week off WITH
Pay. if not a


ICE should be abolished. Its history of cruelty is well documented with its abusive history.

Kshama's screech and other right wing trolls - YOU DON'T HAVE TO RIDE THE GARBAGE TRUCK ALL THE WAY TO THE DUMP.


Just imagine the all-out tenant war in Rob's apartment building if BUCKY got cloned!


@26 Ivy, honey, I'm not right wing and I'm not a troll. I have a strong opinion that apparently is different than yours. Do you have a problem with that?


Thank you, too, for sharing the bird-watching photos, Nathalie. I feel sorry for that one pigeon, though. Happy well-deserved R&R!

Good news about the healthy snowpack this year. There's also an abundance on Mt. Baker (SR542). This means less chance of drought and water rationing this summer. Yaaay! I am hopeful that we don't have anything close to the wildfires like we've had over the past few years.
In the meantime, watch out for avalanches in the mountains and stay healthy, warm and safe, everybody.


@28: Uh huh. funny how you're on to yet ANOTHER sock puppet handle....


@30 It's Bess. Trolling SLOG is essential to his identity.

Like. Jesus Christ, man. Get a fucking life.



This IS there life - such as it is. I mean, it's not like these trolls are functioning, productive members of society. Without the SLOG rants to help them keep their various ducts and bladders properly squeezed they'd have nothing else to do besides sit around and wallow in their own filth...


"there" = "their"


@28: Stop sniffing Elmer's glue, galena.

@30 Lissa: How is everything for you lately? It's good to hear from you. I always enjoy your comments. Sending big cyber hugs, positrons, and VW beeps. :)

@30 Lissa, @31 Professor_Hiztory, and @33 COMTE: UH-oh! I'm afraid I'm guilty as charged for routinely slamming Raindrop (who I now refer to as Elmer Fudd, Jr. because he's such an ultra-maroon). Some like Elmer just make it SO-o-o- easy to "Whack-a-Troll".