The Most Dreamy TV Show Today Is Queen Latifah's The Equalizer



'keep it up, I'm comin.''

'I'd be Disappointed if you didn't.'

well she's Game & he can See
his Future as she
walks away...

Awesome and Thanks for the flix!


What makes it "dreamy" is the idea that a middle-aged and very obese woman could physically overcome multiple muscle-bound thugs presumably with much experience at fisticuffs themselves and who are half her age. That's flat-out fantasy right there and makes the the show too silly for me to watch...and I did try.


@2: "middle-aged and very obese woman could physically overcome multiple muscle-bound thugs"
There's a LiveLeak video out there someplace of a cop wrestling with a suspect for the cop's gun. And the cop is losing. Until a middle-aged, obese woman stepped up and shoved the suspect to the ground, saving the cop's life.

I've also been at the old Doc Maynards and watched as a "middle-aged and very obese woman" barged in the front door heading for the bar. Literally dragging two extra large sized bouncers behind her.

Don't underestimate the powers of the obese.


@3 - What you're talking about is what sheer weight can do, but that's not what the show shows. She's whip-fast with cat-like reflexes, the flexibility of a ninja and the hand-to-hand combat skills of Jason Bourne.

As to the cop story you saw, sometimes all the cop needs is an extra pair of willing hands of almost any capability.


Charles, check your character/actor mix-up for Marcus Dante. I think you have it backwards. BUT, that said, TOTALLY AGREE WITH WHAT YOU WRITE!!


Proof that anyone can be bought by being drawn into marketing hype, with tired writing and the concept of.bending gemder qualifying as great entertiainment to someone. Not me. I tried it, fell asleep once, and almost recited lines before they were given. I find it inminently predictable, and the.secret agent is on time for homework and dinner nightly. Spare me.
I'd call it a.sweeps.week fail stand in, if it hadn't been hyped for 2 months prior..soend your.precious time.anywhere else. The actors do an admiral.job on a.bad conceot and thin scripting.