WA Insurance Commissioner Calls for the Death of His Own Bill After Senate Democrats Gut It



Mark---just declare yourself a profit lusting RepubliKKKan KKKapitallist stooge, already and resign. We know you're not a Democrat. The average Washington voter can read a newspaper through you fer chrissakes.


Reuven Carlyle has tried to pull essentially the same regulatory-capture bullsh*t with the data privacy issue not once, not twice, but three times now. The WA "Privacy" Act, which was drafted by an industry group including Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, features such consumer-friendly provisions like mandatory opt-out, meaningless fines, and enforcement mechanisms so bad that even the AG's office (who is supposed to oversee it) doesn't like it. And he's probably going to get away with it this session, 'cause it has the word, "COVID" in it.

Thanks again for sticking up for the little guy, Reuven! I'm sure all your old pals on the tech boards you serve on are shaking in their boots.


I guess Sen Mark Mullet is "business in the front".


The majority Senate Democratic Caucus could reject Mullet’s committee substitute bill and bring the stronger, original bill to the floor for a vote... but they won’t. They’d rather be unified in doing nothing than divided in doing something; in any event, the bill would face similar obstacles from a handful of powerful anti-consumer Democrats in the House.


The Non-binary Latine community has been repeatedly asking that people not use the word Latinx. While it’s rad that people are aiming to include the non-binary community when they speak the correct term is then “Latine” with an e. The reason for this is first Latinx it’s not a word in Spanish, and the “x” is against all their grammar rules. 2 they use the word Latine and similarly use an “e” in the place of “o” and “a” on gendered words that change. So bonito (masculine), bonita (feminine) bonite (non-binary). I can understand if no one had yet informed the Stranger journalists and editors, but now you know. Let’s respect their wishes.


Credit scores and the private, predatory credit bureaus that produce them shouldn't even exist. Their methodology is inaccurate and application of credit scores to countless non-credit related matters is lazy and harmful.


Just be glad we aren't tattooed w/ bar codes required to present them at racist cash registers.
This is a naked power grab, and at risk of "racist excuse fatigue" this will merely result in another version of defacto "poor taxes".
Does anyone know what the profit MARGIN for insurance companies is in 2021? Severe focus on shareholder return has turned the legally required symbiotic agency relationship into parasitism.
How much does the State spend out of our tax revenues on coverage for road crews vs. the accident rate for those employees?
This is a money grabbing scam, guaranteed by statute, and they can't show corporate year on year growth (bonus money) without bleeding dry the least able to pay and most vulnerable segement of aociety.
Thanks for shining a light on this symptom.
Can you write with authority on all the myriad causes?