Welcome Back: Here's a Little Game I Play When I'm Stoned



Yeah, we tease him a lot
Cause it was written by a bot
Welcome back, welcome back
Welcome back, welcome back


A lot of sitcoms from the 60s and 70s have theme songs that were better than the show. The Jetsons for example.


Since the TV intro only has the first two verses, it was weird to hear the entire song for the first time. And still is. I caught it on the radio in Wenatchee one time, and it was...disorienting.


@ 2, the Jetsons was weak in rehashed story lines, but the near-future tech is well worth watching. it only lasted one season, but yet it haunts the pop culture landscape. The original Star Trek is one of those too, kinda got a 'meh' reception, but lingers on. 'Freaks and Geeks', the list goes on...


And don't forget about Cousin Schlomo.


I kinda miss the days when Charles insisted he used weed strictly for medical reasons, it lent an enervating tension to his rambling pot posts.


The story behind the song is more interesting than the story behind this article.

He sounds like a bot
Cause he smokes so much pot
Welcome back
Welcome back Welcome back
Well come ba-ah-ack


Is this a troll post? Because consider myself trolled! What the hell, Charles.


a muse's amusing musings
nothing to get hung about


Hehe, nice


Hmm. I think you might be getting just a tad bit high ...


I feel you Charles. I do this with songs, particularly rinsed top 40 and jingles. Stoned of course.