Who’s the Homophobe Bothering Local Businesses and Ken Jennings’ Family?



"Mindy Kennings, the wife of Jeopardy! star Ken Jennings."
and now I'm befuddled too.




Probably one of the SLOG trolls.


Didn’t David Letterman have some creepy woman that claimed to be his wife and went to far as to break into his house?


Yes, Margaret Mary Ray stalked Letterman for years; but I'm not sure what that has to do with these poison pen postcards.


Oh wait, the penny just dropped. You're suggesting the sender of these postcards may be stalking Jennings and wishing to be his wife?


Plot twist! What if the postcards were actually sent by representatives of one of the targeted businesses? The content of the postcards is so offensive as to be cartoonish. In a time when sales are down, maybe a small businessperson decided to construct an enemy in order to rally community support. To be smart about it, you send cards to multiple businesses that share your political positions.

The sender is never verified, the community comes together, and people line up outside the door, boosting the revenues of your business and others. Everyone points their fingers at the hated ruralz. Win win win!



Ah, the ole' "false flag" conspiracy canard.

The simpler (and therefore, according to "Occam's Razor" more likely) answer is that it's just your regular, run-of-the-mill homophobe - it's not like there's any shortage of those.


@7 Jesus Christ. You really are a dirt bag by instinct, aren’t you.


Eh, the Cupcake Royale ladies can be really lousy to their employees, amongst other things -wouldnt put it past em to seek out a little free publicity.


"20.6% of U.S. adults experienced mental illness in 2019 (51.5 million people). This represents 1 in 5 adults. 5.2% of U.S. adults experienced serious mental illness in 2019 (13.1 million people)."


Yeah. That must be it. "Free publicity." Yeah. Let me walk though this "logic."

Step one: Send out fake homophobic postcards.
Step two: Media attention.
Step three: ???
Step four: PROFIT!

But it obviously can't be one of a million trolling nuts. The sort of stupid shit the Trolls like #7 and #10 in this very thread above spew here all day nearly every day.

Nope. It's got to be the Cupcake Deep State!


@8 Considering that the Seattle firefighter who's charged with harrassing Kshama Sawant allegedly did so as a false flag attack, maybe acknowledge the possibility here so you avoid eating a shit sandwich about it later.


@13 So now we know you don't know what a "false flag" actually is among all the other stupid shit you post here.


@13 PS. You know the cards have been sent for almost two years, right?

I mean. Man. That is some looooooong game 4D chess Cupcake Deep State shit right there.


long-time reader dear, you have to admit that it's kind of a random thing. If I were either of the Jennings I think I'd be a bit freaked out.


@13: Dude you are thinking too small on the scope of this.. FFS. It's the spaced based Jewish lasers. They are so sophisticated that they can target specific businesses, write the cards, spoof the Jennings, and bamn.. Bob's your uncle. Put on your tinfoil hat to protect yourself from this sinister act of misdoing. What could be the next horrible chapter what people will do to drum up business and to make a buck in these trying times? I dunno.. like launch a big campaign to convince a bunch of idiots to give you money so you can fight mass fraud in the 2020 election? Oh wait someone's already done it.


@16, quite random indeed. But in my experience, trying to understand the reasons behind the acts of an insane mind is seldom a fruitful quest.


So this is what John Bailo has been up to, since the Stranger killed his "Supreme Ruler of the Universe" account. The timing works out, I believe.


It could be Mindy. (They might be Mormons, which could account for homophobic dispositions). They met at BYU:


This statement is odd:

"The Jennings family says they have no connection to the cards, and no idea who’s sending them or why."

Typically, the falsely accused is adamant about denying it directly, e.g: '"They not coming from me!" said Mindy Jennings.'


@14 You know it's a good day when someone who professes to be schooling you on a point ironically doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

False flag: an attack or other hostile action that obscures the identity of the participants carrying out the action while implicating another group or nation as the perpetrator (often used attributively)

"A Seattle firefighter was charged Wednesday with cyberstalking and identity theft in connection with threats sent to Councilmember Kshama Sawant from another firefighter's email address.

Andrew Finseth told investigators that he was targeting his firefighter colleague and wrote the threats to try to get his colleague punished, according to court documents."

False flag criteria met? Yep.

And as far as these postcards, they're also a false flag by definition if anyone other than the claimed Mindy Jennings is sending them. As we have little reason to believe that she's that stupid...

So, the only question is who is carrying out the false flag: some homophobic malcontent, or a business taking inspiration from Jussie Smollett. There are plenty of examples of both.

"Professor," I think it's time you went back and hit the books.



Oh, you poor delusional conspiracy dumb fuck troll.

A "false flag" would've been something set up by Sawant. Not by some random moron who wanted to frame another random moron. How the term is use in modern parlance has entirely different implications.

By your definition YOU"RE a false flag because you're not really named "Herr Brahms." Why are you framing Brahms! OMG!

The post cards have been sent for TWO YEARS, dipshit. They only just got started to local business. But they are from the same source. How fucking stupid are you? So you'r conspiracy theory is that some cup cake shop or something has been sending postcards for year first to the wife of a game show contestant and then WILD PIVOT OF STRATEGY began sending them to a half dozen other businesses including themselves. To get pro-gay sympathy? Or something?

This is your fucking theory.

What is wrong with you? Seriously? Do you have tin foil wrapped around your head right now? "False flag?" Jesus Christ. Christ. I'm literally embarrassed for you right now.


It’s hard to know exactly what’s behind the mailing, other than that it’s the work of a creep with an unhealthy fixation.

Sigh. Did you think to ask a mental health professional? I haven't worked in this field for a long time so let me give you some advice: if you've read as many case files as I have of mentally ill/emotionally ill/mentally retarded people - many that suffered sexual abuse as kids, this will seem oddly familiar. The whole 'messaging' thing is pretty common among mentally ill people: they either focus on interpreting messages they think are directed at them via TV/newspaper/Safeway receipt/random paperback, or they have some sort of message they need to get to a person/group they have no association with. And don't get me started on the wide variety of sexual obsessions. I used to work with a young woman with an IQ of about 70-ish that was anally raped on a regular basis by her relatives. She'd insert mention of buttholes in the weirdest context, as in 'hey that looks like it would fit in your ass'. AND this very sweet Black woman HATED gay men as they were into...sticking things in their ass. Is she a "creep with an unhealthy fixation."? Ah this take me back, she was hilarious - she'd yell at male staff she didn't like "HEY why don't you go do some gay shit behind the building and stick that fork up your ass".

I suspect if the cultural nature of the message were reversed it would not make your paper or the author would be lauded as a hero - despite being desperately unwell. A stream of postcards sent to conservative organizations over a span of years obsessed with, oh I don't know, telling them they can only do God's work if they masturbate once a day...that sounds like something I'd read in a case file. If THAT were the case the quote I pulled would probably read " ...it's the work of a hero with a healthy view of sex" despite the fact they want to kill themselves when they aren't pushing masturbation.

Prediction: the left will bring back institutionalization of the mentally ill in a big way. THAT is how the homeless problem will be solved - anyone with the slightest hint of mental/cognitive disability with the 'wrong' ideas will be just....gone. Good thing Western State has plans for a new facility.


@22 Yeah, that's what I thought. Keep digging.

Hostile, dense, and unmedicated is no way (for you) to go through life, son.


@24 Yeah. HAHAHA. I'm not the one spinning insane conspiracy theories, Walter.

Again. Please explain the time traveling necessary to start a troll campaign two years ago — originally targeted at Ken Jennings.

How does all that work? Like how did Cup Cake Evil Genius know we were going to be in a pandemic two years later and would need some magical boost provided by your mystery upside down stealth PR campaign? Was the Ken Jennings thing like a massive head fake?

Go on. Work it into your theory. Was it aliens? Jewish Space Lasers? What? Get reeeeeeeal detailed. Maybe provide some of the sprawling crayon sketches you do on your bedroom wall.

HAHAHA. God. Too much.


There are some serious imbeciles and nutters in this comment section.

@20 No, these letters are not being sent by Mindy Jennings, you absolute mong. The Jennings are not evangelical fire and brimstone Mormons, they're very chill. These letters are the work of a troll who hasn't discovered how use to use the internet yet lmfao.


This is the USPS equivalent of lighting a bag of dog poop on fire, ringing the door bell and running away, and it is unfortunate that this troll has caused so much disconcertion and downtime at the various businesses that he/ she/ it/ they have targeted with their hate-mongering. These may be disaffected homophobic Bible-thumping Trump supporters who should be taken out in the cornfield and probed by horny aliens. The low-tech nature of the trolling—a handwritten postcard full of anti-gay blither-blather points to a low IQ Republican like Ted Cruz or Mitch McConnell, or a frustrated Trump acolyte with a severe fanny-fetish.