Slog PM: No More Airplanes for Me, Goodbye Kevin, Lazy Right-Wingers Want Idaho to Come to Them



Good luck with that tax base, "Greater" Idaho.


Really, Idaho should just be divvied up between the neighboring states. We don't need another, larger Republican welfare state to fund.


Now that I think of it, Montana, Wyoming, and both the Dakotas should join Greater Idaho as well. Think of how great that would be for the Senate - particularly if we add DC, PR, The Virgin Islands, and Guam. We wouldn't even need to expand the Senate or redo the flag.



"He notably said, "If confirmed, I will supervise the prosecution of White supremacists..."

Garland telling half of those voting to confirm him that he is going after their voting base must've been a pretty awkward moment.


Agreed and seconded, Chase. No more airplanes for me, either.
Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Boeing execs!

Ever notice how those hellbent on making everything "Greater" turn everything to shit instead?

Are these RWNJs wanting their own power grid, too, like Texas? That's one helluva way to turn blood red states blue. Good luck, especially in the winter months. Climate change is real. Who's their Guv'nor going to be, Cliven Bundy?


@3 Catalina - don't get carried away. I'm still hoping to trade North Dakota/South Manitoba to Canada for Vancouver Island.

Actually the right wing nut-job tax money-siphoning counties joining Idaho is not a terrible idea. Oregon gets rid of some problems and it doesn't add 2 new Republican Senators like splitting the state would. They might get a rude awakening once they can't get the taxpayers in Portland to pay for their roads and hospitals though.



@2 - divvying Idaho up would create a further drain on the taxpayers of all the neighboring states AND bring in a bunch of Repub voters who would make it even harder to raise enough revenue to pay for the increased services they would have to provide. Bad deal all around.


Congratulations to Prezinazi Tr666p and the fascist GOP Death Cult in bringing home mass murderer levels of malicious incompetence after spreading chaos, death, and destruction all over the Middle East for the last two decades. These treasonous terrorists have killed more Americans than World War II, Korea and Vietnam combined.

To put those 500,000 dead Americans in perspective:

Australia, 909
Canada, 21,675
Cuba, 296
Iceland, 29
Iraq, 13,272
Japan, 7,485
Kenya, 1,823
Korea, 1,562
New Zealand, 26
Nigeria, 1,839
Pakistan, 12,617
Zimbabwe, 1,436


dvs99 dear, You can't give North Dakota to Canada. That would make The Empire Builder into an international train, and how would I ever get to the midwest (especially if we aren't supposed to fly?)

And really how many people live in those counties of Oregon and California? I don't think there'd be much population gain, and the only population center would remain Boise.


Catalina- Fair point on the train. maybe an East Berlin-style transit corridor?

My worry is that adding more people to those fringe counties in WA, OR, CA would increase their voting power and make it just a wee bit easier for the rightist wackos to get elected here. Now, granted, it could not possibly have been enough to help Loren Culp, but in a close race it could make a difference.


Idaho has some beautiful land and cheap real estate, only to be ruined by the likelihood that your nearest neighbor is probably going to be a racist conspiracy nut.


Mariners manage to represent in a comical and unique manner of incompetency. The reality is that the idiotic views and policies expressed by their (now former) mush-brained CEO aren't even remotely unorthodox or controversial within MLB executive management circles. The hugely important thing of course, is that all of the other teams' management brass are smart enough to not say that shit out loud, much less in a fucking videoconference call that was absolutely bound to go public. Sadly, the team had actually been doing a seemingly decent job of stockpiling player talent within the system, though several of those talented players are now expressing their desire to not be in Seattle. Here's Kyle Seager's wife on twitter earlier today...

“So should we put our house in Seattle on the market now, orrrrrr?”


dvs99 dear, I don't think the "merger" (which doesn't include anything in WA state that I have seen) would add any population from a political standpoint. Not enough to add any representatives, and at its worst would still have no effect at all on the balance in the Senate.

Greater Idaho would have the nutjob politicians that regular Idaho has. The nutjobs from Eastern Oregon and the poorer parts of Northern California would just change their state alliance.

If Eastern WA were to want to go over to "Greater Idaho", I would be irked, because the property taxes on our Grand Coulee area property would almost certainly go up, while services would almost certainly go down.

On the plus side, the more affluent parts of Oregon and California would be relieved of the expense of those welfare counties where there are more cows than people, and massive federal and state intervention makes life there remotely possible.


Taters, Inc'll likely open up a few toxic/nucular waste dumps to pay for their 'give everbody guns' cum who wants to be a Militia and a few tanks too for hunting and home defense. not intended for overthrowing the hated Gov't.

there's BIG Money in Waste and so while we're mostly upwind we'll still likely hafta keep 'em away from the Columbia -- perhaps we reroute it around Hanford but then there's the Snake river. they can run it into the Pacific -- just bore thru those pesky Cascades and south of Newport if you will.


I wish we could just deport Trumpty Dumpty and all its RWNJ QAnons and MAGA tools blindsided by Der Gropenfuhrer's Death Cult to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Let's see how they all make it without electricity, clean running water, decent healthcare, federal funding, or the ability to vote. Hurricane season there would be a hoot.
Oh, but I forgot----they all LOVE to faht fer their Free Dumbs---they don't NEED the Guv'Mint! They'll be eating "breakfast 400 yards away from enemy lines"!

@15 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I hope your Grand Coulee retirement property in Eastern Washington doesn't become vulnerable to "Greater" Idaho! Facing suddenly jacked up taxes and slashed services would truly suck if ever implemented there or anywhere else. You would truly have my heartfelt condolences.

@16 kristofarian: What IS it about Texas and Idaho lately? Something in the Steak and Potatoes?


@17: "Facing suddenly jacked up taxes and slashed services would truly suck if ever implemented there or anywhere else. "

Describes Seattle


Please can we get eastern Washington added to Greater Idyho and keep all the tax money the productive blue counties send to the rednecks.


@13 - That is changing. Both my GF and I own homes in north Idaho, and they have more than doubled in value in the last 9 years. People are flooding here from WA and CA, mostly CA, and pushing prices up, up, up.

We both get hounded by realtors to sell our homes all the time, and mid-priced ($400-750,000) homes fly off the market literally in days. Those coming here are almost all Trumpian right-wingers who want to be free of pesky black and brown people and free to kill their neighbors by never wearing masks or social-distancing...while carrying pistols, shotguns and machine guns on them all at the same time literally everywhere they go.

I think Chase made a mistake...maybe. He said 5 large counties in Oregon want to join Idaho, but the map he showed is more like ~25 counties, not including those in CA.


@20 Morty: How scary that Idaho is being overrun by Trumpian RWNJs arriving in droves!
And according to your calculations of Chase's multi-state map, the number of Oregon counties wanting to join the proposed expansion of "Greater" Idaho is ~25, not 5, and that does not include the little additional chunk of Northern California? Oy.
My oldest sister and niece had a frightening driving experience this last summer, akin to the early Stephen Spielberg movie, "Duel"(1971), starring Dennis Weaver. My sister drove her 14 year old grandson (my great-nephew) to a Boy Scouts camp in Idaho, with my oldest niece (my great-nephew's aunt) riding along. My great nephew's counselor said he would drive his troop back home to Western Washington (my sister and niece returned home separately). The malevolent truck driver my oldest sister described that she and my niece had encountered on the road, returning back on USR2 / I-90 was too much like the unseen stunt driver, Carey Loftin driving a menacing, rusted out hulk of a 1960 Peterbilt diesel tanker for comfort.
My sister and niece made it home safely by themselves--largely due to amazing defensive driving on my niece's part. But I am left to wonder about the possible dangers of unfamiliar territories on road trips, particularly east of the Cascades.
You're a cop, Morty. What are your thoughts and feelings, especially when so many people in the region where and your girlfriend live carry military firearms?


Raindrop dear, I don’t think our taxes are onerous, but then again, I’m not a cheapskate.

Every once in a while a sign promoting “liberty” (the name for proposed state which would comprise of. Eastern Washington ) shows up in the vacant lot next door, but Someone takes it down almost immediately. I don’t think most folks want to go through the hassle.


@22: Cheapskate refers to someone stingy with discretionary spending. Taxes don't fall into that category.


The "Greater Idaho" people would also need to accept things like Indigenous areas AND more-or-less Democratic-voting Moscow and Boise being added to a Greater Washington.

And a "Free City of Ashland" would also need to be given statehood- with a congressmember and two U.S. Senators


Boeing jet pilot to co-pilot :
"Here, hold my beer 'n' watch this".


I find that Greater Idaho thing just perplexing in its vainglorious revanchist stupidity. It’s one huge “oh yeah? I’ll show you guys!” And after all the effort and swagger these morons are still going be living in Oregon and saddled with the consequences of 30 years of their own fucking stupid decisions.


Catalina-don’t worry. I’m sure we’d figure out how to keep the Columbia in Washington.


@27 -- well half* of it anyway
post-Canada that is

*OR figures they own it out
to the Middle but so do we


I just don't understand voters in ~25 of Oregon's counties, anymore (thank you, Morty @20, for further clarification of Chase's map grid). They must be wildly cheering on the gun-crazed,[Cliven] Bundy clan, especially since the Burns, Oregon "standoff" at the Malheur Wildlife National Refuge.
I'm glad my beloved and I were able to take the once-in-a-lifetime bucket list road trip down Washington's and Oregon's SR 101 along the coast when we did. A lot of fond memories.