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from Raising Arizona
to Fargo to to Burn
after Reading &
now This:

Frances McDormand
is a National TREASURE.

and: where Else
they gonna Live?


Thank You


I found it profoundly depressing. And very white.


Bingo, Wino! RV PARKS for the (currently-unhomed) houseless. didja Hear that Mr. President? like (some) migrant camps of olde... *

*from 'the Grapes of Wrath': "Later that night, the Joads come across the Weedpatch camp, a decent, government-sponsored facility where migrants govern themselves, thus avoiding the abuse of corrupt police officers."

Fuck. yeah.
but Bullies
gotta GO.

just like
in the Movie!


no, currently-homed
they're Living in them.


@8 -- I was thinking more Gov't-sponsored than Corporatey Largess but it IS Good of the Waltons (thee Richest damn Fambly in the RICHEST fucking COUNTRY in the Known fucking Universe) to give back the weeest bit -- that's kinda like the Sackler Fambly handing out Naloxene on street corners. nice but Inadequate.

nah, let's think beyond acres of asphalt -- potable water, communal bbq, waste-dumping opportunities and maybe a dumpster plus recycling and access to transit and services. for starters.


@Wen -- I spose Wally World's other problem is that all their Cheap Junk comes from China and if it isn't being made by Prison Labor -- political or whatever -- it's made by wee chirrens. whom I am certain Wally World -- thee Walton Fambly -- also loves Dearly. now if they'd just work a little Faster we'd all be that much Happier -- you oughtta See their little hands fly! specially after they get their Medicines! it does a Capitalist's "heart" wonders!

hmmm -- perhaps the Sackler Fambly has
some medicine for them as well.
they really Need their sleep!


I really liked the concept of this movie initially, but the execution fell a bit flat in my opinion. Maybe I'll give it a rewatch but the characters weren't that engaging and I felt the gorgeous settings were squandered somewhat by the lack of direction to the plot.

Also, there were 2 extremely gratuitous scenes of McDormand taking grisly shits. Why did Chloe Zhao feel the need to subject my stoned ass to watching on screen defecation, not once but twice?


haven't seen it yet
but Will buy.
tell me she
Faked it.


@12: The "Very white" comment can be referring to the content in front of the camera, not the production staff behind it.

Besides the Morrissey-lover at the beginning it's hard to find non-white people in the film. I'm curious to what extent minorities are employed at places like Wall Drug.



According to the Wikipedia entry, Wall, SD has a population of roughly 850 - 900 people and is nearly 92% white. So, by that estimate there are only about eight, maybe 9 total non-whites in the entire community, not including - I guess - seasonal workers. Presumably most of those could find some place better to work.


My sister didn't like this movie; A bore, she said. I thought it was kind of quietly breathtaking. The cinematography was first-rate, and I'm ready to crown Frances McDormand and kiss her feet. But I didn't like her character at all. Was the movie praising people who don't want to fit in? Fine. Don't fit in. Want to move from town to town like an American Bedouin? Great. Be that.

But notice who she runs to when she needs $2000 to fix her old camper. She turns to her sister who probably takes the ol' boss man employer up her ass every day and gets it done for a normal paycheck. That act of not being able to support your own choices and willingly live on the financial edge like that, in my book, removed whatever amount of heroism or romanticism she might have had being a drifter.

On the other hand, if I'm not supposed to take away any moral judgment from the film, then it is a pretty graphic and sad - very sad - character study of someone who has given up.


@17: Math’s not your forté, is it?

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