Slog PM: The South African Variant Lands in King County, Tiger Woods Hospitalized After Crash, Capitol Police Point Fingers



The one essential story of the day is from Mother Jones: "How Does Chuck Schumer Keep Democrats Together? A Flip Phone."


Why call the police to Catholic Community Services, couldn't social workers have dealt with the situation?


Rich - Could you try not freaking the fuck out about new variants? We are doing a good job, vaccines are rolling through, and fatality rates will continue to drop. It's easy to keep wearing a mask in-doors, do it, I always do. But cowering at home for some random shit? Personally, I think those days need to end asap. Get outside.


@3: Viruses aren't random. The take advantage of every opportunity exponentially.



1) It's The Stranger. Freaking Out is the default mode.
2) As Raindrop suggests viruses do not care if you think social distancing needs to end ASAP. We fucked this up from the beginning and allowed the virus to become endemic and to mutate. The mutations are worthy of concern. If one emerges that is resistant to the vaccine then we are back to square one and get to do it all over again.
Until we can get >70% of the population vaccinated you need to follow Rich's advice and mask the fuck up and stay the fuck home.


variants? no problem! WA state says two thumbs up safe for dining/hanging around indoors at restaurants, no mask! yay! follow the science!


WA State Senators look like they want to be the murderer in Clue.


Feel like getting widely accessible public broadband access could be real big. Totally realistic goal, and would give us yet another example to throw in the faces of those yokels who constantly whine that the public sector doesn't work for them (not that there don't exist countless examples of this already, given the existence of vital municipal infrastructure & the related upkeep thereof.) This would be especially fun though, since so many of those ignorant yokels do so much of their whining on Facebook, twitter, etc, and so would no doubt be relying on those services they're so fervently aligned against to do their whining. It doesn't ever accomplish shit, but it's still fun and satisfying pointing out blatant ideological inconsistency and hypocrisy to idiots.


@2: You... don't really know anything about Catholic Community Services or what they do, do you....


@5 you contradict yourself - if a variant is resistant to the vaccine the 70percent level you mention is irrelative to that variant. No one plays out the scenario where the virus becomes a constant fact of life with a new variation every year or so. It will be a check on human population long over due and people will have to muddle through. Best solution yet to global warming. Why do we expect to never have risk and live to be 85+ ?


@7 Ha ha ha ha


The PUD's have been providing fiber infrastructure for about a decade I think. But, in true dumb WA state manner, the PUD strings the wire, runs it to your house, and owns the box. But then a third party provider does the internety things.

This is frustrating to me because if there is an outage, the PUD is of no help, and the "provider" is a mom-and-pop where no one answers the phone, so you have no idea if it's a PUD issue, or a provider issue.

But still, it's only $55 a month for very fast internet.


"And anyway, what the fuck is Sen. Yellow Shirt going to do with that wrench?"

The wrench is too small to use on fences, but I think it's not too big to loosen his nuts.


Great clip and poem at the end. Thanks for sharing!