Susan Collins Isn't Sure Queer People Should Be Allowed to Keep Their Jobs and Homes



Look at 2020 and how Moscow Mitch, Miss Lindsay Gray-uhm, Susan Collins, Joni Ernst, et al, supposedly sailed through “winning” their elections by absurd margins after being ridiculously upside down in polling for year and still historically unpopular. Millions of people would’ve had to have had election night lobotomies to produce this insane result.

It’s no coincidence that the states where they won use the ES&S voting machines, while the states Democrats won use Dominion. Republinazi accusations are always confessions, and if they’re squealing about voter fraud, it’s because they’re the ones committing it. That stupid Tr666p whore that declared the 2020 elections to be the most secure ever was also the same incompetent asshole that allowed the federal government to be hacked to shit for nearly a year in the SolarWinds attack.

I can’t believe people aren’t screaming about this from the rooftops, but there’s just no way those elections were legitimate. At all.
Fake elections for a fake country.


And yes, I’m well-aware of how conspiracy-cray cray this all sounds, but as America continues its self-destructive tail-spin and collapse, all we’ve got left are cuckoo suppositions and collective impotent rage.


Poor dear, there's still time for her to change her mind.


I don't know about the other states, but here in KY, Mitch doesn't need any help. He doesn't even have to try. I really wanted Charles Booker to have a go at him, it would have been a more interesting race but the result would have been the same I'm afraid


Don't know about Ernst & Collins, but I would have been shocked if SC had not re-elected a powerful Republican who could bring lots of $$$ to the state. I don't think you have to invoke a conspiracy to see how Mitch & Lindsey got back in.


Are queer people sure that Susan Collins should be allowed to keep her job?