Cops say they confiscated this cocaine, but ...
Cops say they confiscated this cocaine, but ... Seattle Police Department

Over a hundred Confederate monuments went away last year. A report from Southern Poverty Law details the 160 Confederate symbols removed since the death of George Floyd, most of them in Virginia. Seattle’s was not among them — yes, we really do have a Confederate monument in Seattle. We even had a chapter of the Daughters of Confederacy until recently.

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s The Nutcracker is Back Onstage at McCaw Hall! Tickets start at $27.
Join PNB for a timeless tale of holiday adventure performed by PNB’s amazing dancers and orchestra.

The one-dose vaccine is looking good. It’s pretty effective, and side effects are low. FDA folks will meet on Friday to talk about next steps to discuss authorization for use. Like the other vaccines, it doesn’t completely prevent infection, but the company says it does prevent 100% of hospitalizations and deaths.

Schools won’t be opening next week. The plan was for Seattle Public Schools to open on March 1, but that’s being postponed as the district continues to work out a deal with the teachers union, according to the Seattle Times.

Where did the Seattle Police really get that cocaine? The Seattle Police Blotter reported on Monday that a woman bought a crochet kit at a business in the 730 block of N 95th St. Upon opening the kit, she found a suspicious yellow package, which she handed over to the police, and they found it to be a kilogram of cocaine. The story was picked up and repeated by the Xerox machines at KOMO and elsewhere, none of whom seem to have noted that there doesn't appear to be a store that sells crochet kits on the 730 block of N 95th St. It’s all residential. What’s up, SPD?

Trump’s shitty postmaster general will testify today. Democrats have questions about Louis DeJoy’s ten-year plan for the USPS. I have questions about why he wasn’t replaced the moment Biden took office. Anyway, the ten-year plan hasn’t been released, but people who’ve seen it say that it involves making deliveries even slower.

The Biden administration is ending Trump's transphobic legal work. It's a complicated situation, but ultimately it's good news. Previously, the Trump administration was lending support to a lawsuit in CT over laws that allowed trans students to participate in school sports. The lawsuit itself isn't going away, but now they'll have to bother trans kids without help from the White House. So … that's progress, at least. Trans athletes are the new gay wedding cakes.

Heidi Cruz is pissed. (I would be too if that was the man I married.) Ted says that his wife is annoyed that one of her friends leaked their texts to the New York Times. “Don’t be assholes,” said the asshole. How much do you want to bet that NOBODY in that group text actually wanted to be there?

Annie’s “is” eliminating ortho-phthalates. It’s not exactly clear HOW the Mac & Cheese company will eliminate the chemicals, though, or even how they wound up in the food. Ortho-phthalates usually come from plastic and could have a million sources; they were first detected four years ago and there’s no target date for them to be eliminated. So … good job???

Seattle Times employee terrifies Groucho Marx. Here’s a truly peculiar clip from 1955 of a Seattle Times employee named Albert Hall (what? okay) disturbing Groucho Marx. What do you suppose was going on with this fellow?

Which fancy grocery store is selling overpriced Costco cake? Ken Jennings has given us the clues, Mister Policeman. Now it’s up to us to figure out the rest. Any guesses about which “fancy” Seattle grocery store they’re talking about, and why are you so sure it’s an Amazon Go?

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You can mark your couch in VR. This is only going to matter to like half a percent of the people reading this, but FINALLY you can tell the Oculus where your couch is, so you can sit down without the headset freaking out about why you suddenly got so short.

Azealia Banks is … not good. An engagement announcement quickly turned into a TERFy rant, and Angelica Ross is not amused.