Slog AM: One-Dose Vaccine Advances, Democrats to Grill Trump's Post-Office-Ruiner, Seattle Cops Claim Cocaine Found at Store



That Groucho Marx bit was amazing ... What a find!


The mystery of the address does not preclude the facts of the case Matt.


Shouldn't the existence of the crime scene be one of the facts of the case? Seems like a weird one to be flexible about.


Biden can't fire DeJoy. The board does that, and it currently only has repub members. Biden can appoint more members to the board. I expect it's on his to-do list, but so are ten thousand other things that don't normally need fixing by a new President.


Maybe someone is operating a small, indie craft store out of their garage - surprised the nosy neighbors haven't complained about all the dangerous old ladies staggering around with their needles and hooks just sticking out of their baskets where children might see them.



I expected it, but there really was no need for a Tiger Woods story this morning. Just one big mess of mad and sad.


RE: The cocaine story

Cocaine's not a narcotic, it's a stimulant.


"Ted [Cruz] says that his wife [Heidi] is annoyed that one of her friends leaked their texts to the New York Times."
Yeah Heidi, they do not like you. Nor Ted. And those are your friends.


Why can I never find a kilo of cocaine? What kind of person involves the police for something like this. It's only inviting trouble into your life. If you're not comfortable, flush it or donate it to someone in need.


I think we all know that craft store. It's the one that had that crazy snowperson in front of it.


luv 2 change my gender to position myself above blacks in the oppression hierarchy all the coddled suburban whites are doing it


@7, I refer you to Merriam-Webster, "narcotic", definition 1(b): a drug (such as marijuana or LSD) subject to restriction similar to that of addictive narcotics whether physiologically (see PHYSIOLOGICAL) addictive and narcotic or not


So are we saying we can't allow that there might be an issue of competitive fairness with letting a trans athlete compete against those born female without being labeled transphobic? That doesn't seem right either.


The SPD report this article links to says the cocainey animal hat making kit was bought at “6400 8th ave nw”, which is the Ballard Goodwill, and I feel like we all just should’ve guessed that that was the place to begin with.


@15: Earth to Matt: Just a little digging, just a little digging.



No surprise that SPD would locate the BALLARD Goodwill in GREENWOOD (although, technically it's in Phinney Ridge, but just barely) - just more proof they couldn't find their collective asses from a hole in the ground if they were standing neck deep in one.


@10 Baltimore.


Anything that is not overtly trans-affirmative is transphobic. Deciding where to place trans athletes, high school or otherwise, is hardly cut and dried. Could be done thoughtfully or could be really destructive for women's sports. Also, a fair amount of trans activism is mostly the act of a trans person loosing their white male privilege in a very loud way.


I think the eligibility of trans athletes depends on the sport. I think sports that depend on raw muscle power like track or boxing need special deliberation, team sports not so much because skill prevails here. Other sports like archery or shooting or bowling or whatever are almost entirely skill-based and should be fine.


Joe Rogan fans have entered the chat.


@20 I think that is a reasonable solution. For athletic sports like track, there probably won't be enough trans athletes to compete in their own classification so could they compete with biological females but just be excluded from medals/records? Theoretically high school should be more about participation than who actually wins so that would allow inclusivity without penalizing biological females who are in line for scholarships and/or higher levels of competition (Olympics/pro leagues etc).



Ugh. Why on Earth did Merriam-Webster legitimize that.

It's as bad as Georgians referring to all soft drinks as "Coke" whether it's Coke or not.

Server: "Would you like something to drink?"
Customer: "A Coke"
Server: "What kind of Coke?"
Customer: "Pepsi"

Just ugh.


This moral panic over trans athletes is so dumb, like there is a scourge of trans athletes just waiting to win all the medals when in reality it’s a minority of a minority who just want to play sports.

The good news is that it feels like they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for lgbt-related moral panics if this is all they’ve got. I mean I’m sure there will be more in store bc they always find some novel way to use queer people as a wedge but it’s hard to imagine what it could even be.


Conflating a discussion of the topic as "moral panic" is dumb.


DeJoy was put in place by the head of the Board of Governors of the USPS in collusion with Mitch McConnell (who the head of the BoG worked for) and Trump's Munchkin, Steve Mnuchin. He never worked in the USPS. He was placed in the position (coached by the aforementioned to pass his "interview") with the sole purpose of destroying the most successful government organization since this country began. He was put in place to destroy the service, slow down the mail delivery, and specifically and especially tamper with the mail in ballots of the 2020 presidential election. He failed. But he's still there. The BoG have refused to do their jobs (fire him), allowed him to continue his sabotage, and all of them, every single one of them, and DeJoy, are criminals who should not simply lose their jobs, but be held liable in criminal court for their purposeful and deliberate destruction of the organization for which they were entrusted to oversee.

Everyone, no matter who they are, no matter what they believe, no matter who they vote for, and no matter how old they are - relies on the United States Postal SERVICE.

Biden may not be able to fire him but this country needs to get rid of DeJoy and all of the BoG, and stop the dismantling and destruction of the USPS before it is too late. No one seems very interested in all of the crimes that Trump committed and how McConnell and the Republicans (148 guilty of sedition and treason) run rip shod over the law and do whatever they fuck they want. Time for Democrats to do the same. Rip that fucker out of his position. Destroy the BoG and build it from the ground up. Our entire government is full of cancer and the only way one with cancer has a chance of surviving is by cutting every single cell of it out.


FUNFACT: 3.2% of all sport media coverage is devoted to women, even though women count for 40% of all sports participants in the US. But you know. Trans people are the "threat."

The US population is about 328 million - the over 18 population is about 200 million. According to ESPN there are very roughly about 100-108 million female athletes participating in sports in the US at any given time. Probably way more. But we'll start with that.

The Williams Institute estimates that about 0.42% of U.S. adults identify as trans. A statistically insignificant fraction too small to calculate wish to be involved in competing in opposite sex competitive sports professionally.

But lets make an obscenely wild over estimate and say a quarter all of all trans - or around 200,000 people total - (discounting that not all trans are male to female) miraculously wished to compete in women's sports. Hahahaha. Which is absurd. But okay.

So. In this moral panic we are concerned with a wildly over estimated 150,000 trans wishing to compete against 100 - 108 MILLION CIS women athletes across all sports categories from (which only a tiny fraction will ever be elite, but never mind that).

So that means... a ratio of ... like 1.5 trans for every 720 women... is that right?... or maybe my math is off. So let's factor the ratio as ... oh, who fucking cares.

....hahahahahahah... I mean, really. I can't.


Oh. I guess ESPN was stating that the female athlete population included girls from age 12 up. But anyway. Whatever. The minuscule fraction of Trans athletes is not even worth considering as a problem.


25, Im not conflating it with anything Im calling it as i see it. This is the latest iteration of the right wing moral panic about gender & sexuality that has existed since the 60s. As each cycle fades out of vogue another one takes its place:

feminists want to destroy the nuclear family > gay people exist & are coming for your children > gay people want special rights > gay marriage will destroy civilization > trans people exist & are coming for your children > trans people are peeing in women’s bathrooms > trans people are coming for your sports

The fact that no one talks about bathroom bills anymore when that was a hot button issue like 5 years ago, despite nothing actually changing, should tell you everything. In 5 years they will move on from sports & it will be some other sex-based panic. There is an entire industry built on this — think tanks, lobbyists, media, etc. It’s a well oiled machine.


@29 The cynical bit about this iteration of the Moral Panic is the "THINK OF WOMEN! WE'RE REALLY FEMINISTS!!!" sheep's clothing.

The same Joe Rogan Dipshits three years ago who were mocking the butch femnazis of women's soccer and the WNBA wanting equal pay are now suddenly super concerned about the purity of women's boxing and shit.


Someone's grandma was probably stashing coke for $$$ LOL that's like the basis of a mediocre Netflix show right there.


@29/@30 the ability of you both to extrapolate a couple of posts, read into people’s minds and concoct a full blown assault on trans rights is amusing and sad. The only moral panic here is in your head.

Professor, your argument that the issue is so small (which is not in question) that it’s not worth considering is really pathetic even for you. It’s fascinating to me that progressives are so willing to counter perceived injustice by inflicting injustice on others. If your solution to this issue is to tell these young women that their right to compete fairly is subservaint to inclusiveness than the whole spirit of athletic competition is pointless.


@26 xina for the WIN!

Hey, Groucho: Ever listen to the Beatles? Now you know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall!


@26: Agreed and seconded, xina. Trump, Pence, McConnell, DeJoy, ad nauseum must be held fully accountable and removed from their positions ASAP. I, too, am amazed it hasn't happened yet under the Biden / Harris Administration. But indeed, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have a LOT of damage to undo after four years of Trumpian Dark Ages.

re @33 (Groucho comment): I couldn't help myself.


@34: Correction: Louis Dejoy and the Board of Governors destroying the USPS should be removed immediately, and Trump, Pence, McConnell, ad nauseum should be held criminally accountable for their unspeakable damage done in four years.


@27 Not sure where you're getting these numbers from but you're saying that approximately one third of the US population are female athletes? (And "probably way more"?) Definitely not true.


@36 Yes, I realize now the ESPN was literally including girls who ever played softball in seventh grade. It's very hard to find real numbers.

You are right. That is waaaay off. I spent a whole three minutes searching. Maybe you can find better ones.

Regardless. You really think the ratio of trans women to CIS women in competitive sports is remotely threatening? What is the ratio?

I mean give me your best estimate? 3 out of 90? 1 out of five? I mean, what is it? You tell me.

I guarantee you it is nowhere approaching 1 trans woman for ever 90-100 CIS women. It's a Moral Panic and a stupid thing to worry about.


PS. What ESPN did was give percentages and I fucked it up big time from there. But at least I tried. Nobody else here even thought of doing the math.

Anyway, I was curious. And the only numbers I can find were, according to Global Sports Matters, there are ~3.4 million girl high school athletes in 2018. Which I suspect you can almost double if you add college and all other competitive athletics up to and after age 18. But let's say it's only 5 million. You think that's pretty conservative, right? Including everything from amateur runners, yachting and bowling and everything in-between.

What is percentage of the roughly 200,000 trans population is male to female trans? 70%? 50%? I have no idea. Let's say, to make the math easier 70%. Or a 140,000.

What percentage of that trans population is interested in competing in women's sport?

50%? Hahaha. No. 20%? Come on. 5%?

Just for the fun of it let's say it's 5%. So around 7,000 Trans women total (and please check my math).

7,000 trans women subsumed into the 4-5 MILLION CIS woman athletic population. Think of it this way. If that was an army, who would win? Let's say 7,000 highly trained navy SEALS against 4-5 million Joe Averages. I mean. Really. Come the fuck on.

Why are we worrying about this? Fairness? HAH! You and I know that is bullshit.

If it was concern about the survival of women's sports then the first fucking words out the moral panic people's mouths should be about better media coverage and funding and pay equity.

I mean the next time Trans Rights comes up and some moron predictably goes "WHADDABOUT WOMEN'S SPORTZ!" they should have to gouge out their own eyes if they can't produce WNBA or women's soccer season tickets.


Title IX requires schools that use scholarships to lure athletes to their lucrative men's football and basketball programs to also offer athletic scholarships to women. To date, the lawsuits that have been filed over this issue mostly concern that scholarship money. Courts will have to issue rulings on such cases. You seem to be asking "who cares?" about this issue, so there's your answer.

The fact that it affects a small number of people is the whole point -- it's a limited resource that people are willing to fight over. There are all kinds of laws on the books that address rare situations. That's how the law works, genius.


@6 Phoebe in Wallingford: I remember when Tiger Woods knocked out a tooth. Agreed: this is one big mess of mad and sad.

@23 Urgutha Forka: Maybe Georgians are used to calling all soft drinks Cokes, regardless of brand names because the Coca Cola bottling plant is headquartered in Atlanta?
I know--still. And seconded on the ugh.


@33: NOBODY got my Groucho punchline??
Come on, commenters--I know a good handful of you out there who are my age and older.


@39 Ah. So you created a sock puppet account just to lay that one “it’s about lawsuits on scholarships!” canard.

Really. Not one troll here has mentioned this terrible crisis until now! In your original account you didn’t mention it either.

How many scholarships are there? How many trans women are seeking these scholarships? How much of this pool of money is under threat to be absconded by your worrisome evil fake ladies?

Give me a fucking number. Give me a ratio of this threat. Give me something concrete instead of this excruciatingly vague moral panic.

You do not know. Because ultimately you do not give a shit about “women’s sports.”

So. How much money do you donate to women’s scholarship funds? None. How much money do you spend attending women’s athletics? None.

Ps. For reference I coached women (and men) boxers and Thai boxers for almost fifteen years.


Oh. And ps. Yes there are laws on the books! And those laws will deal with these lawsuits and determine if they are frivolous or have merit.

My question is why is it that every single time trans rights comes up you fuckers immediately bring up “omg! women’s sport’s!”

Every fucking time.

It doesn’t often come up when the topic is scholarships. It doesn’t come up when the topic is frivolous lawsuits for sure.

In fact, it seems in this case if you are worried about frivolous lawsuits then issue would BE tort reform more than Trans Rights.

But no. No, when trans rights are discussed it’s either “LADYMEN IN DA BATHROOMZ!” Or “WOMENZ SPORTZ!”

So. Just go fuck yourself and your transparent (pun intended) attempts to discredit trans rights In Toto with this tangential moral panic and Strawman.

Seriously. Fuck you.


@41: For those interested or curious, for better reference to my attempted Groucho Marx "Albert Hall" joke, give the Beatles' classic multi-platinum 1967 album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band a listen, particularly to the final track, "A Day in the Life".